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Mike Hobbs And Paul Hutchings

Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings both have experience in building a so-called “residual income” system for various companies, big and small. And throughout that experience, they noticed a strange pattern among them.

Despite them building up these companies and helping them earn more money, some of them would suddenly change their compensation plan in a way that doesn’t really benefit both of them. In the worst case scenarios, these companies would simply quit on them, disregarding all the work they have done for that company.

These experiences made them decide that enough is enough. If they can’t see that these businesses will change for the better, then it’s up to them to put into practice the change that they want to see.

And so, they started the Home Business Academy, so that they and the people that have counted on them could have something to believe in and count on, even on the long term.

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What Is The Home Business Academy?

Home Business Academy Group Picture

At its core, the Home Business Academy is a training program that teaches its students various methods on how they can build a business from the comforts of their home. Just as its name implies.

Their primary specialty is sales funnel building. Students of the Home Business Academy will be taught how to build an effective sales funnel, and use them for network and affiliate marketing.

Aside from funnel building, it also teaches concepts that you can expect from a course that emphasizes digital marketing. So students here will learn methods to drive traffic to their sales pages, like SEO and paid ads.

It also teaches its students how to use blogging as an effective marketing tool, as well as social media marketing (with emphasis on Facebook and YouTube). This program also teaches its students how they can create digital products (in short, online courses) for them to sell, using the marketing methods listed here.

Aside from the training, the Home Business Academy also has an affiliate program that you can join once you’re enrolled. Simply put, you can earn money from commissions everytime someone joins the program, or even if they renew their membership, as long as they use your affiliate link in doing so.

This compensation program has led many to believe that the Home Business Academy is also involved in MLM (multi-level marketing), when in fact, it’s not. Because there’s no pyramid system or uplines and downlines involved.

Still, I can honestly say that affiliate marketing is not the best online business idea right now. And I certainly can’t recommend it to you.

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The Creators of The Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy program was created by business partners Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings Jr. Both of them were established internet and affiliate marketers even before they founded the Home Business Academy LLC. They’re also quite active on several network marketing (MLM) schemes, which is is quite evident in the program itself.

Mike Hobbs

Mike Hobbs was a graduate of Dixie State University way back in 2007. After graduating, he took on plenty of jobs, the most notable one being a loan officer. He even took a job at Walmart.

Eventually, he quit his day job to start his own online business. Which is quite a bold move, as he had incurred a total of $100,000 worth of debt back then. But after 5 years of hard work, he finally earned his first 6-figure income, and since then, his earnings have been consistently high.

He also worked in the military for 13 years, before he retired to fully focus on his business. It proved to be beneficial for him as his disciplinary character helped him to achieve success in digital marketing.

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings, on the other hand, is a more established internet entrepreneur than Mike. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from DeVry University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, which contributed greatly to his business know-how.

He first worked as a customer service representative for several companies, which gave him plenty of experience with direct sales. During that time, however, he was also quite active as a sales manager for some MLM companies, with his primary niche being health and wellness. And eventually, he started his own marketing company, Hutchings Marketing LLC, in February 2009.

Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings became business partners around 2016, and soon after that, they founded the Home Business Academy.

Home Business Academy Products

Currently, the Home Business Academy lineup consists of three products. They are the HBA Funnel Builder, the HBA Premium (AKA the Traffic & Conversions Academy), and the Financial Literacy Academy.

All together, these products can provide all the training one needs to start their own internet marketing business. Here’s a quick overview of the products that the Home Business Academy.

The HBA Funnel Builder

The HBA Funnel Builder is a tool that aims to help its users create a complete sales and marketing funnel website for their online business. It’s said that it can work for any product or service in any niche that you can think of.

Basically, it functions as a business website builder, and it’s designed to assist its users in creating various pages for their business website. Such as lead capture pages, “Thank You” pages, sales pages, order/checkout pages, membership sites, digital products, and more.

As it’s a funnel builder tool, it also comes with several website funnel templates that the user can just copy and use for their own website. These templates also come in various niches.

In addition, it also includes the Funnel Builder Academy, an online course that gives an almost step-by-step procedure on how one can use the funnel builder tool to set up their online marketing campaign. It functions as a tutorial of sorts for the funnel builder tool, but it goes beyond that as a complete online marketing training course.

HBA Premium

The HBA Premium is where students can learn everything there is to know about online marketing. This is where they will teach its students about traffic and lead generation, getting customers, and sales conversion.

The HBA Premium has learning materials that cover various internet marketing topics. Such as social media marketing (with a particular focus on Facebook and YouTube), search engine optimization, blogging, and even email marketing.

In addition to the learning materials, HBA Premium also holds live coaching sessions (called “masterminds”) daily and weekly. These live coaching sessions are usually hosted by some of the top internet marketing leaders inside the community, but there are also some that are hosted by the founders themselves (usually weekly).

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The Financial Literacy Academy

This online course is one of the more interesting offers of the Home Business Academy for me.

As the name states, the Financial Literacy Academy is a course that teaches its students about financial literacy. That is, how they can manage their money for their businesses well, without falling into any kind of debt trap.

It teaches various financial strategies such as eliminating debt, tax strategies (for U.S. business owners), retirement planning, asset protection, property management, how to setup and maintain your own business entity, and more.

It also includes lessons on how to use Quickbooks for bookkeeping and records.

Lastly, the main mentor for this course is Atty. Mark J Kohler, a well-known lawyer and a CPA.

Mark J Kohler

The HBA Residual Comp Plan

Home Business Academy Compensation Plan

The Home Business Academy is also well-known for its rather generous affiliate program, which you’ll join automatically once you availed any of the products by HBA.

Upon becoming a student, you’ll then have your own affiliate account. If you refer someone to HBA, and your referral buys the program and successfully closes the transaction, through your own affiliate link, then you’ll earn a commission that’s equal to 80% of the price.

Since most of the products of the Home Business Academy operate on a monthly subscription basis, potentially, you can earn a steady amount of commissions each month, as long as your referral renews its subscription to the product.

Here’s a list of the prices of the products offered by HBA, along with the possible commissions that you can earn from them.

  • HBA Funnel Builder – $25 per month ($20 worth of commission earnings per transaction)
  • HBA Premium – $25 per month ($20 worth of commission earnings per transaction)
  • The Financial Literacy Academy – $1,000 one-time payment ($800 worth of commission earnings upon successful transaction)

In addition, there’s no tier system, points system, uplines/downlines, or any other shady terms that you’ll encounter with HBA’s compensation program, unlike those you may encounter in MLMs. Their affiliate program operates on only one tier, meaning you’re not required to recruit more members to qualify for commissions at all. No complications are needed.

The affiliate commissions earned through the Home Business Academy are paid weekly, and are usually distributed every Friday of the week.

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Final Thoughts: Is The Home Business Academy Worth It?

At first glance, the generous commission amount that the Home Business Academy offers is quite attractive to newcomers. After all, who doesn’t love being able to keep all your earnings from the products that you sell?

I even question the sustainability of their compensation plan, especially if more and more people join the program. But based on what I’ve seen, it seems like they’re holding on just fine.

But that same sustainability question is the very reason why I’m still not recommending the Home Business Academy to anyone. Because while it’s not multi-level marketing, it may suffer from the same pitfalls as that business model.

Because eventually, you’ll run out of people to invite. What if everyone in your circle already subscribed to the program? And what if your potential leads are existing users of the Home Business Academy, but for some reason, decided not to renew their membership anymore?

Then it’s possible that you’re not going to be able to earn any money from this business at all. This is important to take note of, especially for newcomers, who may not be able to get some invites anymore after they joined (because all of them already joined the program).

Besides, the course material of Home Business Academy isn’t anything new or groundbreaking to talk about. Most of it can already be found in our sources, and some of them can be acquired for free.

So if you were to ask me on what would I recommend for you to do, I’d say you should avoid joining the Home Business Academy. It’s not really worth the expense.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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