Jake and Gino Review

Even wondered what a multifamily real estate is? Well, here’s the catch. I am also not aware of this term, not until now. We really do learn day by day, aren’t we?

Multifamily residential, as defined by the library of congress, is a housing classification where multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants are contained within one building or several buildings within a complex. These are what we call apartments and condominiums.

It differs from the normal real estate investing that we know of. As the name suggests, the norm that we know is investing in a house, a single-unit only available for rent. Way different from multifamily real estate investing, where there are multiple units available for rent.

Advantages of multifamily real estate investing vs the norm? Just imagine this, in the norm, once a tenant moves out of your property, that property will be 100% vacant until a new tenant moves in. Compare it to a 5-unit complex for example, fully-booked, not all of them will move out at the same time, right?

This One’s Much Better

Cash flows of single-unit real estate investing are stagnant until a new tenant comes around versus the continuing cash flow in multifamily real estate investing, because we all know that people come and go. 

Even if there are delayed payments of rent, you will still receive rental fees from other tenants. Sounds promising, right?

But all of these can only be achieved given that your multifamily property is in a good place. Meaning it is easily accessible to the people’s needs – e.g mall, workplace, in a commercialized environment in general.

And the cost of properties in these kinds of places have already skyrocketed, since it is in demand. So you really need to fork out big sums of cash in order to start this venture. An alternative will be buying land in an area where you see potential being commercialized in the future. 

Nobody is perfect. Even Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro (the men behind Jake and Gino) struggled in their very first 25-unit apartment complex. “We didn’t have a community, we didn’t have an accountability group – we were the accountability group”, as Gino tells their story on how they started.

When we started buying these deals, we realized the three-legged framework, and we realized [mom and pops]. And that inspired me to start documenting our journey. From zero units to over 1800 apartments”, he continued.

We created the Jake and Gino community and it’s been an amazing journey. Even our students have closed over 20,000 units and are still counting. You know what’s great about it? We learn, we do and then we teach.

I’ve learned multifamily investing, we’ve done it and now we’re teaching and we’re giving back. What’s more amazing about it is we’re learning even more, becoming even better investors, we’re sharpening our saw every single week with the podcast, weekly lessons, bootcamps going on.”

We’re learning every single day and we’re sharing it with the community. And those like-minded individuals are teaching us as well.” It’s all a matter of give and take. They have built a healthy community, I might say. “It shortens the learning curve in an amazing way”, Jake added.

Their mission for creating Jake and Gino is to create multifamily entrepreneurs. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep their healthy community growing and prosper. They feed children in community centers as their way of giving back. Such a humble duo. 

This One’s Much Better

They do podcasts, which have over three million downloads on iTunes and an active youtube channel called Jake & Gino where they post videos regularly so do check them out. A course named Personal Finance Academy, which is a 12-week course where they will teach financial education, life skills and personal development that will propel you to success, costs $297.

They’re also co-authors of the books Wheelbarrow Profits and The Honey Bee which is bundled with Creative Cash that you can get for only $30. These books will walk you through your journey to multifamily investing. 

The highlight program that they offer is the Wheelbarrow Profits Academy where you’ll receive personalized coaching directly from Jake and Gino themselves. It includes one-on-one coaching sessions, weekly live sessions and many more. I’ve read someone says that the cost for the program is a whopping $20,000.

 There is nothing mentioned about the return and refund policy of Jake and Gino, so for a $20,000 program, I think it’s too much of a risk, even though I haven’t seen any bad review as of recently.

This One’s Much Better