Chelsea Guarriello Review

Chelsea believes that if your salary is your only source of income, then you are one step away from poverty. There’s nothing wrong in relying on your livelihood from just your excruciating 9-5 job, but having a side hustle or two can ease the hardships that you feel. 

She is a dropshipper and makes money online with e-commerce. Dropshipping is selling products online without keeping an inventory for yourself. You’ll find a third party company, probably a manufacturer who will be the ones to pack, deliver, do customer service and all. 

And she’s here to teach you all that is needed that paved the way of how she achieved the life she’s living now from the life she has as a corporate job employee.

This One’s Much Better

Chelsea Guarriello is from Atlanta, Georgia and graduated college with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She started her journey as a woman new to the real world. “I was money-driven. Always have been and always will be”, says Chelsea. “Money and having financial freedom is what motivates me. I realized that a job in my field wasn’t gonna cut it”, she continues.  

Even though she’s not able to find a job that relates to the degree that she has finished, she had a good run and has been able to save some money that she believes is enough to be able to satisfy herself. But it didn’t last for long. Getting to a relationship she had before ruined everything. “The next thing I know, my money is running low”.

Being the smart, educated woman that she has been her entire life, Chelsea never thought how she ended up in that kind of relationship. Those were the dark times for her, and to live the past behind, she decided to move to Los Angeles and start a brand new life. 

It has always been her dream to live in LA, but then again, reality strikes. It’s not all about the fancy movies, red carpets, or bright street lights. Chelsea started again with nothing, just bags full of her clothes, make-up kit and her car. As she stated earlier, she is money-driven. 

Chelsea landed her first real gig only after a while moving to LA. For her, it is the big moment, a door-opening kind of situation which eventually opened more doors for her. So she was a celebrity makeup artist for years before she graduated from it and became a full-time e-commerce store owner. 

She read about dropshipping in a book. “It went to a point where we’re so desperate to make money that I just had no other options but to find a way.” She opens a book and once she takes a look at it, her gut tells her that it’s the answer to her problems – dropshipping. 

Chelsea has done her research for months but is still scared because she doesn’t see any women posting on YouTube about it. And there’s also a time where she doubted the process. That’s when someone contacted her asking for $3,000 in exchange for “teaching” her the ropes into dropshipping. 

Her doubt comes from a way of thinking that she never really had invested in herself throughout her entire life. She felt like it’s taboo, paying someone for a service of knowledge. “For me, who does that?”, she asked. Little did she know that that’s the secret most millionaires or billionaires have, sharing knowledge with one another.

This One’s Much Better

Even knowing everything, she’s still eager to find ways by herself, blowing thousands of dollars in the process. Chelsea is already at her wit’s end, and just decided to go back to the mentor that offered her help before. She shared that it’s the scariest thing she’s done in her entire life but it is also the most fulfilling time that made a huge turn in her career. 

Doesn’t matter what walk of life we come from, how we were raised or what beliefs we have, at the end of the day, life is life and we go through things, good and bad”, says Chelsea. “Without dropshipping, I would still be living paycheck after paycheck, gig after gig, hustle to hustle without any rest”, she continued. 

She hopes that she is also the one that can be the catalyst for the biggest turn of your career in the e-commerce business, especially in dropshipping. Chelsea offers a wide variety of courses, from ways on how to start your first e-commerce business, to ways on how to promote your brand, to 1:1 coaching.

You can join one of her webinars by completing the registration form on her website to know more on what she has to offer. And by then, you can decide whether she can make a huge impact or not on your dropshipping journey.

This One’s Much Better