Career Vision Accelerator Review

Career accelerator programs are designed for people who feel that they’ve stumbled a big wall in their careers. These programs will help them obtain the industry knowledge, micro-credentials, career coaching, and job search support necessary to advance their careers. 

It can be for newbie individuals that’s aware of what they want to be and discover the skills needed for their new journey, for professionals that are in their mid-career who want to change paths and for senior professionals with extensive experience wanting to develop and enhance more skills for their love of craft.

Most of these programs are run by big companies or charities, providing a forum for networking with people who share your goals and working with organizations that are already successful in attracting and retaining talent. But there are also soloist career advisors offering the same services to people.

One of them is Jill Turner, together with her Jill Turner Improv Training program. What sets her apart from other big companies out there? Let’s find out.

This One’s Much Better

Jill Turner was a PR director for a silicon valley start-up and also an experienced improv comedian with more than 15 years in the said industry. From these alone, we can conclude that she has been surrounded by many people and maybe that’s why she has known any tiny bit of difference in every person’s mood.

By this, she enrolled and got her certificate for Evident-based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University. In this way, she obtained a license that will help her promote herself, as a career coach to countless people out there wanting to straighten their career path or help them find their dream jobs.

I specialize in helping dissatisfied and fed-up professionals get crystal clear on their next big move, finally transition to their dream career, and absolutely thrive in a job they love”, endorses Jill. She will assist you in finding your life’s purpose and entering your desired profession with the help of her transformative program.

I’m going to demonstrate to you how to land a well-paying dream job that ignites your spirit”, Jill says. “And don’t worry. You don’t need to get another degree, nor your Master’s degree, and send out countless job applications to different companies out there”, she continued.

The only requirement she needs is that you need to be at your position now for more that five years or else it is impossible to know what you do and don’t want in your career. Because hopping from jobs to jobs will just make it difficult for the both of you to recognize what you really want. And you both will just be wasting each other’s time.

Career Accelerators like Jill’s Improve Training program helps clients discover their purpose and finally dive into their life’s calling so that each and everyone of them can thrive both personally and professionally. 

Her transformational coaching starts off with a free 45-minute discovery session where you can learn three important things. First, she will dwell in clarity. She will help you find and to have a complete vision of what is stopping you from being happy and fulfilled in your profession.

This One’s Much Better

After that, she wants you to envision a spectacular job, the success, and life results that you want to achieve once you’ve overcome that obstacle. And lastly, she will help you come up with a plan to make that dream of yours a reality. So this free session that Jill offers is more like the “setting the mindset” part.  

Whether you need a complete life overhaul or support through a career transition, this is for you.” If you’re in, she offers group workshops to develop psychological safety, as well as one-on-one transformational coaching, specializing in consulting personal brand and public speaking.

After the span of whatever months her program will be, Jill will keep working with you, for free until you land your desired gig. But I don’t think this will last for long because of how good her portfolio is. She has led an improv training workshop on high caliber teams including a global VC firm and a Fortune 500 oil company. 

Regardless of their age or background, these kinds of accelerators give young people access to training along with mentoring and coaching to help them achieve the vocation of their dreams. But there’s nothing mentioned about the cost of the program nor her refund policy.

This One’s Much Better