Housejet Reviews

If you’re a real estate agent, you might’ve encountered problems on generating leads. Stuck in old-school ways, but you really don’t wanna, you just don’t know other methods of doing it.

Riding the tech wave feels like a must to not get left behind. That’s probably your thought while browsing social media apps, and you’re wondering whether you can use the said online platforms for your biz.

I can only imagine your excitement when you got served a YouTube ad from Housejet saying that they can get you leads every week. Warm appointments straight to your calendar, how about that?

No need to lose sleep on trying to keep up with what works and what doesn’t, it’s on Housejet if you partner with them for your lead generation needs. All you have to worry now is closing deals.

Sounds fantastic, but will they actually deliver? Find out by reading the Housejet review below.

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Introduction To Housejet

Overview Of The Program

Housejet leverages multiple real estate companies and agents (via their partnership opportunity) to serve both potential buyers and sellers of properties. This means they can provide unmatched local expertise for everyone that needs some real estate advice.

The partner agents, coined as Local Area Experts, adheres to standards that differentiate Housejet from the rest. The said standards include guidelines on training, code of conduct, and accountability.

Regarding the training, the Local Area Experts are required to continuously train and update themselves with the latest real estate laws and stipulations. Typically, an agent can be one-and-done in terms of training, but not here… Not on Housejet’s watch!

Local Area Experts are also expected to always consider the client’s best interest, as mandated in Housejet’s code of conduct. When it comes to providing topnotch advice that accommodates client’s unique situations, they must always bring their A-game.

For real estate agents wondering how to get leads from Housejet, check out their Pay Per Closing program for the partnership opportunity. In-depth discussion about the said program is available in the later sections.

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The Housejet Experience (For Potential Sellers And Buyers)

Housejet Experience

With Housejet, getting real estate advice has never been so easy. Whether you’re a distressed homeowner who needs to make quick cash or a buyer who can’t wait to get their dream home, Housejet and their Local Area Experts are ready to provide guidance.

Oh, and also, the experts talk straight, and won’t beat around the bush. If you’re about to make a dumb decision, they’ll let you know, even if it means they’ll be missing out on potential deals.

The Man Behind The Program

Mike Oddo is the founder of Housejet. Based in Missouri, Mike is a serial entrepreneur and host of The Real Estate Rainmakers podcast.

At the age of seventeen, he started dabbling in real estate, and then he nabbed his license three years later.

Before his team was touted as the best in the market, he has to endure negative perception. Since he started with no connections in the industry, he’s dismissed as a baby-faced nobody that you don’t have to take seriously.

Housejet Mike Oddo

That’s tough, but he didn’t let the skeptics deter him from achieving success. Once he has his marketing style down pat, the only way to go is onward and upward (aka growing a seven-figure brokerage, which he eventually sold later).

In 2012, he established Market Maker, a company that provides pre-positioned appointments for agents in exchange for a steep monthly fee. While it’s fair, the investment is something most agents are not able to afford.

Understanding that the majority doesn’t want a fee that gets billed no matter the circumstance, he acquired Housejet, and offer Pay Per Closing program.

With this, you’ll get the same hot, exclusive leads like in Market Maker without the costly monthly retainer. You only need to pay a referral fee for closings derived from the said leads.

The program’s name essentially encapsulates the very essence of what to expect here. Yup, Dollar Tree and Dollar General could never!

Forget about ‘em dollars, I’d like to put in my two cents on Pay Per Closing program. Read on.

A Closer Look On Housejet’s Partnership Opportunity

Housejet Pay Per Closing Program

Housejet Pay Per Closing Program

Pay per Closing is Housejet’s referral partnership program for real estate agents. With this, agents will supposedly get hot, exclusive leads in their requested zip code.

Here, you don’t have to be constantly on the lookout to grab leads before someone else does. They promote cooperation, not competition, and for every lead of yours that get re-assigned, you’ll get commissions once closed.

They want their partner agents to be successful. After all, an agent closing a deal means a commission for them.

Here’s what they pledge: Eight leads or more every month plus all the tools and strategies used by top-performing agents, including the founder of Housejet himself, to aid you in closing deals consistently.

A wise man once said, consistency is the key. But are they consistent themselves? That’s the million-dollar question. 😉

Perks Of The Program

Besides the leads, here’s what you’ll get when you join Pay Per Closing program:

  • A social branding suite with celebrity agent website, custom paid advertising campaign, retargeting and follow-up videos to supplement the paid ads, and a text autoresponder powered by AI.
  • A training suite in Housejet University with conversion scripts, listing and buyer presentations, and sales training.
  • A proprietary CRM system made possible by Market Maker and enhanced by LISA AI (uh-huh, they’re definitely riding the AI hype).
  • Assistance from Housejet’s ISA team.
  • Access to a revenue sharing opportunity where you’ll get commissions from either introducing other agents to the program or from closed leads re-assigned to other agents.

Cost Of The Program

The cost to join Housejet’s Pay Per Closing program differs depending on the referral fee per each closed deals. The exact figures are listed below:

  • For 30% referral fee, the upfront fee cost $2,497.
  • For 25% referral fee, the upfront fee cost $2,997.
  • For 20% referral fee, the upfront fee cost $3,697.

Each option are not inclusive of the membership fee (price of $97 a month) and the budget for paid ads. For additional zip codes, the price will be $500 each.

There’s also a chance to get the upfront fee back. The fee will be deducted from the amount owed to Housejet for closing your very first deal with their leads.

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Thoughts On Housejet’s Partnership Opportunity

Here’s our short answer to the million-dollar question we listed earlier: No, Housejet is not consistent in terms of giving leads, let alone good ones that are truly warm appointments. Their guarantees don’t mean sh*t.

For our more comprehensive answer, read the sections below.

The Real Scoop Revealed

The potential to get the upfront fee back seems nice at first. Feels like you’ll have nothing to lose as long as you work hard in closing at least one deal from their leads.

However, the requirement on their terms saying that your account must not be disabled due to inactivity might easily disqualify you from getting the said refund. The criteria to be deemed “inactive” is vague, and they can simply say you are inactive to deny refunds.

Housejet Reviews

I mean, from reading the complaints on BBB, we don’t think you’ll satisfy the other refund requirement, which is to close a deal from their leads. Closing just one is easier said than done, given the awful quality of their leads, if they give you any at all.

With hot, exclusive leads, they mean leads who are either uninterested, far from intended zip code, has no business in doing real estate, or won’t even bother picking up the phone. Several even argued that it was mostly bogus— fake numbers, fake email, fake people! In short, garbo!

Worse, their AI is ironically not-so-intelligent and will keep hounding “leads” that already expressed their lack of interest. They have all the shenanigans going to ruin your reputation as an agent, basically.

And guess what, they know they’re bad. This is why they have clauses on their terms that discourages charge backs and honest reviews.

To keep you from disputing charges directly to your credit card company/bank, they threaten to charge $250 as “damages” while relieving themselves from all refund obligations. Call their bluff, as if they would refund you a dime if they’re the one in-charge.

Then, there’s the non-disparagement clause where they demand $500 if you ever sully their reputation (which is already bad, mind you). The nerve to make such threats, albeit empty.

Other Key Details You Should Know

  • Market Maker and Housejet are both under Money Tree Lead Systems. The company, despite having an A rating, has garnered a whopping thirty-nine complaints on BBB over the last three years.
  • The sales checkout page of Pay Per Closing program has a countdown timer for additional pressure to “reserve” your desired zip code right away.
  • Housejet uses an automated billing system once your card info is on file.
  • Housejet’s sales team are known to make statements that deviate from the written contract to entice you to join the program. Unless you have everything on record, the only terms that will be enforced are the ones in writing.

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On paper? Impressive. When it’s time to execute? Epic fail. That’s Housejet promises in a nutshell.

From what we have gathered, we cannot recommend Housejet and their Pay Per Closing program for your lead generation needs. No real estate agents deserve the hassle of joining a program that simply doesn’t deliver.

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