HealthyYou Vending Reviews

Healthy vending machines are a step in the right direction, promoting better snacking choices. You can find ones that offer a variety of nutritious options like nuts, dried fruits, and granola bars instead of the usual sugary snacks. It’s a win-win—convenient and good for you

HealthyYou Vending starts a movement of replacing these go-to junk food vending machines into healthy ones. The traditional ones are nothing but all junk foods, but consumers don’t really have any choice but to eat it if they’re stomachs are already rumbling.

With the branding “HealthyYou Vending” Machine written all over it, consumers will become aware that your personal vending machine can offer much better quality snack options. And as people shift toward better health and wellness, these vending machines can also prove to be a lucrative business. 

If you’re wondering if HealthyYou Vending is the perfect partner to kick-start your vending machine business journey then you’re in the right place. Learn more about HealthyYou Vending in my review below.

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About HealthyYou Vending

HealthyYou Vending

HealthyYou Vending is a nutritional platform based in Kaysville, Utah. They offer wellness and fitness services by setting up healthy vending machines all across North America. They’ve been the trendsetter in the healthy vending industry for over 20 years. 

Not only did they set healthy vending machines to places, they also wanted to educate aspiring vending business owners to shift to the healthier side. They believe that the trend for the healthy vending industry will still be on the rise in the future and they want you to leverage that opportunity.

The guy in the picture above, Jeffrey Marsh, President of HealthyYou Vending believes that their company has advanced from being the best franchise opportunity in vending to being a top pick for prospective franchisees as a whole.

What is Franchising?

Franchising offers a whole new level of teamwork. It’s a business model where people purchase the license to use the names, logos, goods, and services of a larger firm to operate their own businesses. Franchising allows a company to grow without having to handle every single site separately.

The established brand recognition, training, and continuous support are all advantageous to the franchise buyer. The owner of the franchise gains by expanding their brand and, frequently, by getting a cut of the buyer’s sales.

Even with all of these advantages, franchising still has its own drawbacks.

  • Getting into a franchise can be expensive. There are upfront fees, ongoing royalties, and other costs. It might take a while before you start seeing significant profits.
  • You’re expected to follow the established system and guidelines of the owner. This can limit your ability to implement your own ideas or respond quickly to local market needs.
  • Your success is somewhat tied to the success and decisions of the owner. If they make poor choices or face legal issues, it could affect your business.
  • Franchise agreements are typically long-term commitments. If things don’t work out as expected or if you want to sell your franchise, you might face challenges due to contractual obligation.

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How HealthyYou Vending Franchise Differs 

HealthyYou Vending Business

With a lot of brainstorming and adapting to the current phase of the vending industry, HealthyYou Vending has tweaked their policies for the betterment of their Operators’, or soon to be vending business owners’ advantage. 

HealthyYou Vending is really not a franchise company but is still considered the “best” franchise opportunity that has been named the “2020 Top Business Opportunity” by the Franchise Brokers Association.

They guarantee that they won’t take over any aspect of your company, or charge you ongoing franchise, royalty, or other fees. They will make you feel like a real entrepreneur, thinking for your own business yourself, making possible adjustments when needed, but they will still be on the side giving support and answering to your queries if ever you have some.

What’s Included in the HealthyYou Vending Regime

Location Procurement

Every success in the vending business starts with a good location. Choosing the right spot is crucial for attracting customers and maximizing sales. You have to consider foot traffic, target audience, competition, accessibility, regulation and security. 

HealthyYou Vending’s program includes helping you set up all your machines to great locations. And they also offer you a zero-commission placement at that, which is a really great help to get you ROI faster because sometimes other contractors require you to give a percentage of your sales when they offer you a spot for your vending machines.

Healthy YOUniversity

It’s a two-day face-to-face event where you’ll receive comprehensive and hands-on training with regards to vending business information. With the coaching team, you’ll go over a variety of details like your company’s website setup, product supply channels, and ideas and tactics for keeping an eye out for prime relocation possibilities.

Lifetime Coaching

Challenges and problems cannot be avoided in any business. Having a support team and a lifetime coach is a big help for most business owners. You’ll be able to have conversations with successful healthy vending business owners who are already aware of the challenge that you might face, and tell you some pointers and advice that you might need in the future. 

They also have a dedicated technical support team if ever you’ll have a problem with your vending machine or your website. Always available 24/7.

Online Support Center

HealthyYou Vending Online Service Center

You’ll have access to their very own support portal where you can get a hold of practical business tools, forms and applications.

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HealthyYou Vending Machines Available 


This vending machine is called “Smart”Mart because you, as the operator, can choose from over 2,500 products available on what you want to place in that vending machine.

It can be vitamins and supplements, pre and post work-out meals if it’s near a gym, phone chargers, razors and other personal items if it’s placed near a hotel, and many more choices. Customize it in any way you want for the maximum profitability of your business.

Wellness Center

It covers any products that are needed for the wellness of the customer. Soaps, toothbrushes, toothpastes, over the counter medicines, face masks, gloves, wipes, hand sanitizers,  and many more.

Price and Refund Policy

HealthyYou Vending Cost

The HealthyYou Vending franchise costs $60,000 as the minimum up to a whopping $190,000 that serves as a one-time investment.

And there are no refund policies indicated anywhere on their website. Since you will manage it on your own, the only thing that you can do if the vending business is not for you is to sell the vending machine to other people since you already own it. That’s the only way you can get a “money-back” from your initial investment.

The Good Side

  1. With HealthyYou Vending, you only need to make a single, sizable investment, and you’ll never have to pay royalties or any other kind of continuing cost.
  2. After educating you on best practices, we let you pursue your own goals. Your business, your rules. You do you.
  3. They don’t look into your bank accounts. All they want to know is your work ethic, skills and passion for the vending business.
  4. Unlike e-commerce stores that need months to get set up, at HealthyYou Vending, it will only take weeks to become a fully operational business.
  5.  Vending business is a remote-based business model. It lets you be at the comfort of your homes or still doing your 9-5 job while having this kind of business. So it is applicable whether for a side job or a full-time business.
  6. If your vending machine is not performing as intended in a certain location, you can always find a new location and transfer it immediately.

The Bad Side

  1. It requires at least $60k initial investment to start your vending business with HealthyYou Vending.
  2. They charge way too much for the products and the vending machines. 
  3. I don’t think they have a refund policy because it’s nowhere to be seen on their website.
  4. Areas with a large number of foot traffic have already been leased by bigger companies. It may prove hard to locate a better location for your HealthyYou Vending machine.

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The profitability of a vending business will really just come down to the place of where it will be placed, the target audience and the products sold. HealthyYou Vending offers a lot of services that can help you jumpstart your vending business but not all people can afford the initial investment they require to start one.

It will take a big commitment to start with HealthyYou Vending since they also don’t include any refund policy for their program. 

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