Investor Mel and Dave Reviews

Mel and Dave promise you that you won’t ever need to fork out a single penny in order to start your journey to the real estate world. And of course, joint ventures is out of the question since this method still requires you to share a portion of the amount needed to buy a property. 

Entering the world of real estate investing as a beginner using Other People’s Money (OPM) can be both exciting and challenging. Building a strong network and credibility with the real estate community will increase your chances of finding willing investors, private lenders and many more.

The investor couple is willing to let you in with their secrets to successfully build a real estate business without you handing out a single penny. Curious how? Read my review down below.

But before getting into the review…

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Who Are Mel and Dave?

Life of a 9-5 Grind

The investor couple Melanie and Dave Dupius from Canada is not a stranger to the dubious 9-5 grind. Melanie started off as a full-time program developer while his hubby, Dave, was a full-time firefighter. They lived in a small 2-bedroom apartment with their 2 kids back then and just trying to get by living off paycheck after paycheck. 

As most family’s dilemma when both of their parents are grinding day and night, they’ve sacrificed a lot of time that they could’ve spent with their kids. The couple felt guilty, but at the same time, a sense of responsibility since they’ve always wanted more for their kids, the family and for their future. 

“Hamster Wheel of Doom”

We all know that real estate is one of the greatest tools for wealth creation but their first entry in real estate was the “conventional” way of starting when you don’t really have that much capital to work with. Maximizing the use of credit cards, borrowing from your RRSP, downgrading their car to a dirty pick-up truck, cutting costs on food and bills – in summary, they’re living frugally when they started.

Not just that, but they’re working 12 long hours,even on weekends. Finding the right property, right buyer, waiting time and hoping that their bought property appreciates in value, and that cycle repeated for almost 2 years. They even tried quitting after all the hardships that they’ve experienced, but as the saying “winners never quit” goes, they’ve tried one last attempt on using the “new” way of real estate investing.

Exit to the “Hamster Wheel of Doom”

Mel and Dave Dupius

One of their inspirations in starting their venture is the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Everybody learns through failures. Challenges still come your way but you’re equipped with more knowledge than you tried something the first time. With countless tweaks and enhancement, the couple’s “new” method became their staple system that helped them own 220+ units that they bought without using their own funds and without venture partners. 

And together with almost 23 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mel and Dave are now dedicated to adding you to the 940+ investors that they’ve helped tap into the real estate market and start building their portfolio.

Just to squeeze in some details, The investor couple Mel and Dave has a huge following on Facebook with 161K followers and on Instagram with 252K followers.

Traditional Vs New Way (OPM) in Real Estate Investing

In the traditional model, investors relied on personal savings or bank loans to fund their ventures. Just like how Mel and Dave started. However, the new way of real estate investing involves leveraging Other People’s Money (OPM), where individuals seek external funding sources such as private investors, partnerships, or crowdfunding platforms.

This shift allows beginners to enter the market with less to 0 personal capital, spreading risks and potentially increasing returns. While traditional methods emphasize personal financial resources, the new approach encourages strategic networking, financial creativity and collaboration.

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3 Secret Strategies in Real Estate Investing

Mel and Dave successfully quit their job in their 30s and are now focusing most of their time bonding with their kids while also maintaining constant cash flows with the use of these 3 secrete strategies in real estate investing.

Secret #1: Other People’s Money

Down payments in real estate is a must. You always need to make a down payment before getting hold of a property, but here, you don’t need to cough it up, instead, you can use other people’s money to pay for that down payment needed. There are 3 ways of doing so:

  • Owner Financing – the owner of the property literally takes part in helping you finance the transaction. 
  • Someone’s RRSP – you can use someone’s registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) to fund the deal. 
  • Promissory Notes – a legal document that outlines a borrower’s promise to repay a specific amount of money to a lender within a specified timeframe.

Secret #2: Owner Financing

In secret #1, they give you options on how you’ll fund your bought properties without your own penny used, but in this secret #2, they love to dwell in Owner Financing, their most favorite form of OPM and this is where their success started.

But why do owners want to help you with funding your deals? It’s simple; because they will benefit from it. What are they?

  • Offering owner financing can attract a larger pool of potential buyers, leading to a quicker sale. 
  • Sellers acting as lenders can earn interest on the loan, potentially increasing the overall profit from the sale.
  • Advertised owner financing can make a property more attractive to buyers who are looking for alternative financing options.
  • Sellers may have the flexibility to negotiate a higher sales price when offering owner financing, as it can be perceived as a valuable benefit to the buyer.

The couple prepared what they call the cash analysis matrix, making owners understand where their property is at the point, where they’re making it go and how they’ll be able to pay the owner the money that they lend. That way, they can convince the property owner subject to owner financing.

Secret #3: This Method can be Done Anywhere

Whether you’re in a hot, secondary or slow market, utilizing OPM in real estate investing works. Some people have the action taken but don’t have the knowledge, jumping into new things without thinking about it, and there are people who have the knowledge but are not risk takers. And now that you have the knowledge, you need to start and take action.

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Programs and Resources

Action Family Mentoring Program

Action Family Mentoring Program

Included in the Action Family Mentoring Program are:

  • How to find and buy properties without using your own money/savings or joint venture partners.
  • How to find OPM, Private Lenders and Investors
  • How to use their Cash flow Analysis Matrix to find the proper cash flowing properties and be able to convince the owner for creative financing
  • How to decrease taxes, protect from liability and ensure you have a proper exit strategy leaving you with no holes for debt.

And with this mentoring program, you’ll have access to weekly group and 1-on-1 calls, personalized mentoring and advice, and tools/strategies that you need to be successful in your real estate venture. They will also enroll you to their private Facebook group where you can also build connections and ask like-minded individuals to broaden your perspective. 

Action Family Inclusion

The cost for this mentorship program is not visible to the public. What they advise you to do is to book a free consultation call in order to know how much their mentorship costs.

Investing Secrets (E-Book)

Investing Secrets by Mel and Dave

If you like to read and do things on your free time without the pressure of having to complete tasks weekly during their mentoring program, you can buy their book called Investing Secrets where everything that they’ve used to be recognized as the Leading Experts in Real Estate Investing during the 2020 Canadian Business Awards are compiled into one place. You’ll be able to buy it for a limited amount of time (it depends on when you’ll access their “free masterclass”) for $5 (CAD).


Through their podcasts, you can learn many valuable things from experiences of experts they’ve got the privilege to talk with, giving you insights on how the real estate industry moves and works, even though you’re not enrolled in any of their mentorship programs.

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Even though you’re utilizing OPM, they wanted to make sure that you have your own savings, roughly around ten grand at top. Insurance? If something fails, at least you got the money to pay for the one you borrowed? Then, it’s not a 100% guarantee that every deal that you will make will lead to profits.

Their system and mentorship program claims that by following what they’ll teach and tell you, you’ll be able to mitigate most of the risks in real estate investing. Using other people’s money to buy a property will really take a huge load off your shoulder, but how about renovations, subscription for tools needed and everything in between?

It feels like they wanted to let you know that you really do not need to use your own money because of how they deliver, but there is still a lot to pay for when going through the world of real estate. 

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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