Hidden Alpha Review

Embarking on the dynamic realm of the stock market needs a keen understanding of financial landscapes and the ability to navigate through the uncertainties of investments. In this ever-evolving, highly volatile landscape, investors seek guidance from seasoned experts who illuminate hidden paths to potential riches.

Joel Litman for example, a notable figure in the financial domain, and his pioneering concept “Hidden Alpha”. Through Altimetry, he introduces a unique lens into the stock market, employing forensic accounting and valuation research to uncover obscured opportunities that elude conventional analysis. 

This review delves into the fascinating intersection of Joel Litman’s methodologies, the enigmatic concept of “Hidden Alpha” and the unexplored curtain of the stock market, where insights and challenges collide for those daring to venture into the investing space.

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What is “Hidden Alpha”?

The concept of “Hidden Alpha” in investment and finance is something about a “potential” source of additional returns or value that may not be immediately apparent. The idea is to identify opportunities that go beyond conventional market knowledge which Joel said is “Wall Street Methods”, revealing insights that could lead to above-average investment performance.

These said opportunities are stocks that are undervalued by the market due to accounting distortions or misinterpretations. Another opportunity lies within recognizing companies with strong fundamentals that aren’t fully reflected in their stock prices.

And to address all deficiencies and make all of them come to light, Joel Litman provides the perfect system that can find all of these for you to take advantage of in the world of stock market.

Who is Joel Litman?

Joel Litman 2

Joel Litman is a financial expert who has made a name for himself in the field of forensic accounting. Forensic accounting involves a deep dive into financial statements and data to uncover hidden truths about a company’s financial health. Litman, as the CEO of Altimetry, leads a team that specializes in this type of analysis.

What sets Litman apart is his emphasis on understanding a company’s economic reality rather than relying solely on traditional accounting methods. Traditional accounting may not always reflect the true financial picture of a company, as it can involve various assumptions and estimations. Litman’s approach involves stripping away accounting distortions to get a clearer view of a company’s fundamentals.

Through Altimetry, Litman shares his findings and insights with investors, helping them make more informed decisions. His goal is to provide a unique perspective on financial markets and individual stocks, allowing investors to navigate the complexities of the market with a better understanding of the economic realities of the companies they’re interested in. Litman’s work contributes to a more nuanced and accurate understanding of investment opportunities and risks.

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Valens Research

Valens Research

Valens Research is an independent research firm that focuses on providing in-depth analysis of financial data and uncovering the economic reality of companies. The company employs a proprietary research methodology and tools to evaluate businesses based on their true economic performance rather than relying solely on traditional accounting measures.

One of the key aspects of Valens Research’s approach is the use of Uniform Accounting, a standardized method that adjusts financial statements to eliminate distortions and provide a more accurate representation of a company’s financial health. This approach allows investors to gain insights into a company’s fundamentals without being misled by accounting discrepancies.

Valens Research, under the leadership of analysts like Joel Litman, aims to provide investors with a more transparent and reliable understanding of the companies they are interested in. By focusing on economic reality and utilizing forensic accounting techniques, Valens Research seeks to offer a unique perspective on financial markets and help investors make more informed decisions.

Their Methodologies

Valens Research is known for their unique methodologies, primarily centered around their proprietary system, Uniform Accounting. This involves standardizing accounting practices to provide a more accurate representation of a company’s financial performance. By making consistent adjustments across different companies, it becomes easier to compare and analyze their true economic situations.

Economic statements also serve as a key to their approach. These statements aim to reflect a company’s economic reality by accounting for distortions present in traditional financial statements.

Another one is Return of Assets. By the use of their Uniform Accounting System, they calculate ROA to assess how efficiently a company is generating profits from its assets. With this, a more insightful perspective is offered compared to the “Wall Street” methods.

Cash Return on Investment Capital (CROIC) is another metric being used by Valens Research. It evaluates how a company is generating cash returns on the capital invested, providing insights into the company’s ability to create value for shareholders.

And lastly, embedded expectations. They analyze market expectations embedded in stock prices. By comparing market expectations to a company’s historical performance and economic reality, they can lessen the margins and can make informed decisions to identify mispriced stocks. 

Altimetry’s Hidden Alpha Product

Hidden Alpha

Hidden Alpha

Most of what Valens Research does comes from the parent company, Altimetry, a platform that reshapes the way investors perceive and engage with the stock market. Their groundbreaking approach centers around “Hidden Alpha”, a concept that transcends the surface-level narratives of traditional financial analysis.

Through forensic accounting and the application of the Uniform Accounting System, Altimetry aims to reveal the true economic reality of companies, uncovering hidden distortions within financial statements. This quest for “Hidden Alpha” is not merely a pursuit of undervalued stocks; it’s a methodology that seeks to expose obscured opportunities, providing investors with a unique lens through which to navigate the complexities of the stock market.

Once a month, they give you issues about the current trends in the stock market including:

  • Their monthly recommendations of stock to offer to their subscribers which are low-risk and the best chance to double their money
  • Explanation on exactly what discrepancies they’ve uncovered and what form of excitement or deception makers, if any, that they’ve seen in the earnings call forensics
  • And the proper steps to take advantage of what’s written in the second bullet.

In the span of 1 year, you’ll have access to 12 issues (once a month) and complete a model portfolio of Hidden Alpha and stock recommendations. Bonuses include monthly updates and alerts, access to their archive of special reports, past issues, additional training guides and Altimetry’s Daily Authority.

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The Altimeter

With the aid of different tools such as the Altimeter, which they call the “stock truth detector”, you will learn about:

  • The true earnings versus as-reported earnings of a company
  • The breakdown of the true return on assets
  • The true price-to-earnings ratio, showing how cheap or expensive a stock really is
  • The true earnings trend and what that coil mean for your personal portfolio

This tool serves as the “crystal ball” of the stock market, gaining wisdom and clairvoyance on the “true” face of the stock market as of present and helping fellow investors make informed decisions on how, where, and when to invest in companies.

It is being constantly updated, which features now like:

  • Value classification
  • Peer relative grading
  • New and improved performance grades
  • Historical data
  • Embedded expectations
  • All-new risk grades

Because they presently employ more than 100 financial analysts and accountants who break down as-reported financials and then reconstruct them using their own system, you can be confident that the majority of their conclusions will be near-perfect. (there’s no concept of being completely perfect especially when it comes to investing, the most volatile space of any money making businesses). 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Both have a 30-day trial period and once that ends, annual cost for Hidden Alpha is $199/year while The Altimeter costs $99/year, and also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons


Joel Litman is known for his expertise in forensic accounting and unique approaches to financial analysis. Following his insights can provide you with a well-informed perspective on individual stocks and the market.

With his proprietary system, their aim is to reveal the economic reality of companies by stripping away accounting distortions. In-depth analysis can be learned and copied once you’ve mastered it, so that you can be on your own in the future.


Investing always carries inherent risks. There’s no guarantee that following any expert’s advice like Litman’s can result in guaranteed returns. The market is influenced by various factors.

In addition, the stock market is unpredictable, and individual stock prices can be subject to significant volatility. With what Joel is teaching, some investors might find it hard to cope with, hence making this volatile industry challenging for them. 

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Investing is by no means a get-rich-quick type of business. Proper knowledge, dedication, and a huge amount of capital is needed to be successful in this venture. 

Like what is said in the pros earlier, Joel Litman and his Hidden Alpha product can really give you insights on under/overvalued stocks, but due to the volatility of the stock market, it is hard to determine when these movements will happen, making it hard to decide whether you’ll invest or not. 

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