International Product Manager Review

Education, experience, talents, and networking are all necessary to become an international product manager since they are intended to supervise and manage the creation, introduction and future success of a product in multiple international markets.

This position calls for strategic thinking, cross-functional cooperation, and an awareness of various cultures and markets. They work to guarantee that a product maintains a consistent worldwide brand identity while being correctly positioned and adapted for multiple places in the world.

The International Product Manager, founded by Shobhit Chugh will help you see through your goals and future success to becoming one of the best product managers in the industry.

This One’s Much Better

Shobhit Chugh used to work at Google, one of the world’s largest and most influential technology companies as you may know. “I was miserable. Not because my job is terrible. It was the best job I had, with a great manager, good balance and leading a large team managing a product embedded in the most popular mobile apps”, he shares.

It was miserable because it didn’t align with what I wanted to do. It’s hard to leave a reputable company with a  high-paying job but that’s that. I learned a lesson from this decision. Follow your heart, and support it with your head.

I prepared for the scenarios, ensuring I had cash to weather the storm (if it came) and building a coaching practice as a second job. I realize that your heart does not always tell you the right thing. But I believe that if you first vibrate in the right state – peace, joy, and love – you can trust your heart”, he continued.

Shobhit gave a twist to the lesson he learned before and made it a mantra in life, to vibrate in the right state, then follow your heart, and support it with your head. With the help of his new found mantra, he’s now far ahead of where he was at Google in all aspects.

Intentional Product Manager was created from there. He envisioned a society in which product managers are highly regarded by their colleagues and realize their full potential.

I help Product Managers position themselves to become Product Leaders, so they raise their income as much as 50%, command the respect their hard work deserves and have an intentional career and life they can be truly proud of.

At Least he’s not one of those people promising double to triple income in just months, and he’s transparent with the thought that everything that you’ll be doing here requires hard work. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to say “Hard work does really pay off”.

So being an international product manager is like being the conductor of a big orchestra. You’re the one making sure that the product, not only is fine tuned and distributable, but also becomes a hit to different parts of the world.

This One’s Much Better

What you’re gonna do first is to steer the wheel of the product from its creation down to its debut. You’ll work with different kinds of people like designers, engineers, marketers and people who speak different languages and know all the ins and outs of various places. You need to build a network for it to become successful. 

Next is to know the culture of different people in various countries. You’ll take note of their taste, their needs, and how they go about things. You’ll serve as a detective trying to crack the case of what makes customers in different places tick.

But understanding what people desire is not enough. Make sure the product can communicate with them both literally and metaphorically. Therefore, you might need to give it a facelift, tweak its features, and perhaps even give it a new name so that individuals in other nations exclaim, “Wow, that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

You serve as the link between all these different teams, languages and cultures. You must keep them all in sync. And you don’t stop when the product hits the market. You act like a coach who monitors how well it is performing everywhere. To keep the product rocking in all those various parts of the world, you look at the sales, pay attention to what customers are saying, and make adjustments as necessary.

International Product Manager coaches Product Managers on how to have the impact they desire on the world, their teams, and their careers, by purposefully redesigning how they approach their daily activities.

Book a call from their website to know more details about the cost of the program as they’re not transparent to how much it is.

This One’s Much Better