Passive Wealth Academy Review

Passive income streams are what most people are looking for nowadays to give aid to what they’re earning from their daily jobs. If there are finders, of course there are creators. There are a lot of business-minded people claiming that they have found the best system that can be utilized to earn continuous passive income.

And because of these, you’re all getting confused about what’s working and what doesn’t. And because it is hard to find an income stream that fits your daily activities, finding the right one will have the most impact and most beneficial to you and your financial needs.

Jason Alex is one of these business-minded people that claims to have found the perfect system that can help you earn thousands of bucks of passive income. In addition to that, there’s no investment needed, just a phone, a laptop or a computer can do the trick.

Curious of what he has to offer? Will it fit to your current hectic schedule? Continue reading for my review below.

This One’s Much Better

Jason Alex has accumulated different experiences in the e-commerce world. He has done freelance web design, been in a social media marketing agency, built businesses utilizing dropshipping, Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing. He’s been hustling his whole life and doing well with each of them, but he still looks for something.

There’s still a void that he wants to fill until one time he stumbled to this thing which he can only describe as mind-blowing. “Considering it’s brand new and didn’t even exist the last couple of years, we have an amazing opportunity in front of us”, Jason says as he introduces his newly found system.

He can understand if you think it’s too good to be true, or if you have skepticisms with what he is about to show y’all. “It’s not exactly a business but it can make enough money to potentially replace your full-time jobs”, Jason said.

Another teaser is that he shares that this thing he’s talking about involves the largest merchant in the world but it does not involve you having to sell any products. “I haven’t seen anything that requires no money to start, no inventory, no advertising, no website design, nothing”.

So what is it really? Why talk all this nonsense to keep us all hanging if it’s really that important? 

As I dug deeper, I’ve found inklings to what the secret ingredient to financial freedom Jason is always talking about. And it is the Amazon Influencer program. As the name suggests, it is a program offered by Amazon to individuals with a significant number of followers on social media platforms.

It is like affiliate marketing in some way, but instead of just posting and sharing your links to just anyone, what they really make use of is your popularity. “This is the easiest system I’ve ever seen for making money online”, says Jason. 

Three days after discovering this system, I didn’t expect that I’d be making money. And after a couple of months, I’ve made more than ten grand, which is probably the fastest money I’ve ever made in my entire career”, he continued. Ten grand, raw, all profit, no fees involved. Just a phone and you.

So what do you do if you’re an influencer? You influence right? Amazon gives you a product, make a 30-second to one minute video featuring it, post the video on your social media accounts (e.g Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) anywhere, and passive income follows.

This One’s Much Better

If they’re your true followers, a video is all you need and they can be easily influenced. If you think about it, it is also a form of commission-based model. So enrolling in his program Passive Wealth Academy gives you an in-depth explanation on how you can utilize the Amazon Influencer program more. 

His program includes multiple trainings to familiarize the ins and outs of the system, a pdf manual of how to’s and an access to their private group. At what cost? Only $79. Money back guaranteed after a week if you’re still in a stalemate.

I think you can mix the said system with your daily grind. Even Jason has another thing going on with him. Other than being enrolled in Amazon’s Influencer program, he’s also a DJ and a music enthusiast. Maybe that’s the place where he found a lot of followers.  

So yeah, it’s like affiliate marketing, a commission-based model and the only requirement is for you to have a huge number of followers. An introvert and don’t want to be seen? Maybe auto pass on this one.

This One’s Much Better