Philip Johansen Review

Just two years ago, Philip was a plumber and was working 10 to 12 hours a day just trying to get by. Day by day, he’s stuck in traffic for 1 to 2 hours going to and after work. “I was sick of sitting in traffic and always thinking that there’s got to be more to life than this but I can’t think of anything,” Philip shares.

He doesn’t want to be working until 40 years into the company just to make somebody else rich and then live off a useless pension but he doesn’t know how to change the situation he’s in. 

Thinking that he has no purpose in life, he went on and took a lot of steroids/drugs to the point that his body can’t keep up. Philip was 26 years old then, did not have a care in the world, in and out of the hospital, still doing drugs and partying. Those were the darkest days of his entire life. 

How did he make a full turn in his life and be the man that he is now? Keep on reading my review below.

This One’s Much Better

His family gave him the biggest slap on the face that made him realize something. “I don’t want to see my mom cry anymore” is what Philip said. That’s the moment where he wanted to straighten things up, be a man that wants to provide for his family.

What he did first is so cliche. Just like other people, he went on searching on google how to make money online. He tried e-commerce, like Amazon, eBay, dropshipping, you name it because he fell for the luxury cars and big mansions other people are showing, saying that that’s what makes them rich.

But not with Philip. He actually lost twenty grand because of false promises and broken methods. All that’s left of him is a computer and an internet connection, and a bunk bed in his basement apartment. He started thinking again. Either he mope around and do nothing, or try one last time to make something out of sheer will and motivation.

He paid $1,500 for a mentorship program which entirely changed his life. Philip claims that he made $10,000 for the first thirty days, another $233,000 six months later. And after those 2 years, he became a seven-figure earner and a top 1% of the few in the world.

For him, it’s all about helping the people in need. What gave him the chance to do so is affiliate marketing. The hero mentor that was mentioned a while ago was the one who taught him how to leverage other people’s programs that make high ticket commissions.

You don’t have to create the programs yourself, build your own website, do the marketing shenanigans and stuff,” says Philip. “You pretty much only have to post simple videos on social media,” he continued. 

In his opinion, well of course, because it’s the one he’s using, affiliate marketing is by far the best business model you can go with. He’s aware that there are others like him, offering affiliate marketing systems and he knows that you’re having a hard time choosing which works and which will not, that’s why you’re here, checking him out.

This One’s Much Better

If you just sit there for like 5-10 seconds and think about what other millionaires out there have in common, you’ll come to a realization that most of them sell digital products and they all have a large following,” Philip explains. 

Those are the two things that most successful people have in common. You can tap into that without digital products or a huge following by affiliate marketing. Promote their brand or promote their product. 

All of these things and more important information will be discussed in-depth in his program, the 7-figure Accelerator and Freedom Creator. He didn’t disclose the cost of his program and that’s what leaves us in the dark. But maybe from his free course, you might be able to get started in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has its fair share of advantages but also has its own disadvantages. There’s no perfect system after all. There’s competition, finding the right product to promote, content creation demands and many more others that need to be taken into consideration.

This One’s Much Better