Homeschooled by Tarek Reviews

Getting started can be stressful, especially when we’re talking about the industry that has given birth to many known millionaires far and wide, the real estate industry. You want to be part of the raging train, as fast as possible, but then again, there are a lot of stations to go through. 

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but Homeschooled by Tarek El Moussa claims that they can lighten things up for you, giving you a bullet train pass to building your wealth in the real estate realm.

To the countless programs and courses available out there, can Homeschooled by Tarek stand out amongst them, or is it just on par, if not inferior to the ones already in the market? Learn more in my review down below.

But before getting into the review…

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About Homeschooled by Tarek

Homeschooled by Tarek

Homeschooled by Tarek is just one of the few programs Tarek El Moussa is handling. This one’s the mentorship type program where he imparts insights, knowledge and strategies to new and experienced real estate investors wanting to start or add up something to their portfolios. 

Their one unique way of distinguishing themselves from others is that they’re not just real estate experts, but also teachers. They focus more on:

  • Quality – They provide high-quality and actionable lessons. You can expect a substantial amount of valuable information without wasting your time and effort.
  • Credibility – Credibility in the sense that it was founded by one of the personalities in the real estate industry, Tarek El Moussa himself. He’s also with renowned real estate experts, aiming to offer a credible and reliable real estate education experience.
  • Experience – Everything that you’ll be learning with Homeschooled with Tarek will be combined with thorough, enjoyable and exciting learning experience. They claim to have a comprehensive vault of educational content suitable for any level of investor’s knowledge, equipping you with the tools needed for your success in real estate. 

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Tarek El Moussa Overview

Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa is a real estate agent, investor and television personality from Anaheim, California, United States. So let’s break all this down little by little to know more about him.

His fame started in a real estate and home renovation reality television show on HGTV called Flip or FLop with his then-wife Christina Anstead. They engaged in the buying of distressed properties, renovating them, and attempting to sell them for a profit. 

The reality show already teaches how to find a potential investment property, manage the challenges of renovation, dealing with unexpected issues, and ultimately showcasing the finished product to potential buyers, together with the emphasis of financial risks and rewards of house flipping. 

They still continued the show even after their divorce in 2018, which demonstrated their commitment to the show and their profession, and went on their separate ways after several seasons of the show. 

Tarek is now the host of his own show, Flipping 101 with tarek El Moussa, while Christina also has her own solo HGTV series called Christina on the Coast that focuses on the design and lifestyle space.

Tarek CEO & Founder

Aside from Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, he’s also the CEO and founder of other real estate companies like:

  • Next Level Property Investments, LLC
  • The Agentcy by Tarek El Moussa
  • Tarek Buys Houses
  • TEM Capital

And of course, the topic of the hour, Homeschooled by Tarek. He’s also a real estate agent of eXp Realty.

His popularity reaches far and wide, having 880K followers on his Facebook page and 1.3M followers in his Instagram account.

Inside the Mentorship Program

Inside the Mentorship Program

Homeschooled by Tarek firmly believes that throwing lessons after lessons without actually guiding them about the process or how it operates means nothing and won’t help a person learn anything.

They mainly focus more on offering a premium education experience through a balanced mix of training materials together with its complementary tools. Not only that, but also they want you to be laser-focused on everything that you’ll be doing within the course. 

To achieve that, the mentorship program includes:

One-on-One Implementation Coaching

One-on-One Implementation Coaching involves receiving personalized guidance and support from your dedicated coach all throughout the mentorship process. You will be paired with a coach who provides assistance and helps you navigate each step of the way, systematically, leaving no holes in the process.

Not only that, you will be partnered with a coach that can fit in your own schedule, meaning you won’t have a reason to not be present during your session. The goal for this coaching is for you and your coach to strategize and make a plan that is effective enough based on  your unique needs and circumstances.

Weekly Topic Deep Dive Trainings

Weekly Topic Deep Dive Trainings focuses more on live sessions rather than the pre-recorded ones. Live training sessions conducted weekly by coaches stays relevant, as they focus intensively on specific subjects related to Real Estate Investing every single week.

It supports the idea that a thorough understanding of a single subject matter is more beneficial to you than a broad overview of each of everything.  

Monthly Weekend Boot Camps

Aside from the Weekly Topic Deep Dive Trainings, Monthly Weekend Boot Camps offer a unique opportunity for you to receive extensive training for more than 12 hours, all packed into a single weekend. You can fully immerse yourself in advanced real estate investing strategies during these monthly boot camps.

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On-Demand Video Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to facilitate effective learning through the principles of repetition and practice. It comprises a comprehensive library of recorded video content covering a wide range of topics, giving you the flexibility to binge-watch or revisit each material at your own convenience. 

Having this kind of feature lets any kind of people learn and adapt since every person has their own learning style, capabilities, and responsibilities aside from being committed to this mentorship program. And it’s just like the saying “practice makes perfect”, repetition can lead to mastery, and mastery can lead to efficiency.

Tools, Templates & Resource Library

Being able to have access to tools, templates and resource libraries is such a big advantage when opting in for a program or a course since it provides practical and operational support for every client they have. 

From standardized templates for various transactions to essential tools that streamline operational processes, they offer a repository of resources geared towards preparing you in successfully navigating the complexities of real estate transactions.

Relationship-Based Mentorship

The most valuable part of entering such programs and/or courses is the availability of their community that has been built through hard work and connections. There won’t be a community if they don’t foster a likely atmosphere where everyone can learn and share experiences with each other.

They have a whole active community of like-minded individuals, with both new and expert real estate investors, ready to answer any of your queries, ask for their unique experiences, make collaborations and connections, because the world of real estate investment is broader than you think it is. 

The only bad thing about the whole shenanigan is that the cost of Tarek’s mentorship program is not available anywhere on the website. You most probably need to talk with one of their staff after answering an 11-question survey that they’ve prepared for you. This can help them know your goals and needs, and what state of the investing process you’re at.

Pros and Cons


  • With the availability of their community, you’ll have a chance to connect with other like-minded individuals, making it possible for future partnerships.
  • Learning from expert real estate investors like Tarek El Massou gives you a competitive-edge because of their molded experience in the said field.
  • The one-on-one coaching is also a big plus for a mentorship program as it gives personalized feedback and guidance based on your needs and goals.
  • The presence of accountability is also a big advantage and a boost in confidence especially when dealing with an industry that requires not that small of a capital to work with. (if we’re talking about real estate, it’s always big money talk)

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  • The cost is not available anywhere for the general public, making them second guess in entering the said mentorship program by Tarek.
  • The outcome is not the same for each individual. It still depends on one’s capacity to learn, adapt and how much time and effort they will dedicate to the work needed inside the program.


Homeschooled By Tarek El Moussa offers a lot of valuable insights and strategies, with tailored guidance for each individual that joins their mentorship program. The availability of the tools and resources that correspond to each of their training can make it easy for you to understand and adapt faster. 

The only thing keeping me and probably you from joining this specific program is because they didn’t make the cost of the program publicly available, and since not all people have the same financial capacity, some of them might just leave Homeschooled by Tarek alone and look for other alternatives.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*and sky’s the limit*)

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