HomeGain Reviews

From a forum thread discussing HomeGain, a realtor argued that closing skills is a must-have if you want to build a thriving real estate business. They say that the number and quality of leads don’t matter if you don’t have “it” in you.

In a way, they’re minimizing the importance of lead generation to a realtor. Some black and white thinking we couldn’t agree with, since we believe both are important.

You won’t arrive at a point where you have to make a closing when your leads are crap. As in, you can’t utilize your charm, your gift of gab, and/or your sales acumen if you can’t reach out to those who are actually into your business.

That being said, is HomeGain good enough to fit a realtor’s lead generation needs? Is it even legit? Read this review for our honest insights.

But before getting into the review…

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What Is HomeGain?

About The Program

HomeGain Reviews

Just like any lead generation programs, HomeGain connects real estate professionals to potential buyers and sellers through providing leads, marketing tools, and guidance. Based in the Bay Area, they’ve been part of the industry since 1999.

While they already updated their homepage to look slick and modern, one can still see crumbs of their late 90s roots on some parts of their website. See their dated-looking blog (with no new content since 2013 too) for example.

Nonetheless, as part of their overhaul, their offer for realtors went from Pay–Per-Visit program and Agent Evaluator Lead program to Enhanced Clicks and Qualified Leads. Different name, but the gist of service is just the same.

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About Why They Are Trusted By Sellers & Buyers

As a provider of leads and marketing service, it’s important for HomeGain to look good in the eyes of buyers and sellers. After all, both won’t be comfortable in sharing their info if the program seems sketchy.

With that in mind, HomeGain claims that their agents are the most reputable. They assure buyers and sellers that they’ll connect them to a local who knows the area, is skilled in negotiations, and has a track record of serving their clients well.

Expect match made in heaven when your (real estate) Cupid is HomeGain. That’s the promise.

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About The Founder

HomeGain Bradley Inman

Bradley Inman, the guy known for founding several online media companies such as Inman News and TurnHere.com, is the founder of HomeGain. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, he’s also a journalist, publisher, and keynote speaker.

Bradley is no stranger to selling the companies he started. In 2005, he sold HomeGain to a Chicago-based media company in Classified Ventures.

As of the time of writing this, the program is currently owned by Buyerlink. Yup, Classified Ventures initially bought HomeGain, but then sold them too. Playing hot potato, huh?

What Does HomeGain Offer?

Enhanced Click

HomeGain Enhanced Clicks

With Enhanced Click, HomeGain will drive potential clients (someone who expressed their interest in buying/selling a property) to a realtor’s site. Not any clients, but those that matches the realtor’s service area and time frame, among other things.

The Enhanced Clicks (traffic) you’ll get here are exclusive unless, of course, the lead already shared their info somewhere else. But HomeGain won’t share the lead themselves to other agents, that’s their guarantee.

Qualified Lead

If you’re not interested in HomeGain directing traffic to your site and doesn’t mind a lead that isn’t so exclusive, then their Qualified Lead offer might suit you better. All the essential info you need sent straight to your inbox (online dashboard, email, SMS) within minutes of capturing them.

With this option, HomeGain may send the lead to up to four agents, two on the average. Again, leads are not exclusive unlike those in Enhanced Click.

Questions To Qualify Buyers and Sellers

The traffic and leads from Enhanced Click and Qualified Lead are both generated by potential clients accomplishing an online form posted on HomeGain’s website.

Naturally, HomeGain needs to direct traffic to their own websites to keep clients coming. The clients won’t magically find the site, something has to prompt them.

To do this, they utilize Google, Bing, and Facebook. No mention if they run paid ads, or let organic SEO do the trick. Both?

Regardless, here are the things that are asked in the form to qualify buyers and sellers:

  • Zip code
  • Home type (including the number of beds and baths)
  • Budget (from $100k to over $9m)
  • Collaboration with other agents (it’s no good if lead is already working with an agent, don’t want to step on anybody’s toes)
  • Credit rating (either excellent, good, fair, or poor)
  • Time frame (either less than one month, one to two months, two to three months, three to six months, or more than six months)
  •  Reason for accomplishing the form (either valuation of own home, valuation of homes within the zip code, selling/buying a home, considering buying/selling a home, refinancing a home, or others)

If they passed the qualifications, the potential clients will be asked about their contact info. Y’know, their name, number, email, and address.

Other Features Of HomeGain

HomeGain Features

For more control over your leads other than setting up criteria for qualification, HomeGain include options for fine-tuning the following:

  • Timezone (when to receive leads)
  • Business information and autoresponder message
  • Account budget and balance refill
  • Delivery of leads (option to pause if needed)

In addition, they’ll replace any lead with bogus info with another lead (hopefully, not another crappy lead) free-of-charge. Sort of a lead credit system in place, just don’t forget to send feedback about the lead.

Oh, and of course, they provide customer service support in case your inquiry can’t be answered by their “How It Works” section. They’re only one email away, basically.

Info About ISA

To clarify, HomeGain doesn’t seem to offer ISA service. With no live transfers, it’s on you, the realtor, to establish contact with leads.

No mention of a system to nurture “not yet ready” leads that might benefit from some nudge and consistent follow-ups too. They’re only concerned with generating leads— nothing more, nothing less.

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Is HomeGain Worth It?

Cost Of HomeGain

Regarding the cost of leads, HomeGain didn’t mention an exact figure on the page where realtors sign up for their lead generation service. What’s there is a vague statement about how the charge will be dependent on the price and budget that you set. No offense, but this is giving “Go girl, give us nothing” energy.

However, several reports online mentioned that the cost is around $35 per lead, and at least $100 for the auto-refill amount (budget and balance refill). Surprisingly, they also charge 22% to 27% of the gross commission as referral fee.

The Good About HomeGain

What makes HomeGain a good lead generation program are the following:

  • Lead credit system is not just a gimmick (they really follow through)
  • Several reviews online suggested they had “luck” in using HomeGain (from leads to closings)
  • Has useful resources for realtors
  •  Overwhelmingly positive reviews on their own website

The Bad About HomeGain

Meanwhile, here are the things that make HomeGain bad:

  • Not transparent with the cost
  • No mention of integration with popular CRMs
  • Charging a hefty referral fee without providing ISA service
  • Several employees accused the parent company, Buyerlink, of sending known bad leads
  • No explanation on the sudden disappearance of their BBB profile (weird because they’re rated A+, had seven complaints but managed to resolve five)
  • Customer feedback outside their site is lacking

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From what we have gathered, we can say that HomeGain is a legit lead generation program. Is it the best? Nope, we don’t think so given the cons we listed above, but we don’t have sufficient evidence to call it a scam.

Although, the negative comments from previous Buyerlink employees calling out the company for its toxic work environment (employee turnover is high) and selling “BS” and “JUNK” leads (their words, not ours) surely don’t instill confidence.

At least one of their employees also shared a rumor of Buyerlink allegedly receiving over hundreds of complaints on BBB. That’s bad bad, something you don’t want to hear about any medium-sized company.

Since their BBB profile is no more just like HomeGain, we honestly can’t confirm nor deny this. We’re just letting you know, that’s all.

Before leaving…

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