Hedgeye Review

Hedgeye is a stock resource that sells various products and services related to trading including trade alerts. They also claim to deliver hedge fund level research to investors.

Hedge funds are a type of investment fund that is typically open to accredited investors and aims to generate returns through a variety of investment strategies. The term “hedge” originally referred to the idea of using strategies to hedge against market risks.

But over time, hedge funds have evolved to encompass a wide range of investment approaches that may not necessarily involve hedging.

That’s why Keith Mccullough, founder and CEO of Hedgeye took the opportunity to make this as his choice of business. It seems he has seen a lot of potential making money through this kind of investment.

This One’s Much Better

Keith Mccullough is a prominent figure in the financial industry, mainly in investment research and risk management. Through his knowledge, he gained attention for his views on market trends, macroeconomics, and investment strategies.

Imagine you’re really into investing and making money from the stock market, but it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the information out there. That’s where Hedgeye comes in. They’re like a team of financial detectives who do all the hard work for you. They watch the stock market, economy, and other money-related stuff super closely.

They crunch numbers, look at charts, and read reports to figure out what’s happening and what might happen next. Then, they write up reports, make videos, and host discussions where they spill the beans on what they’ve found.

“We’re basically a hedge fund that you can look inside. We use a lot of quantitative methods to time both the economic cycle but also the market. It’s designed to be dispassionate, there’s no politics, no BS. we’re just trying to stay on the right side of high probability.”, says Keith.

“I start literally with “where is the next data point? All this does is it puts you in the place where you’re having higher batting averages and higher probabilities of being right for the right reasons. The next performance is going to come out of those that merge both fundamentals with the quantitative.”, he continued.

Every knowledge that you’ll gain has corresponding fees and it really sums into a pretty big amount of money. They have monthly and yearly subscriptions for each product and service they offer. 

There are more individual products and services offered so feel free to look for the complete list of items on their website. I’ll be listing some notable products here as well.

The Core Macro, their macro research starter pack that costs $700/year, comes with a research package of 25+ trading ranges (buy low, sell high), Keith’s macro strategy note and The Macro show live and on-demand webcast. It teaches you how to generate alpha, avoid major crashes and prepare for the big market trend changes.

After the starter pack, of course there’s a pro version. Hedgeye Pro, the next level macro research that costs $899/year, offers sophisticated investors and financial advisors their full line-up of macro research products.

This One’s Much Better

With all the products and services that Keith has to offer, the dream for financial freedom will never be impossible. If you have the money to avail them, all will really pay off if they actually work. But the thing is, do the said products and services really do their jobs?

Hedgeye sued Carmine Pirone in 2014 for publishing a review of the company. Eventually, the dispute was resolved without Carmine having to accept being at fault. Instead, Pirone essentially demonstrated the futility of Hedgeye’s alerts.

Pirone analyzed Hedgeye’s real-time alerts, and he wrote “the weighted average return of all trades last year from January 1, 2013 – December 11, 2013 was .3382%. That’s not 33%, that’s a 3rd fraction of ONE PERCENT.”

Another proof that the services are faulty is about Griffin Asset Management. They created a fund based on Hedgeye’s alerts and it only lasted a year and was forced to shut down due to poor performance.

So, there you go. If those still aren’t enough proof to stay away from Hedgeye, feel free to look for more reviews, but I guarantee you, it’s mostly negative. So save yourself some time and energy to look for another investment.

This One’s Much Better