Joe Homebuyer Reviews

Homeowners that are looking to sell their properties face a lot of challenges in the process before actually selling their houses. Identifying market conditions, listing, finding the right agent, doing a lot of paperwork, and many more. They’re even wondering if it’s the right time to sell their property.

Worry not, Joe Homebuyer offers a direct buy from homeowners who are willing to sell their houses. They offer the right price that makes home sellers willing to make the deal right ahead. It also removes the hassle of finding and paying for a real estate agent  once your property has been sold.

If you’re one of the homeowners who wants to sell their properties ASAP or one of the curious people wondering how they can quickly find these home sellers to get the best deals for their properties, then you’re in the place. Stay and continue reading my Joe Homebuyer review below.

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What is Joe Homebuyer?

Joe Homebuyer

Listing and selling properties can sometimes take a lengthy amount of time before closing. And sometimes, these properties that haven’t been sold for a span of time will be a candidate for foreclosure. And that’s not what homeowner sellers want to happen.

Joe Homebuyer will save you from the hassle and frustration in selling your houses. You as a homeowner seller will be offered the perfect price for your property that you wouldn’t be able to pass it up. 

And for aspiring “Homebuyers”, after years of experimenting, they’re proud to claim that they have developed a turnkey system, a unique one that no one has ever done to find deals easily and offer you the most suited property that you’re looking for based on your needs and of course, budget. A property where you can leverage maximum profit margins.

I don’t know where the “Joe” comes from, but from my perspective, they’re trying to tell that even an average Joe can also start a real estate investing business because of what they offer in their Joe Homebuyer System, where you can acquire properties without even using your own money.

Aside from their main headquarters in South Jordan, Utah, Joe Homebuyer has also established branch companies. They have one in West Michigan, RVA Richmond, Central Valley and in many more places. 

People Behind Joe Homebuyer

Mark Stubler 

Mark Stubler

Mark Stubler is the owner and founder of Joe Homebuyer. There’s nothing much about him but he really did start in the real estate industry by rental. He had a buddy then, but  because both of them didn’t have any clue about real estate back then, it didn’t last long.

In search of a lucrative business, Mark stumbled upon Amazon because of his fancy in the passive nature of an Amazon business. Research here, research there, bought some low-profile courses just to be educated on the basic principles of the business, but nothing came out successfully.

He was glad to be part of the real estate industry and nothing else matters. In just 5 years, he has made countless transactions and has helped families sell their properties by directly buying it from them. And that’s when he decided to establish Joe Homebuyers. 

Now, the Joe Homebuyer company which Mark led is now a multimillion dollar company through franchising. His creative strategy for closing business, negotiating, and selling has been the base of his successes. 

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Cody Hofhine

Cody Hofhine

Cody Hofhine is from Salt lake City. He co-founded Joe Homebuyer together with Mark Stubler. Before dwelling in the real estate world, Cody was part of an insurance agency. This shows that he already has the skills of talking to any type of people. 

He’s the one who founded Utah Sell Now back in 2015 and Texas Sell Now in 2019. With his background in sales, Cody quickly built 7 to 8 figure real estate businesses and has now coached over 3,000 students on how to build their real estate businesses successfully through multiple training and one-on-one coaching.

Cody is now listed as one of the Inc 5000 successful Business Owners in the real estate industry and is still on the rise while sharing all his knowledge and experiences in their franchise company, Joe Homebuyer.

While managing all these, he also got the time to spend with his family. Cody loved going picnics and fishing on the lakes and seasides. 

The Joe Homebuyer Approach

Homeowner Sellers

Joe Homebuyers know how a real estate agent works because their founders have been there before establishing the company. And they know that agents are not for everyone. In any situation, Joe Homebuyer guarantees you that you will be entertained regardless of your unique situation as long as you have the property that you want to sell. 

Whether you have a property that has been given to you (a rest or vacation house maybe) that you don’t actually need, moving to another city/country, had a fight with your husband/wife and been wanting a divorce so that you can split the amount of how much your home will be bought or just avoiding foreclosure, Joe Homebuyer got you covered. 

For homeowner sellers, Joe Homebuyer offers a free and fair cash consultation for the unwanted properties that they wanted to sell right on. They just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Tell Joe Homebuyers a brief description of your property and the unique situation that you’re in.

Step 2: Once they receive your inquiry, they then will review the details and will make up for the most suitable solution.

Step 3: If direct sale is proven to be the best choice, they’ll be the ones who will buy your property, straight cash.

Step 4: If you’re satisfied with what Joe Homebuyer offers for your property, it will be processed straight away within 7 days.

No more long waiting time, and you’ll be able to use the money immediately because they will pay with straight cash.

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The Joe Homebuyer System

Joe Homebuyer System

Joe Homebuyer  System is a turnkey real estate acquisition franchise. It allows aspiring homebuyers to use their brand, systems and support services to start and operate their own real estate investment business. 

You will be a direct buyer, but operating as a real estate agent. You’ll know the circumstances of the property, where it is established, surroundings etc but you will also be the client, who will buy the property directly if you’ve found the best deal possible and the homeowner agrees with it. 

That way, you’ve helped them remove the hassle and frustration of waiting months before their property will be bought, and you, as a direct buyer, will also save time finding willing homeowner sellers who just want to sell their property. 

Inside the Joe Homebuyer System, you’ll learn about:


Honed by countless trials and errors, they have the most potent marketing support in the real estate investing industry. As a franchisee, you’ll be coached with marketing and exit strategies by one of their real estate experts.


This is where the search begins. The system will train you how to find and land single and multifamily property deals without using your own money. 


Once you’ve bought your property, they’ll teach you the best selling methods and possibilities, including how to make money off the property without using any of your own.

They also offer 3 ways on how to be able to make money which gives you freedom of choice and more exit opportunities. These are wholesaling, fix and flipping and rental income. 

The franchise fee of Joe Homebuyer is at $50,000 and the initial investments needed ranges from $50,000-$130,000. 

Pros and Cons


  • Not just the usual fixing and flipping of houses, but they also offer other ways to make money with real estate such as wholesaling and rental income.
  • They’re hands-on with their clients.
  • They made sure that their clients are up-to-date with trends and recent available property in the area. 


  • Initial startup investment required is huge if you’re thinking of getting involved in the real estate investing industry.
  • And since this one’s a franchise company, there’s also the royalty fee that you need to take into account.
  • The only way you can escape the franchise is to look for an individual who’s willing to replace you.
  • There’s not much testimonials/success stories going around with Joe Homebuyer. 
  • It really isn’t a completely passive business. It is a business where it requires your presence every now and then to work successfully.

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You can trust a franchise company that has a good reputation like Joe Homebuyers because they’ve proven that their system works, they’ve established a lot of connections and partnerships with all the years the company has been running and they’re very hands-on and serious about producing successful real estate investors.

The only drawback on this is the huge franchise fee and initial investment for you to start your real estate journey with Joe Homebuyer. And it is also not a passive type of business since all operations depend on your own decision making. 

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