Karlton Dennis Reviews

As US citizens, it is our duty to file taxes every year, whether we are residents or living abroad. But we cannot deny how our complicated tax system can make the process challenging, especially for business owners.

It is a must to know how to file taxes correctly if you do not want to incur hefty penalties. If you want to go beyond avoiding penalties and also reap savings, hiring a tax strategist is your best bet.

Karlton Dennis is one of these tax advisors/strategist that teaches business owners and real estate investors how to reduce their taxes legally. He claims to have helped over ten thousand clients accomplish their financial goals through tax savings.

Should you work with Karlton Dennis? Hopefully, you will get your answer by reading this review.

We conduct extensive research to know more about Karlton Dennis, the companies he is associated with, and his programs. Scroll below to see our key findings and insights.

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About Karlton Dennis

Karlton Dennis is a licensed enrolled agent and leading tax strategist based in Orange County, California. He firmly believes that taxes should be easy.

Specifically, he thinks that one should be aware of tax planning, and not only tax compliance. This is why he offers programs on learning about strategies on shrinking your taxes legally as a business owner and real estate investor.

In addition, filing taxes should also be fun, according to him. It should not be a source of stress and dread year after year.

Aside from being a tax strategist, Karlton Dennis is acknowledged as a thought leader as well. He is a writer on Leaders.com, author of several e-books about tax strategies, and the host of Tax Free Living podcast.

He is also behind a YouTube channel with over 605k subscribers. Likewise, he is popular for his insights on starting an LLC and writing off various purchases as business expense.

Karlton Dennis Backstory

Before he became who he is today— a tax strategist, keynote speaker, financial guru, and a serial entrepreneur— Karlton Dennis is a fitness buff.

After graduating from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo with a degree in kinesiology, he started his own fitness brand while working his 9 to 5 at E. & J. Gallo Winery. He is a sales representative by day, and a fitness coach by night.

Karlton Dennis Fitness

He was overworked. This is not the life he envisioned for himself when he began his entrepreneurial journey.

Once he realized that his strongest muscle is his brain rather than his biceps, he made the shift and join his mother’s tax and accounting firm, Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc. (now KDA Inc.). As the business development manager, he managed to help grow the said firm while also helping others achieve financial freedom.

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Karlton Dennis On Tax Education

Karlton Dennis mentions that understanding your clients is easy when you focus on solving their concerns. To become a better problem solver, you got to be a better listener with keen attention to details.

As his clients are business owners and real estate investors, Karlton Dennis realized that they are not aware that tax planning goes beyond tax compliance. As a tax strategist, his solution is to systematize his tax approach, so that his clients save money by acquiring tax breaks they are entitled to.

Generally speaking, Karlton Dennis asserts that there was a severe lack of tax education for taxpayers. His attempt to fill the knowledge gap is providing beginner-friendly tax education courses on using tax codes to your advantage.

Companies Associated With Karlton Dennis

Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.

As mentioned earlier, Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc. is the tax and accounting firm founded by Karlton Dennis’ mother, Karla Dennis.

Karlton Dennis & Karla Dennis

With over twenty employees, the firm prides itself for having diverse clients— from chiropractors, to soccer moms, to CEOs and small business owners— all across the states.

They are committed to helping their clients navigate through the intricacies of tax codes and get them the tax savings they truly deserve. Take advantage OF your advantage, as they say.

In particular, the firm provides services on tax preparation and filing, bookkeeping and payroll, entity structure and formation, cost segregation, audit representation, and corporate taxes.

Tax Reduction Company

Similar to Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc., Tax Reduction Company is another tax and accounting firm, but with Kenneth Dennis as its founder. In the company’s website, KDA Inc. was linked as their tax firm.

KDA Inc.

KDA Inc. is a rebranding of Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc. This is done to signify that Karla Dennis will transition to an internal, more advisory-oriented position, and will let his sons, including Karlton Dennis, take over the leadership roles.

The change in name is meant to reflect that the firm is not only about Karla Dennis, but also about the other KDs: Karlton Dennis and his siblings Kenneth, Kameron, and Karrington.

KDA Inc. is the parent company of Karlton Dennis’ Tax Strategy Accelerator.

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Work With Karlton Dennis

In this section, we will explore how one could work with Karlton Dennis and tap on his expertise through Tax Strategy Accelerator. Reviews about him, including companies he is associated with, will be shown here as well.

Overview Of Tax Strategy Accelerator

In Tax Strategy Accelerator, Karlton Dennis will show how to leverage real estate to avoid taxes on their entire portfolio. In particular, how can their clients take advantage of passive activity loss rules to offset other forms of income.

With the program’s Tax DNA review, Karlton Dennis and his team will work on reviewing and refiling their previous tax returns. No need to worry if you missed an opportunity to receive tax refunds, they will do their magic to get it back legally.

Karlton Dennis Tax

With their Tax Strategy analysis, you will have a grasp on how tax liabilities work and use it as a way to reduce your income tax significantly.

Then, Advanced Entity Structuring guarantee that the team understand how your business work. This understanding is crucial in structuring your businesses in a way that maximizes tax savings.

With the plan mapped out, it is important to know how to implement it properly. With Strategy Implementation, the team will help execute the strategies within their control, and also hold their clients accountable for strategies where they need to do their part.

Tax Strategy Accelerator is designed for self-employed individuals, an owner of LLC, an investor/trader, or those with a high W2 income. On average, the tax savings of clients who avail Karlton Dennis Accelerator service is around $42,000.

Cost Of Tax Strategy Accelerator

The cost of availing the service of Tax Strategy Accelerator starts at $20k, and up to $150k.

What People Say About Karlton Dennis

In one of the testimonials, a man claimed that he had been following Karlton Dennis for a good year before jumping right into his paid programs. He praised Karlton Dennis as a man who always gives value.

Then, there is Chad Smith, an entrepreneur in the fitness space, who credited Karlton Dennis for helping him get into real estate investing. With the advice of Karlton, he was able to use his properties to offset his income and avoid paying thousands of dollars in taxes legally.

Overall, the testimonials posted on Tax Strategy Accelerator were very approving of Karlton Dennis’ expertise as a tax strategist. Most have mentioned that he was also giving good advice regarding real estate investments.

Karlton Dennis Reviews

However, do take note that a company associated with him, Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc. (now KDA Inc.), received unfavorable reviews and complaints over BBB.

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With over 75,000 pages of tax codes to go over, it is not surprising how the masses find taxes confusing in general. To complicate things further, the code is constantly updating due to new laws, regulations, court decisions, and interpretations by IRS.

While most employ tax accountants to help them, the said accountants are only about tax compliance. The accountants usually do not offer services beyond filing your taxes.

Thanks to tax strategists like Karlton Dennis, the everyday American are becoming more aware that they can achieve tax savings with planning and using the right strategies.

It does not matter if you do not wish to work with Karlton Dennis. Just knowing the possibility of cutting your tax bill is already a game-changer.

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