Humbled Trader Review

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Shay Huang states (jokingly) in one of her YouTube videos, that she’s hesitant to tell about her trading earnings on video, because the taxmen could be watching.

But her bigger concern is that, if her parents see it, then she’s now “obligated” to increase the amount of money contained in the red envelope (ang pau) that she gives to them every Chinese New Year. If she didn’t. then she has failed her parents, grandparents, and even her ancestors.

All jokes aside, she’s nervous about revealing it because she’s seen a lot of videos claiming that they all got rich quick in day trading using the strategies they made. Which she quickly debunked.

But her huge losses in day trading has allowed her to develop a seemingly effective strategy that made her trading earnings a bit more consistent. Here’s my Humble Trader review.

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What Is The Humbled Trader?

Shay Huang - Humbled Trader

The Humbled Trader is an educational platform for individuals who wish to learn more about day trading. It’s for people who wants to get into day trading but are often tired, overwhelmed, and confused at the sight of the stock market itself, and wishes to seek some guidance for it.

The Humbled Trader puts an emphasis on the importance of the community in this platform. It believes that their day trading courses are the reason people join, but it’s the community that makes them stay.

The Humbled Trader is welcome for trader of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner who’s just getting started into day trading, or a seasoned trader who wishes to learn more strategies, the Humbled Trader has something to offer.

Beginners are expected to learn about the basics of day trading through the online courses they offer. Experienced traders, on the other hand, may choose to spend more time in the trading chatrooms, communicating with fellow traders and picking up some new knowledge from them.

According to their website, the Humbled Trader doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all day trading strategy. It means that, while one strategy may work for someone, it doesn’t mean that it’s also going to work for the others.

Thus, instead of a single strategy, the Humbled Trader provides the resources needed for traders to find, develop, and refine their own trading style. The community it has built also provides further support for you.

The Humbled Trader platform doesn’t believe that day trading is a get-rich-quick scheme, and no such strategies have the capability to do so. This is evidenced in the fact that even the creator makes fun of those other day trading gurus who claim that their strategy can help traders earn massive gains in such a short time.

Instead, the Humbled Trader adopts the belief that slow yet consistent gains, a grounded mindset, and constant risk management are extremely important lessons to a day trader.

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Who Is Shay Huang?

Shay Huang is the founder of the Humbled Trader. In fact, the name “Humbled Trader” comes from the name that her followers call her.

Shay Huang 2

She is a Taiwanese-Canadian who immigrated with her family from Taiwan to Vancouver, Canada in the year 2000, when she was still 12 years old. Prior to being a day trader, she had a job in the film and VFX industry which, in her own claim, was very labor-intensive (though her compensation there wasn’t bad at all).

Her work hours on her job were long, and it continuously drained both her mind and body. So during that time, she began to look for alternative methods on how she can earn money without being too drained.

Until she discovered day trading. This was in 2014.

Still, like all individuals who just got started in day trading, she expected that it was going to be easy money. But it’s far from it. She encountered lots of failures. And to her claim, it was because she relied too much on chat room trading alerts from the so-called “gurus”.

Personally, I, too would bash my own computer and cry a lot when I lost over $20,000 in money. That’s how volatile the stock market is.

But after a year of struggling, Shay learned that stock market trading isn’t about finding the right “system“, patterns and all. It’s about proper psychology, and risk management. It’s okay to realize small gains in trading, as long as the losses are kept to a minimum.

After realizing this, Shay finally had some consistency in her day trading. And after six years of being employed, she claims that has turned her day trading into a full-time commitment, from her own home.

She created the Humbled Trader education platform because not only does she wants to share her strategies on day trading, she also wants to build a helpful community of day traders who help each other.

Aside from running the Humbled Trader community, Shay also has her own YouTube channel, also named the Humbled Trader. While her channel features plenty of content about day trading, she also makes videos about her own personal highlights and milestones.

Based on her YouTube videos, Shay Huang comes to me as chill and easygoing, yet quite authentic in her approach. Basically, she can be trustworthy.

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The Humbled Trader: Inclusions

The Humbled Trader’s training program is divided into 133 lessons, which is then divided into 17 units. At the end of each unit, there’s a quiz about the unit in question to make sure that students have actually learned the lessons in full.

Overall, the entire course can take at least 12 hours to complete.

  • Unit 1: What To Expect – This unit just serves as an introduction to the course itself, and what students can expect from it
  • Unit 2: Who is Humbled Trader – The is another introduction unit, but this one, students learn more about the Humbled Trader herself: Shay Huang
  • Unit 3: HT Roadmap for Beginners – For day trading newbies, this unit will give them a downloadable roadmap that helps in planning their trades
  • Unit 4: Stock Market Lingo for Beginners – This is basically a glossary of terms that students will encounter while day trading, such as the definition of stocks, day trading, candlesticks, etc.
  • Unit 5: Brokers and Platform Set Up – This unit covers lessons about setting up your broker and trading platform. It also contains a list of the most popular brokers out there, as well as quick tutorials and demos for them.
  • Unit 6: Introduction to Candlestick Charts – As a day trader, you’ll spend a lot of your time reading various charts. Therefore, this units has lessons that teach day traders how to read candlestick patterns, and how to plan their trades using the data from them.
  • Unit 7: Technical Analysis – Basically, same as Unit 6, in that it teaches students how to interpret charts and patterns while day trading.
  • Unit 8: Risk Management – Risk management involves a lot of things in day trading, like setting aside just enough money from trading and various strategies to minimize losses.
  • Unit 9: Trade Journal and tracking – This unit is about how students can record their trading progress, to find their areas of improvement, and to adjust their strategies based on their recorded data.
  • Unit 10: Trade Planning Small Caps – This section discusses about trading with small cap stocks, i.e. stocks that belong to smaller companies, whose stock value is usually low (for now)
  • Unit 11: Trade Planning Large Cap Stock – This section discusses about trading with large cap stocks, i.e. stocks that belong to big companies like Amazon, Tesla, Netflix and more. They usually have the highest stock value in the market.
  • Unit 12 to 16: Strategy Set Ups – Units 12 to 16 cover lessons on how to set up for different day trading strategies suitable for any individual.
  • Unit 17: Trader Psychology – You’ll get some mindset tips and daily routine tips here.

In addition to the training program itself, you’ll also get access to a private Discord chatroom. Here, you can meet and chat with other Humbled Trader coaches, and even Shay Huang herself, as they host various live coaching sessions inside the server. You can also meet and chat with other day traders of all levels, and learn a thing or two about them.

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How Much Does Joining The Humbled Trader Cost?

Getting access to the Humbled Trader program costs $1,870 per year.

In addition, there’s also a “premium” version of the Humbled Trader membership, called the “1-On-1 Mentorship”, where you’ll get lifetime access to all the features, plus:

  • 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with a dedicated trading coach.
  • A customized mentorship curriculum.
  • Access to mentoring sessions with our team of trading coaches for strategy improvement and performance review.

Currently, the 1-On-1 Mentorship program is closed due to it being full. There’s currently no word on when slots be open again, as well as how much will it cost.

The Humbled Trader also has a refund policy in place. If you finished Units 1 and 2 within 10 days and you decided that you don’t want to be a member anymore, then you can request a full refund.

Final Thoughts: Is The Humbled Trader Worth Joining?

Shay Huang 3

Personally, I think Shay Huang is as legitimate as she could be. She doesn’t rely on “get-rich-quick” advertisements to sell her course. And while she states that she’s already a day trading expert, she’s not shy on saying that she still gets plenty of trading losses from time to time, though it seems that she’s able to manage it now.

The fact that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hasn’t been knocking on her doorstep clearly means that she’s completely legitimate. Or maybe she’s just being careful.

As a training program, the Humbled Trader is one of the good day trading courses out there. Aside from the comprehensive learning materials inside, the community inside is vibrant and active. Thus, it could prove to be a fruitful experience if you’re really serious in day trading, and want to learn as much as you can.

Though there are two things you should think about first.

First, it’s quite expensive, $1,870 per year isn’t something to scoff about. If you don’t really care about the live coaching lessons and the community inside, it may not be worth it to become a member.

Instead, it may be better for you to just look for free educational material around the internet. Since the learning materials inside the Humbled Trader aren’t really different from the other free sources around. As for the community, there’s also some public forums related to day trading that you can join (Reddit, for example).

Secondly, even Shay Huang states that the stock market and day trading is not for the faint of heart. And it needs a large amount of money to even get started, money which you may even loose if you’re not careful.

Thus, if you want a business model that can give you a consistent flow of income, especially passive income, day trading isn’t the best way to do it.

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