Jeremy Miner Review

Being a sales representative is never easy. Back in the day, you’ll be doing door-2-door meetups with prospect clients. May it be on a snowy day or a scorching hot afternoon. Another thing is that you won’t realize all the time that you’ve been knocking on people’s doors.

Feeling shocked because of the time is not a thing, being shocked because it took you until night and you still haven’t got even a single sale is. 

You’ll start questioning yourself, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “Is there something wrong with what I’m doing?”, “Why can’t I even get a single sale?”. Everything will start to haunt you down. 

Back were the days when Jeremy also experienced situations like this.

This One’s Much Better

“I first got into sales 20 years ago as a broke college student. I got my first job selling home security door-2-door and the company literally gave me a script, dropped me off in a neighborhood and said “go make some sales.”

 At that point, Jeremy thought it would be very easy just like what his officemates told him. He was sure that he was about to make a ton of money. But that’s not the case.

I started talking to prospects about all of the features and benefits of my product and how much it would help them, but I got slapped with objections, one home after the other.”

Countless days, even weeks have gone by without him getting any sales day in and day out. It started to haunt him down and he thinks he’s a failure. How will he support his wife and 1 year old daughter without even having a single sale? 

After hearing a quote, “Most people fail for the simple reason they don’t learn the right skills necessary to succeed”, he decided to try a different approach.

Jeremy has doubts on the dozens of books of “old sales gurus” recommended to him by the company when he started. Maybe those are outdated strategies and will never work again in our evolving industry. Even buyers evolve their way of behavior in terms of buying new stuff offered by other people.

Instead of trusting his fate and career to the old ways, he started using what he had learned in college where he majored in behavioral science and human psychology.

What happened after that? Over the next 16 years, Jeremy Lee Miner averaged $2.4 million dollars in commission per year. And take note, that’s commissions and not sales.

He has now earned $33+ million in commissions as a sales representative using his so-called NEPQ framework. He is also the CEO of 7th Level Communications, a company that offers sales training with the foundation based on his years of studying behavioral science and human psychology.

This One’s Much Better

I believe our education does not teach anything about selling because of the way it’s viewed by our society at large. Most of that has to do with the “traditional” way that companies still preach up until now, and it triggers sales resistance in most prospects.”

“Sales is really about collaborating. If you want to be at the top, if you want prospects to view you as the Expert, it’s you working WITH the prospect to help them find and solve their problems to get them where they want to go.”

 That’s what the technique NEPQ is all about. It stands for Non-Evaluative, Positive-framed Questions. In essence, these inquiries concern connections, situations, issue awareness, solution awareness, consequences, and commitments.

They called it in the 7th Level Communications as “The New Model of Selling”. It is a scientific sales methodology that rests on a key psychological principle: “Salespeople are the most persuasive when they allow prospects to persuade themselves.” If you read it that way, it almost seems like hypnotism, isn’t it? 

There are words of mouth saying that the NEPQ 2.0 program costs around $7,000. You can book a strategy call and know more about what you are about to enter if ever you’re interested. They also offer a free course “Advanced Tonality Secrets”. Both are accessible when you visit their website. 

What doesn’t sit right with me is the fact that he’s been a trainer and speaker for several companies that got shut down. Most of them are MLM companies, and have been flagged as a pyramid scheme.

This One’s Much Better