James Bonadies Reviews

James Bonadies Reviews

Do you want to learn how to create your own advertising company?

If you are here, you are probably curious about James Bonadies, a successful business owner who has assisted countless entrepreneurs in earning their first thousand dollars online. James’ students, even those without prior online experience, claim rapid transition from beginners to experts.

His straightforward approach eliminates common obstacles encountered in the online money-making realm providing everyone with a genuine opportunity to establish a business using the Internet. 

Let us discover who James is and how he can assist us in generating passive income in this review.

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Who is James Bonadies?

James Bonadies Reviews

James Bonadies is not just a successful business leader, but also a regular person who once stood in front of a classroom as a teacher, just like many of us have experienced. Despite having a stable job as a Vice Principal, he realized that he needed more to achieve his dreams. So, like anyone else seeking change, he began searching for opportunities online. It was not an easy journey. He tried different things, faced setbacks, and encountered challenges. But through his perseverance, he discovered what he believes to be the ultimate way to succeed in online business which is the Logical Business Model.

What makes James different is how much he truly wants to share what he knows and what he has been through with other people. He did not keep his discoveries to himself but instead created a coaching program to help aspiring entrepreneurs. His program became popular not only because of his expertise but also because of his sincere concern for his students’ success. He patiently teaches them about lead generation, showing them how to connect with potential customers in the vast online world. With his knack for crafting persuasive messages, creating effective ads, and designing sales funnels, he empowers others to find their path to success.

Moreover, James is the brains behind the Two Page Sites method, a breakthrough approach that revolutionized local marketing. Through his innovations and teachings, James Bonadies has left a lasting mark on the world of digital entrepreneurship, proving that anyone, with determination and the right guidance, can turn their dreams into reality.

James’ Programs

Local Marketing Vault

James Bonadies Reviews

Local Marketing Vault is a venture co-founded by James Bonadies and his partner Jason McKim. It is an online instructional program tailored to teach individuals the methods of attracting potential customers for local businesses through paid online advertisements. By leveraging platforms like Facebook or Google, participants can learn to help nearby businesses grow their clientele, thereby earning income online.

While James serves as the main motivator, offering encouragement and guidance, he collaborates with Jason in providing coaching. The program includes comprehensive training, ready-made sales funnels, and access to a thriving Facebook community for peer learning.

It not only focuses on running effective ad campaigns but also emphasizes the art of convincing business owners to engage one’s services. Offering a unique approach to initiating an online income journey, the coaching program equips individuals to start earning, even with just a few clients initially.

Co-Founder Jason McKim 

James Bonadies Reviews

Jason McKim, the co-founder of Local Marketing Vault and Visibility Cloud LLC, is a skilled expert in Paid Traffic, particularly YouTube Ads. With extensive experience managing over $7 million in advertising budgets and generating nearly half a million high-ticket and local marketing leads, Jason has been a pioneer in YouTube Ads since 2014.

Before his success in the digital marketing realm, Jason initially worked as a financial consultant following setbacks in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Dissatisfied with his early career in the music industry, he shifted gears and taught himself SEO to market for a law firm.

As he honed his skills, Jason discovered his entrepreneurial spirit extended beyond the confines of traditional employment. Embracing his newfound passion, he embarked on various side jobs, realizing his potential as an entrepreneur.

Transitioning from SEO specialization to paid traffic management, Jason’s diverse skill set perfectly complements his role as an educator and co-creator of comprehensive courses offering genuine value to students.

In addition to his ventures, Jason serves as the Founder of Karma Evolved and mentors over 5,500 Digital Marketing Consultants through Local Marketing Vault. With expertise spanning entrepreneurship, marketing, and YouTube Ads, Jason McKim continues to make significant contributions to the digital marketing landscape.

How it works?

The Local Marketing Vault offers 14 easy-to-follow modules along with a partnership program, an accelerator program, and access to a private Facebook group. With live coaching sessions and pre-built ClickFunnels Landing Pages included it helps speed up your learning process instead of having to figure everything out by yourself. It’s a great place to begin your own advertising business and get the support you need to succeed.

The modules in the Local Marketing Vault cover a range of topics to help you succeed:

  • Proper mindset: Get into the right headspace for success, because attitude matters!
  • Getting clients: Learn how to win over clients by giving them value upfront for free, building trust without the hard sell.
  • Legal side of business: Wrap your head around the legal stuff, including taxes and all that jazz.
  • Training on Facebook Ads and Google Ads: Crack the code on how to reel in leads like a pro.
  • Case studies: Get the lowdown from real-life examples to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions: Have burning questions? Get ’em answered every week.
  • Access to campaigns and templates: Get into ready-made campaigns and templates across various niches for an easy start.
  • Targeting and keyword interest: Learn the tricks to zero in on your audience with a done-for-you system.

This strategy is a lifesaver for businesses struggling with ads. Ads work wonders in bringing in fresh customers fast, and they’re not as tricky to figure out as some other marketing strategies. But the best part about the Local Marketing Vault? They’ve got this awesome Facebook group where you can get all the help from a bunch of friendly experts right at your fingertips, ready to lend a hand whenever you need it.

I have done an in-depth review on LMV. You can check it here.

Visibility Cloud LLC

James also started an Ad Agency, Visibility Cloud LLC, which works with Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators, helping them with their advertising needs. They also offer the following services:

  • Done For You services for YouTube advertising.
  • How to create high-converting YouTube ads that capture people’s interest.
  • “Sniper Targeting Techniques” for any market, finding the exact right audience for your ads.
  • Scaling up for maximum ROI to make your ads more effective and profitable.
  • Ethical traffic acquisition from competitors to attract potential customers interested in similar businesses.
  • Guidance on setting up YouTube channels, simplifying the process of starting your own channel.
  • Basics of campaign setup and launching to ensure your ads go live smoothly.
  • Live Q&A sessions for immediate answers to your questions, enhancing your learning experience.

Two Page Sites

James Bonadies Reviews

Two Page Sites is a simplified marketing strategy and sales funnel method employed to advertise specific products or courses efficiently. This is created by James and Jason. The key idea is to condense the entire promotional process into just two web pages, ensuring maximum effectiveness and saving time. These two pivotal web pages have distinct roles:

  1. Webinar-style Landing Page: This serves as the centerpiece of the strategy, aiming to captivate potential customers or leads.

It presents them with comprehensive information about the product or course, including details about the creators, benefits, potential earnings, and inspiring success stories from satisfied clients. The main goal here is to educate and engage visitors, enticing them to explore further and develop an interest in the offering.

  1. Opt-In Page: After interacting with the webinar-style page, visitors are directed to the opt-in page. Here, they encounter a request for their contact information, usually presented through an opt-in form.

By providing their details, visitors transition into leads, opening the door for future marketing efforts. This page acts as a crucial point for lead generation, facilitating the establishment of relationships and ongoing communication with potential customers.

The Two Page site training by James and Jason includes the following:

  • The “Pin Method” that entices clients to request your services eagerly.
  • The precise advertising methods essential for every business in today’s market.
  • The “Article” that showcases the increase in business spending, highlighting the need for effective advertising.
  • The “2 Page Sites” are credited with thousands of student success stories.
  • Insight into the “Online Model” typically utilized by large corporations, now accessible to smaller ventures.
  • Strategies to capitalize on the billion-dollar online market.
  • Access our comprehensive training for the simplest campaign to earn your first thousand online.

How does the Two Page Site work?

  1. Find a client.
  2. Sell services to the client.
  3. Provide services to the client.
  4. Offer additional services to the client.
  5. Expand your client base by acquiring more clients.

Check my in-depth review about Two Page Sites here.

Understanding Lead Generation

Lead generation is like inviting people to a party hosted by a company, hoping they will have such a good time they will want to come back again and again. Nowadays, businesses do not just randomly call phone numbers they bought off a list. Instead, they use smart ways to learn about people who might want to join their party and see what they are into. Lead generation is pretty neat because it helps businesses connect with the right crowd in a friendly and respectful way.

Importance of Lead Generation

  • Finding the right customers is crucial for businesses because it means they can connect with people who genuinely appreciate their offerings, similar to finding a group of friends who share common interests and values.
  • Making more people aware of the brand is essential, akin to shining a bright spotlight on it to ensure widespread recognition and understanding of what it offers.
  • Gathering useful information about customers is valuable, resembling having insightful conversations with friends to understand their preferences and dislikes, enabling businesses to tailor their offerings accordingly.
  • Building loyalty is key, as businesses aim to retain customers and foster enduring relationships.

Disadvantages of Lead Generation

  • ROI Might Not Be So Hot: Depending on how much folks dig the lead and what’s up for sale, you might not see any return or just a tiny one from leads given by rookie lead generation companies.
  • Not So Convincing: Customers are super sensitive to any changes in how a rep talks or acts, which could make them wary of taking up an offer or backing a certain brand.
  • Leads Could Bail: If leads feel like they’re not getting the attention they want, they might decide to call it quits, which means you won’t be making many, if any, sales.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertisements are like signposts that guide people straight to special spots on your site, where they’re encouraged to take action, like making a purchase or signing up. If you’re in a rush to see results and you’ve got some cash to spare, investing in ads can really pay off.

Google Ads and social media ads, especially on platforms like Facebook, are top picks because they let you aim your message directly at the folks who are most likely to be interested. James’ program taps into both Google and social media ads to give businesses a boost in getting more customers.

When it comes to paid advertising, there are a few different types to know about:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC): As you are surfing the web, maybe looking up stuff on Google or checking your social media, you spot these small ads that grab your attention. So, with Pay-per-click (PPC): whenever you click on one of these ads, just because you are curious, the company that put up the ad has to chip in a bit of cash.
  • Sponsored ads/posts: These are those surprises that pop up on your social media feed or even when you are searching for something online. Unlike PPC ads that show up based on specific words or searches, sponsored content is shown to you based on your interests or age.
  • Affiliate marketing: It is about spreading the word about someone else’s products or services and earning a little something if someone decides to buy them. It’s kind of like being a digital matchmaker, connecting people with awesome stuff they might love.

Benefits of Paid Ads

  • Well-Targeted Ads: Targeted Ads: It is about making sure your ads hit the right people. Since paid search uses keywords, you’ve got lots of chances to tweak your campaign right from the start.
  • Instant Results: With paid search, you get results right away. When people search online, they see paid ads first. This primo spot boosts brand visibility and helps spread the word about your business during the search process.
  • More Traffic: Paid advertising brings in the crowds. Some folks believe that paid search is super effective, especially when a site is already ranking well organically. This dual approach can lead to a big return on investment (ROI) for businesses.

Disadvantages of Paid Ads

  • Costs Involved: When it comes to making money through paid search marketing, you got to spend some cash upfront. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you are paying up. The price tag depends on how crowded your industry is and the rules set by search engines.
  • Declining Trust: People are not as keen on clicking paid ads anymore. They are putting more trust in the regular search results. Most folks know that those paid ads are up top because companies forked out cash for them, so they tend to scroll past them to find the real deal.
  • High Competition: Paid search marketing is like fierce competition. With search engines showing tons of options for the same stuff, you are always up against other companies. It is crucial to find ways to stand out and catch people’s attention.

Pros and Cons


  • James Bonadies is well-known in the lead generation and marketing realm. You will often see him buzzing around on social media, dropping advice for his followers. What is cool about him is he hosts free training sessions to help people get into the world of marketing. I

If you are more of a visual learner, you can catch him on YouTube, where he dishes out tips and tricks on lead generation and marketing strategies. He also got quite the fanbase! Students and clients alike give him praise and rave reviews about their success with his programs.

  • In his training sessions, James Bonadies shares methods he’s tried himself in his own agency. He stresses how crucial it is to give customers outstanding service, saying it builds lasting relationships where clients stick around and keep using your services every month.

This not only keeps your business going but also helps it grow by bringing in new customers who like what you offer. By using these methods, James boosted his digital marketing agency’s revenue to over a million bucks in less than two years, showing how well his strategies work.

  • The strategy comes with numerous advantages for businesses. Firstly, there is a high demand for assistance with ads among many businesses. Ads help businesses get new customers quickly by bringing in a lot of potential leads. Moreover, compared to various other marketing strategies, ads are relatively easy to grasp. This simplicity in learning enhances their appeal and effectiveness in reaching target audiences and promoting products or services.


  • Running ads can be costly, and there’s no assurance of getting back the money you invest. Before even starting, you need to find and convince potential clients to let you handle their advertising, even if they’ve never heard of you before. This can be quite challenging since you have to build trust and show them the value you can bring to their business, which takes time and effort.
  • Paid advertising can be uncertain in marketing because clients can leave whenever they want without any consequences. The main challenge is keeping clients for a long time. To do this, you need to show them why your service is valuable by keeping your promises, adjusting to their needs, and being honest about any problems. Building strong relationships and offering great service that makes them want to stay is the key.
  • Local advertising is tough, especially if you are new to sales. It is hard to get business owners to trust you, especially over the phone. There are lots of other marketers out there trying to get their attention too.

To stand out, you need to be really good at talking to people and understanding what is going on in the local area. Winning over skeptical business owners means you have to build trust and show them that you are legit. They are careful about spending money on marketing, so you have to work hard to convince them.


James Bonadies is a firm believer in the power of having a clear plan to reach your goals, regardless of where you are starting from. His conviction stems not only from his words but also from the positive feedback he receives from satisfied clients and students. People appreciate his programs because they deliver tangible results and pave the way for success.

If you are eager to learn from him, you’ll find a wealth of valuable insights in his free YouTube videos, where he generously shares practical tips and advice. Moreover, James is easily accessible on social media, making it convenient to reach out to him with any questions or inquiries.

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned entrepreneur, James’ program offers valuable resources and guidance to help you navigate the path to business growth and the achievement of your goals.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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