Jon Snedeker Reviews

Jon Snedeker Reviews

In the ever-expanding realm of online courses and self-proclaimed gurus, Jon Snedeker emerges as yet another entrepreneur peddling promises of success and financial prosperity through his brainchild, NSA Blueprint.

Snedeker’s journey from finance to the world of notary signings raises more than a few eyebrows. A self-proclaimed savior for those seeking financial freedom, he spins a tale of empowerment and prosperity. But can we trust this narrative, or is it just another chapter in the book of online opportunists?

As with any venture, the reality behind the claims demands a closer look. Let’s delve into the various aspects of Jon Snedeker and NSA Blueprint.

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Jon Snedeker’s Background

Jon Snedeker Reviews

Witnessing his grandparents’ financial woes, he pursued a degree in finance and investments from the University of Miami. This propelled him into the business realm, where he founded the publicly traded company, American Capital Strategies. Later, Snedeker delved into real estate before an unexpected turn of events in 2014.

A friend introduced him to the Notary Signing Agent program, claiming it helped pay off student loans. This revelation led Snedeker to attend meetings and, eventually, the inception of the Notary Signing Agency Blueprint. Since its establishment, Snedeker boasts of having trained over 122,000 individuals through online courses and mentorship, creating a virtual town of knowledge seekers.

According to his claims, Snedeker has conducted around 10,000 loan signings across various states, earning him the title of “One of the Best Signing Agents in America.” Though the source of this accolade remains unclear.

The journey doesn’t end there; Snedeker asserts that he made $1000 in a single day by signing loan paperwork and owns multiple companies in the loan signing industry. It’s a lot to take in, but apparently, he’s been at this since 2008 and swears he’s the best to help you start your Loan Signing business.

Financial Background

Once a stockbroker, Snedeker transitioned from the world of finance to real estate, supposedly driven by the noble cause of preventing others from suffering the financial losses he witnessed in his grandparents. However, his leap from the stock market to real estate and subsequently to the notary signing agent field prompts one to question the coherence of his career choices.

Questionable Ventures

Snedeker’s venture into real estate and the subsequent founding of American Capital Strategies may paint a picture of a savvy businessman, but some may argue that this trajectory seems more opportunistic than altruistic. The lack of concrete information about the success and legitimacy of his ventures raises doubts about the true nature of his financial acumen.

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Jon Snedeker Reviews

The NSA Blueprint

NSA Blueprint, short for Notary Signing Agent, is a comprehensive training program designed to guide individuals through the nuances of becoming proficient notary signing agents. Positioned as a tool for kickstarting and advancing careers in the notary and loan signing arena, the blueprint, as described by Snedeker, is designed to be a comprehensive toolkit for handling crucial documents in various formats, including traditional paper signings, hybrid signings, and modern online signings.

Training Scope

The program covers a broad spectrum of notary signing agent responsibilities, from traditional paper signings to hybrid signings and contemporary online signings. This diversity ensures that participants are equipped to handle different scenarios in the notary and loan signing field.

Notary vs. Loan Signing Agent

In the United States, the terms Notary and notary public are synonymous. However, NSA Blueprint emphasizes a critical distinction – while every loan signing agent is a notary (or notary public), not every notary holds the role of a loan signing agent. The program clarifies that a loan signing agent specializes in facilitating loan closings, receiving assignments known as “signings” from Title companies or signing services to assist homebuyers in finalizing their loan transactions.

Certification Courses

A notable feature of NSA Blueprint is its offering of three distinct Loan Signing Certification Courses. Completion of these courses to 100% not only results in earning a Loan Signing Certification but also renders participants eligible for mentorship opportunities. This dual benefit underscores the program’s commitment to comprehensive education and support for aspiring notary signing agents.

How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s discuss the enrollment fee for NSA Blueprint. To become part of this program, there’s a cost of $499. It is a significant amount, it covers a self-paced certification course that promises to land you your first gig as a signing agent and includes access to the “Exclusive Six-Figure Mentoring Facebook Group.”

If the price makes you a bit hesitant, Jon Snedeker has a solution. He offers a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you decide within the initial 30 days that the program isn’t the right fit for you, they’ll refund your money, following their terms and conditions. Just send an email to before your 30 days expire (counting from the day your course was purchased in their systems). Your progress should also be at 89% or less in the certification course, as tracked by their course hosting software.

Jon Snedeker Reviews

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Is Jon Snedeker Legit?

 A Lucrative Scheme?

The NSA Blueprint, touted as a beacon for those aspiring to enter the notary signing agent field, raises eyebrows with its marketing strategies and controversial features. The introduction of a paid “Continued Course Access” feature appears less about aiding aspiring notary signing agents and more about perpetuating a revenue stream for Snedeker. Some customers question the need for an additional fee after the initial course purchase, especially when promises of lifetime access were initially made.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Despite claims of providing valuable information and promising results, NSA Blueprint has faced criticism, particularly regarding its pricing structure and associated benefits. Some customers express dissatisfaction with the course’s cost, the perceived value in return, and concerns about unhelpful responses to member inquiries in the associated Facebook group.

Critics argue and customers attest in some of their feedback that the Facebook group’s entry requirements, such as submitting a “Google review” before gaining access, may be unfair. Additionally, the 45-day free membership is followed by a monthly charge of $26.99, which some customers label as a “total scam.” According to disgruntled customers, this group is not all it’s cracked up to be. The group supposedly encourages members to remain for at least two years or until reaching a specific income threshold, yet some participants observe that the community comprises mostly newcomers.

Adding to the discontent, recent communication from the NSA Blueprint introduces a “Continued Course Access” feature, available for $3.99/month. This development has triggered a backlash, with accusations of a breach of promised lifetime access and allegations of fraudulent practices. Customers who initially paid a one-time fee of $399 express disappointment and outrage at what they perceive as a betrayal of trust.

Legal Concerns

Furthermore, the course’s legality has been questioned, the federal government does not recognize any authority to perform notarial services. This raises serious doubts about the legitimacy of the program and the authority it provides to its graduates.


Jon markets knowledge and information, from a technical standpoint, he could be regarded as legitimate, albeit with reasons for concern. The uncertainty about whether the knowledge and information being sold actually work is what making people worried, so it’s a good idea to be careful.

Remember, just being eligible doesn’t magically confer notarial authority. Once bestowed with the title, notaries must diligently adhere to state laws, ensuring proper identification procedures, meticulous record-keeping, and unwavering commitment to ethical standards.

To put it bluntly, the Notary Signing Agency Blueprint is under siege from a wave of discontent. Doubts about the program’s value, the questionable legitimacy of the associated Facebook group, and the eyebrow-raising introduction of a paid “Continued Course Access” feature all contribute to an aura of suspicion.

As prospective notary signing agents mull over their choices, they’d be wise to scrutinize the program’s transparency, credibility, and ability to deliver on promises. It’s a cautionary tale where the fine print may hold more weight than the bold claims.

The criticisms and controversies surrounding the program’s pricing, benefits, and legal standing indicate the importance of careful consideration before investing time and money in NSA Blueprint. Transparency, credibility, and adherence to promises are crucial factors that potential participants should evaluate to determine whether NSA Blueprint is a worthwhile investment in their pursuit of a career in the notary and loan signing industry.

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