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Gone are the days when pursuing your passions and hobbies were just leisure activities. In today’s digital age, the possibilities are endless, and the barriers to entry have never been lower. Even within the realm of your existing profession, the opportunity for a side hustle as an online business is ripe for exploration.

In today’s digital age, the possibilities are endless, and the barriers to entry have never been lower. Whether you’re a budding artist, a fitness enthusiast, a gaming aficionado, or someone with a unique skill, the power of technology empowers you to transform what you love into a thriving online business.

Kayse Morris here just did turn her profession into an online business. Curious what it is? Let’s dive into it in my Kayse Morris review down below. 

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About Kayse Morris

Kayse Morris

Early Life and Being a Teacher

Kayse Morris didn’t grow his early life from money. They even measure the meters of their electricity while using their air conditioner unit just to know whether they can pay for their bill during the month. And she grew up in an environment where the stigma is like “the better you do, the more you’ll get rewarded” type of vibe. 

It’s never easy to grow up in that kind of environment. It feels like everything you do is a competition. Kayse finished college with that kind of mindset and became an 8th grade ELA teacher from South Georgia.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Kayse has harbored that mindset since then, and felt a little anguish when she knows that she’s been trying her hardest, being the best of her craft but still getting the same paycheck as the person next to her, just sitting, doesn’t really teach and just hand work sheets to their students.

Teachers Pay Teachers

That’s when she learned about Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), an online market where you can showcase your work as a teacher. Be it lesson plans, a tutorial of the subject you’re good at, and many innovative ideas that a teacher can teach and made into a mini-course for young ones of all ages. 

She got her first $50 from TPT, just a little extra to pay some bills like Netflix, which has been there to be her family’s quality time watching movies. That $50 may not be that big of an amount, but at least it can cover some expenses–recreational, groceries, anything. 

That sparks joy, not just with her family but also with the people around her. Many people have asked Kayse where she learned everything about running her online business. With certainty, she said that a lot of knowledge that she learned about the online industry and about how to create things was through a course that she purchased.

Online Business

Investing in yourself will be the best decision that anyone could really make. There are a lot of people who believe that anything that you want to learn in life can be Google’d. Certainly yes, if you really know what you’re looking for but there are instances where you’ll find yourself relating to things like “I didn’t even know that I needed to know that”. 

But needless to say, she has spent over $50,000 for 2 years finding the right course before getting to where she is now. It’s not embarrassing, truthfully. What she has is perseverance, and the eagerness to really learn the ropes of doing an online business, especially focusing on her profession as a teacher.

Kayse Morris, founder of CEO Teacher has built a 7-figure online business teaching educators how to create, market and scale their resources with an online course membership. 

CEO Teacher Overview

CEO Teacher

Kayse believes that any educator has the skill set to become the CEO of their own business and create a life that they’ve always dreamed of living. 

CEO Teacher is an online course membership program that helps educators become thriving CEO teachers by taking their best assets in the classroom and turning it into a successful/sustainable online business.

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What’s Inside?

Kayse has introduced the 10 steps to get started selling your teaching resources online. These steps will serve as your set up guide to launch a full-blown online business.

Step 1: Determine Your Passion, Vision and Goals

Discovering your passion, vision and goals is a reflective journey that involves introspection and a deep understanding of one’s values and aspirations. Passion often emerges from the joy of facilitating learning, witnessing a student’s growth or a genuine love for a subject. 

Vision is where you think about the kind of impact you want to make on your students’ lives and the broader educational community. And setting goals involves translating your passion and vision into actionable steps. And it doesn’t differ when planning on starting an online business.

Step 2: Find Your Niche

Kayse has what she calls the “Niche Finder”. A set of questions where you’ll list every skill and passion that you have. Yes it is important to be diverse, but a business can be much more successful if you only focus on one thing (for starters). If they can be combined into one, why not?

Step 3: Create a Unique Name For Your Teacher Business

It is important to name your business because it comes with how you will market your products/services later on. Having a unique/catchy business name can help you with it in the long run.

Step 4: Make a Logo

Just like creating your own unique name for the business, you need to also have a unique logo for it. One that can be easily recognized as “YOUR” product once they see it everywhere else, be it on social media platforms, advertisements, etc.

Step 5: Determine Your Target Audience

From your passion and vision, you should’ve taken into account what kind of people you’re willing to cater for your products/services. Toddlers? Grade schoolers? High school? College? Co-teachers? It is only you who can determine what kind of people you want your product to be looked into. 

Step 6: Aim to Create Content That Solves a Bigger Problem

More important on focusing on the “now” is what can be done for the “future”. These types of contents not only establish credibility but also sparks engagement and fosters a sense of purpose. These contents that you’ll make become valuable resources for those seeking solutions. 

Step 7: Brush Up on Your Powerpoint Skills

Everything evolves, including you and your creativity. A powerpoint presentation that’s dull and boring which only consists of a block of texts, to a more colorful, engaging one that people will be interested in looking at and hook them up on listening to what you want to present. 

Step 8: Design Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Create a content calendar that balances promotional and engaging content. Incorporate diverse media formats such as images, videos, and interactive elements to keep your audience captivated. 

Social media is a dynamic landscape, and a successful strategy requires a combination of creativity, analytics, and a genuine understanding of your audience.

Step 9: Be Consistent in Producing Content

Can be once or twice a week, a month, just be consistent with it. Your audience just always wants to know whether you’re keeping with the business you’ve started or you’re already focusing on other stuff. And of course, it’s not just “any” content, it should fit the niche of your choice and what your target audience want and need.

Step 10: Give Yourself Grace

You’re the business owner, so you should also be fully healthy–be it mentally, physically, psychologically, to be able to manage your business at its full potential. List down goals (big or small) and each time you’ve achieved 1 or 2 of them, give yourself a break, take a breather so that you won’t get overwhelmed in running your own business.

Further details will be discussed once you’ve decided to join their monthly membership plan. The membership also includes access to their online private community where you can share thoughts, ask questions and learn from other like-minded individuals to broaden your perspective.

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Cost and Refund Policy

The CEO Teacher offers monthly membership that costs $59/month or can be paid annually at a discounted price of $590/year (2 months free). As for the refund policy, they don’t offer any refunds unless you are charged by mistake. 

CEO Teacher Coaching Certification

Then they have the CEO Teacher Coaching Certification Program that costs a one-time payment of $4,000 or a four-month installment plan of $1,097/month. And because this course also offers digital assets/materials, it doesn’t have any refund policy. 

Is It Worth It?

Instead of asking yourself whether you can really cough up that much money into buying a course, it is better to think whether your investment into that course will pay itself once you have gone through all of what’s included in it.  

Kayse Morris is not a scam, for the least. She genuinely loves teaching, be it at school or teaching other teachers to be like her in the online business realm. You can stop anytime you want from the membership plan that she offers until you’ve found yourself that you already have gotten the things that you want to know. 

For the coaching certificate on the other hand, you need to be fully committed since the money that you needed to invest in this program is no joke. 

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It is true that these online gurus who claim that they know what works and what doesn’t can be the real deal, but there are also others who just trick people for money. In the case of Kayse Morris, there are a lot of success stories of other teachers who have joined her membership program CEO Teacher, but as always, everything that you see can only be taken with a grain of salt.

Just like what is said earlier, everything can be Google’d if you know what you’re looking for. But if you want to fast-track your journey and use an already proven system, then courses or coaches that shouts credibility and accountability can be your go-to space in your chosen niche.

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