Home Flipping Workshop Review

Time and time again, we always reiterate the fact that most millionaires and billionaires out there have built most of their wealth from real estate investing. It’s a lucrative industry for all we know. But it’s not that easy to be part of a forever evolving world like this one.

Home flipping is just one of the many real estate investment strategies out there. Whether it’s the right choice for you depends on your goals, knowledge resources and risk tolerance. It has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages in the market today.

But Glenn and Amber are ready to help you leverage house flipping’s advantages while reducing the risks it involves and eventually make you hooked with it like they do. Want to learn more about them? Continue reading below.  

This One’s Much Better

Everyone started with one property. Glenn and Amber Schworm’s first deal in house flipping is not a walk in the park like others thought it was. They managed to sweeped out seventeen grand profit out of that one but with literal blood, sweat and tears in the process.

At that time, there was no coaching, no guidance like what’s available nowadays. The couple were on their own discovering the ins and outs of house flipping. They did all the work themselves, no contractors, no salesperson to sell the renovated property, no nothing. They’re just a 2-man team.

And that’s the reason for the establishment of their Home Flipping Workshop. It’s a family-owned business. To date, Glenn and Amber Schworm have flipped 1,000+ houses over the last 20 years and they still do over a hundred houses every year. 

They wanted to give you straight access, avoiding the pitfalls that they’ve been through and help you get off to a much better start. They wanted to teach you how to get started by flipping your first house, buying your first rental or taking your existing business to the next level.

The Home Flipping Workshop is a 3-day online virtual event where they will teach you how to flip houses, how to wholesale them, have a partner on deals and how to build short-term and long-term rental portfolios for generation of wealth without being a landlord. 

The good news is that if you wanna change your future, you don’t need to build a time machine like Marty from Back to the Future and go back in time and make those different choices. By being here today, your future is going to look more different, better and fulfilling,” says Amber.

And you can not only change your life, but also your entire family’s life, just like Marty did,” Glenn added. 

Flipping is just a gateway to get you started as a real estate investor because the skills that you’ll learn from it will set you on a different path in life and give you a very different future. And if you’re flipping on your own, they will give you five pointers that you must learn. It’s Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold. 

This One’s Much Better

To find the best deals, you need to focus on motivated sellers, off-market deals and first time homebuyers. Next, the biggest barrier to entry that people have made up in their mind is the funding. The keyword you need to know here is “OPM” or other people’s money. Real estate is the only investment vehicle that allows you to use other people’s money to invest for your future.

Fixing the property is the next process. A proper way to do it is to build a team, having the right contractors, having the right connections, knowing what supplies you’re gonna use etc. Second to the last is the exit strategy – flipping the house. It’s either you’re making a quick flip, have done quick renovations or planning to use it for short or long-term rentals, each of these has a different path that you’ll take.

And lastly, holding. Holding is where you flip the property to yourself. Does that make sense? They say it’s the most exciting part of house flipping. By holding houses and the rental portfolio without being a landlord, you’ll be able to generate passive income. How?

More in-depth discussions about these 5 elements are available in their three-day workshop. The workshop has its own worth and has a lot of positive reviews, you just need to allot the time required for you to finish it. The cost for signing up is only $59.

Glenn and Amber believe that anyone can flip houses and do it with honesty, integrity, character and class. They wanted to work with people with the same core values and help them achieve their goals in life. If you think that you got what it takes, give them a try.

This One’s Much Better