The Happy Hustlers Review


It is really easy doing business with Amazon FBA. You can pocket all of the profits immediately after you start. It’s never been too easy to acquire products that can be resold at Amazon. These are common misconceptions when someone wants to start an Amazon FBA business.

First of all, you’re not totally starting to be part of the Amazon FBA right off the bat. Fulfillment by Amazon requires you to have an A+ rating online store on their domain before you can have access to Amazon FBA.

Second, during the first six months, you won’t be seeing any profit. Grinding to get that A+ store rating and finally acquiring the Amazon FBA service with your hard work, all profits will only go to purchasing inventory, then it will get prepped and shipped to Amazon, and will undergo certain measures before Amazon lists your products for customers to buy. 

“The Happy Hustlers” is being managed by two individuals, a married couple it may seem, named Nina and Ernersto. Here’s a short background for the both of them.

This One’s Much Better

Nina is a product manager at a technology company. She has both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration. A very passionate gal about business especially marketing and sales. Ernesto on the other hand, is an Aerospace Engineer by day and an entrepreneur by night. 

They both have been reselling stuff for over four years and are passionate about coaching and helping other people/fellow entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential. 

THH is a proud team of hustlers earning six figures selling on Amazon. In addition to that, they also tackle selling on Poshmark, eBay and Thredup, while keeping their personal careers to boot.

Selling on Amazon is not passive income.”Nina exclaimed. “If you ever see those youtube ads, or those people that sell courses and they tell you this is passive income, there’s nothing passive about selling on Amazon. It takes consistent work. It is a scalable income, but not passive.

First of all, it’s crucial to understand that people who are financially successful have several sources of income. The truth is that millionaires often have seven sources of income. So selling on Amazon can be done alongside your 9-5 job, your own small business, while investing in stocks. As long as you can be consistent, motivated and goal oriented.

 “The longer we spent reselling on various sites, including Amazon, we figured out how the processes work best and ultimately learned how to maximize our profits, A LOT.”, Nina stated.

And with this, we started to share our knowledge through coaching to help others start and grow their very own businesses and earn the money they have always dreamed of, but weren’t quite sure how to attain.”, she continued.

This One’s Much Better

The Happy Hustlers are happy to offer you their beginner’s step-by-step guide to starting a profitable amazon business, The Amazon Cheat Codes. It consists of Amazon’s beginner course, over two hours of video content, access to the discord server, information about the processes that happens inside Amazon, sessions that talk about FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant), and many more.

They also offer Amazon Online Arbitrage Lead Lists that can really take your business to the next level. It can allow you to make money faster, take the stress out of finding products yourself and is an extremely beneficial tool when it comes to flipping products.

Alongside this, they also have the Fresh Flips. You can conveniently find profitable things to sell on Amazon with this tool. After making a one-time payment, you may instantly receive fresh Amazon leads and gain access to their Fresh Flips list.

Certain categories or subcategories are restricted or gated, thus in order to sell things that fall under those categories, you must go through an “ungating” process. They claim to have gone through it for various categories and they’re happy to share the knowledge and information they gather throughout the process. 

It actually takes weeks or months before you can get results in terms of profit and whatnot. Selling on Amazon is really profitable given that you need to work hard for it and even if it gets tough, stick with it since it’ll get easier over time.

The cost? There’s nothing stated on their website. Maybe you’ll be able to get that information once you book a strategy call with them.

This One’s Much Better