Just One Dime Review

Just One Dime Review

For Seth Kniep, freedom is when you own a business that works for you rather than you working for a job that you hate just to put money on the table. This is what he aims when he built Just One Dime, a coaching company that offers services to help people generate money online, focusing on Amazon, and provide legitimate strategies and techniques to have an eCommerce business that can definitely change your life.

According to their official website, they had trained over 30 of their students into millionaires, where one had sold his Amazon Company for more than a million dollars; while another one travels the world together with her son, able to provide him the luxury of doing what he loves, while she makes money wherever and whenever.

These testimonies back up Seth’s claim of making the best change in your life. However, there seems to be controversies that surround Seth and his company.

In this review, we will learn how Seth and his program will be able to help you as well as determine if they are really worth the investment.

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Who is Seth Kniep?

Just One Dime Review

When you go into the Seth’s story page on their Just One Dime website, he started of by sharing that he was once an employee in Apple with a debt of $24,000 , who experienced work related stress, financial instability and not being able to spend time with his family. Seth’s experience at Apple urged him to seek a more balanced life, leading him to explore entrepreneurship.

Intrigued by the idea of doubling a dime 20 times, Seth shared his vision with strangers, asking for assistance. Eventually, with a simple request, he was able to turn it into $400.

This led him to commit in learning online ecommerce and was able to build his first ecommerce store. But like all other business owners, he also had his share of failures.

After selling his first store on eBay for $35, he was able to build another one that earned 2000 followers and was sold for $500.

To finance their ventures, Seth and his wife sold unnecessary items from their house on platforms like Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook marketplace. The profits were invested in inventory for their growing Amazon store. Despite a setback of $20,000 due to a supplier mistake, they were able to push forward and within months, the initial dime surpassed the $100,000 goal. And when their Amazon earnings exceeded his income at Apple, he finally quit his job.

Expanding beyond Amazon, he also created additional streams of passive income through Shopify stores, real estate, and eBay. He also started sharing his knowledge with friends, who then passed it on to others. And this idea led him create Just One Dime.

What is Just One Dime?

Just One Dime Review

Instead of starting an Amazon Store, Just One Dime builds a private label ecommerce brand for silent investors and or independent entrepreneurs who are looking for unprecedented ROI. It doesn’t have much of a difference with other FBA programs that will invite you by saying you will be able to generate money online without you doing anything (passive income).

The course has 200+ easy-to-follow videos that explain every step of making money and is designed for those who are just starting in this industry or those who are already in the advance level. They also conduct three hours of live coaching workshops each week. But some reported that these sessions are not well-organized and doesn’t really feel like random Q&A sessions.

In addition, they have a private community for students to interact with each other and ask questions. Although, it seems that these students are quite competitive to share their knowledge which ultimately defeats the purpose of that community.

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Products and Courses

  • FBA Mastery

This a training / membership program that will teach you on how to start your own private label brand. It has two membership levels:

The Basic for $997 – which gives you access to 150 training videos and materials; and

The Premium for $3,997 – giving you access to the same training videos as well as 1 on 1 private sessions with an Amazon expert, live weekly coaching, 3 researched product ideas tailored for you and Amazon seller community whom you can count on in the midst of your journey.

  • Amazon Arbitrage Mastery

In this course, they will help you set up your shop, improve your Amazon seller’s account, connect well with your audience, and exceed expectations for a growing income and happy customers. You will also learn to understand market demand, find profitable products, handle Amazon’s fulfillment, set competitive prices, and use online tools for successful business expansion.

Additionally, you will have access to the following:

    • 60 step-by-step training videos with slideshows
    • 35 bonus “over the shoulder” style video tutorials on using important arbitrage tools online
    • 1 hour of live Q and A
    • 30-minute 1 on 1 mentorship with one of their expert coaches
    • Access to a community group
    • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Done For You

Instead of relying on dropshipping with low profits and no brand value, Just One Dime follows an investment-focused model, actively building and significantly growing the investment.

The process will start with thorough consultation to understand your long-term goals for 1, 5, and 10 years. Based on these goals, a personalized strategy is will be created with an  outline of a step-by-step plan to quickly and profitably expand the Amazon brand. This plan includes an automated business model that allows you for potential high-ticket sales. They will also enhance brand development by conducting market research to find high-profit products and creates differentiation plans for each.

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Feedback and Testimonies

Upon searching Just One Dime feedback, I was routed to a post in reddit from 2 years ago with a title Reminder to avoid Just One Dime. This what prompted me to look for feedbacks and reviews of former students or participants of Just One Dime.

Just One Dime Review

According to this post as well, they were messaged by a lawyer on behalf of Seth Kniep asking them to take down all the negative post about his business. They also shared a link where you can see the screenshot of those message but let me just include it here.

Just One Dime Review

The post also include links of other’s post within reddit that claims Just One Dime is not being recommended, a total waste of time, poor customer and support service, and that is course doesn’t really do much despite the expensive price.

On one of those posts, they highlighted their dissatisfaction with Just One Dime’s recommended products, which, despite heavy research, didn’t prove profitable after six months. The reviewer also mentions a fellow participant with a similar experience of randomly recommended products, like swimming trunks.

The person feels uncomfortable because the course keeps trying to sell more things, and they think there’s some trickery happening. They’re not happy with the coaches, especially a new one who shared products for reviews that didn’t do well, making them doubt if the coaches are really trustworthy.

There’s was also a problem because Seth talks about making money, but it’s not clear if it’s the real profit. The review mentions issues with the review system, saying some people got in trouble with Amazon for doing things they’re not allowed to do.

Just One Dime Review

They also have a Poor rating on TrustPilot with feedbacks and stories of people’s experience, particularly about spending or investing over $30,000 for their Done For You program which wasn’t able to provide them any profit after several months. One even said that aside from the initial investment of $30,000, they are also asked for ANOTHER $30,000 for inventory! (I actually shocked reading this!) And even with that much money, they failed to produce active products and even refused to refund the money. There were also reports that they claim it is because of supply issues.

They highly encourage to nor do any business with them.


It is sad because, when reading Seth’s story, I guess I can say many could relate how they may not be happy about their current job but couldn’t get out of because it puts money on the table. Seth’s story could have been an inspiration and reminder for those people that there are still ways you can do and that you don’t have to live life like this.

But with all the feedbacks I have read (and I mean tons), it is heartbreaking to know that Seth seems to be not living up to his main goal — to help people achieve “his freedom“, and instead felt used and abandoned.

Before leaving..

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

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