Jorden Makelle Reviews

If you consider yourself as one of the writers who can captivate readers and make them easily connect with the contents they’re reading, then your talent is sought-after by most companies around the world. 

Conversion copywriters are people who specialize in writing persuasive content with the primary objective of converting readers into customers. Their focus is on creating a copy that drives specific actions, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form.

There’s a possibility that you know you can do it, but you just don’t know where to start. Jorden Markelle cuts the line and will show you how to market yourself and find high-paying companies that want to make use of your skills to attract more customers for their products/services. Learn more in my review down below.

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Jorden Makelle Overview

Just to make ends meet plus the pressure of having to pay your tuition yourself made Jorden Makelle take on jobs like retail and call center. Without anyone to lean on, she became fed up on everything, making her a college dropout. 

Jorden Makelle

And I think you know what comes next. College dropout, working dead-end jobs, feeling of hopelessness and confusion, wanting to do more with her life, discovering the full potential within, Jorden found the job for her that can actually pay the bill, plus was something that she really loved doing ever since, which is writing.

She started as a freelance copywriter, making her own portfolio, started pitching and cold emailing until one day, she got a reply from someone that marked her first $1,000 freelance writing job at home.

She continued doing this kind of thing, and in a month, Jorden totaled $5,000 of income as a freelance writer. With this success, she decided to make her own brand, Writing Revolt to give inspiration to fellow and aspiring freelance writers out there that there’s still something that they can offer on the table. 

Her past achievements as a copywriter/blogger and content marketer are:

  • A blog post that received 63.8K shares
  • A webinar sign-up landing page that resulted in a 75% conversion rate
  • Come up with a strategy and made a script for a marketing YouTube video that resulted in over 381K views.
  • Created email funnel sequences that directly resulted in multiple six figures in revenue.

Every time you work with Jorden, her eight years of actual, hands-on experience in content marketing are brought to the table via her courses available on Writing Revolt.

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Courses Inside Writing Revolt

Killer Cold Emailing

Killer Cold Emailing

Killer Cold Emailing is a course created by Jorden in 2016. It claims to help aspiring and fellow freelance writers to land clients and projects via the cold emailing strategy. 

This course have 6 modules in total:

Module 1: Foundations in Freelance Writing Success

Everything starts with a proper mindset. Telling yourself that you can do it, you can please your client, you can deliver are some of the things that you want to believe in order to land a high-paying client. What they all want to know is how confident you are in doing the tasks at hand once they hire you.

Other things include:

  • Creating a pleasing portfolio
  • List of skills and expertise
  • Put the first two on a personal blog/website together with contact informations
  • Time and financial management
  • Adaptability on the ever changing landscape and industry trends in freelance writing

Module 2: Picking a Profitable Niche

This is where your passion and interest, and skills and expertise will join forces. Careful and thorough market research and target audience on said topics are also necessary to know what information most people are looking for in your chosen niche.

Module 3: Finding The Right Leads

The heart and the most crucial part of any business venture, lead generation. In this module, you’ll learn how to locate hotspots for businesses/companies that need your writing expertise in your chosen niche. This is where you’ll also learn how to build and use landing pages so that you can create an email list for which you’ll send cold emails to in the future.

Module 4: Producing Killer Cold Email Copies

Jorden Makelle has what she calls the 6-point proven method in producing cold email contents which is said to be effective enough that even those without experience will benefit from it.  

These cold emails use a deep understanding of consumer psychology, effective language patterns, and marketing principles to craft compelling messages that resonate with the target audience and prompt them to take the desired action.

Module 5: Closing the Deal

One challenge onto the other, after lead generation comes lead conversion. Clearly outline the next steps, including timelines, deliverables, and payment terms. Express enthusiasm for the opportunity to work together and reassure the client of your commitment to delivering high-quality results. Invite any final questions or concerns, and confirm your availability to start the project.

Module 6: Managing Your Business

Different contents means different rates. You’ll be able to learn how to market your skills and expertise right in this module. What are the next steps and possible actions to be taken once you deemed yourself that you have climbed the next step as a freelance writer.

Some success stories are available below.

Killer Cold Emailing Success Stories

The price of the Killer Cold Emailing course is a one time payment of $497 or you can opt in for the 4-month installment option for $127/month. It comes with a 60-day refund policy but with certain conditions. One is that you must finish all the materials given and prove that her system hasn’t landed you any single job opportunity as a freelance writer.

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F*ck Yeah Freelance Blogging

Fck Yeah Freelance Blogging

At the same year of creating Killer Cold Emailing course, she also created F*ck Yeah Freelance Blogging course in 2016. She claims that with this course, you can write and build an eye-catching, niche-centric blog post that can make you $200 up to $400 each.

It comprises 5 modules named:

Module 1: Blogging for Results 101

Every first module is an introduction to the course at hand. You’ll know what to expect in writing and marketing your blogs, finding local/international clients, use of marketing techniques such as sales funnels and finding your target audience.

Module 2: Topics and Headlines

Finding the right niche for your expertise plus looking for hot topics within it is the perfect recipe of a successful blog. Of course, when searching something, the only thing that readers see are headlines. Jorden claims that there is a systematic way of creating eye-catching headlines that readers will be enticed to click on. It will be taught in this module.

Module 3: Blog Content Creation

Proper way of writing a blog post starts with how you will format each section so that information will not get scrambled when your audience is reading it. It also includes SEO strategies so that your blog posts will come on top of search results.

Module 4: Writing Viral Blog Posts

Jorden Makelle created her own 5-step method for creating popular blog posts and it will be discussed thoroughly, 1 by 1, step by step in this module. 

Module 5: Working With Clients and Running Your Business

For starters, you really don’t want to filter low and high paying clients right off the bat. You need to build experiences, connections, and maybe someday, somehow, these low paying clients will know your worth and will soon accept the rate that you really are offering for your skills and expertise. 

Some success stories are available below.

Freelance Blogging Success Stories

The F*ck Yeah Freelance Blogging course costs a one time payment of $547, or you can opt in for a 4-month installment option for $149/month. Modules and training videos can be studied anytime, anywhere, depending on your availability. 

F*ck Yeah Freelance Blogging course offers a 30-day refund policy but same as the Killer Cold Emailing, you should have finished the course, tried everything that is included in it but still proves not working on your end. 

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A lot of companies and solopreneurs are actively looking for talented writers to help them produce engaging content that connects with their audience and encourages conversions. Even though some freelancing possibilities may begin as low-paying or unpaid jobs to develop a portfolio, you can eventually command greater rates as you gain expertise and build a good reputation. Businesses understand the need of persuasive writing to increase their online presence and generate sales, and there is a huge demand for high-quality content.

Delivering outcomes, continuously improving your abilities, and forming enduring relationships with clients are frequently prerequisites for success in various domains. When done well and with commitment and experience, freelance blogging and conversion copywriting may be a flexible and fulfilling way to make money while working on a variety of projects.