Growth Cave Reviews

Growth Cave Reviews

If you are looking to make money through online advertising or are keen on expanding your business on the Internet, Growth Cave might be the solution for you. They promise to simplify the process, make it quicker, less overwhelming, and even enjoyable with their proven strategies for growth. The program offers guidance on creating social media ads to showcase your products, providing insights on what to say, templates, and more. It aims to help you discover niches that align with your interests and connect you with potential clients, ultimately increasing your earnings. 

Whether it is worth it or not? Let us explore and find out in this review!

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Who is Lucas Lee-Tyson?

Growth Cave Reviews

Growing up in Connecticut has significantly influenced the background of Lucas Lee-Tyson, the founder and CEO of Growth Cave, a digital marketing consultancy. Raised by well-educated and relatively affluent parents, Lucas was encouraged to pursue his own learning endeavors. His childhood was marked by a preference for books over television and a commitment to educational activities.

Growing up as a nerdy kid, Lucas got into the world of online entrepreneurship during high school, spending his time tinkering with his computer. When he first started sharing his expertise on a YouTube channel, teaching Photoshop skills, he encountered difficulties in attracting views. Determined, Lucas researched enhancing YouTube visibility and researched into various ventures like dropshipping eCommerce and building an affiliate blog.

Despite varying degrees of success, it was his discovery of the potential of Facebook ads that marked a turning point. Driven by a competitive spirit, Lucas founded Growth Cave over two years ago, initially operating from his college dorm room with less than $50 in his bank account. Since then, Growth Cave has evolved from a modest operation to a robust digital marketing empire. Lucas envisions it becoming the foremost provider of digital marketing consulting and training for Facebook and YouTube Ads in the United States within the next three years.

What is Growth Cave?

Growth Cave Reviews

Growth Cave has this program that is supposed to be your guide to understanding advertising agencies. They are eager to assist you in starting your agency, finding clients, and ensuring positive outcomes. This program tackles important aspects like having the right mindset, figuring out the best area to focus on, connecting with potential clients on social media, engaging with clients and closing deals, managing clients effectively, and incorporating automated processes.

The main emphasis is on acquiring and dealing with clients, specifically focusing on using YouTube ads. They also throw in some ready-made ad templates and claim they can teach you to sell online courses using YouTube ads.

Growth Cave wants you to know they are not your typical marketing company. They claim to go the extra mile by helping all sorts of businesses become leaders in their online industries. They talk a big game about using the latest strategies to double sales and boast about their super-effective digital marketing, bringing in a good return on investment (ROI).

Their program stands out, they say, because it is practical – it can supposedly work for any business, does not require a massive budget, and covers common questions about Facebook Ads. They seem confident in their methods, backing it up by spending a hefty amount on their daily marketing to make their business successful.

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Growth Cave Programs

  • Productized Profits

Productized Profits is like a school for starting and growing your online business. They say it has everything you need to begin your own “productized” business and get your first big-paying client in the first month. In this package, you get a video course with six parts, special software called ClientBolt, access to a private group on Facebook to ask questions, and live Q&A calls every two weeks.

They also promise you updates for life. You also get lifelong access to the video course from 2022, personal help and coaching twice a week, access to a library of proven ads, and ready-to-use templates and scripts. However, when I click on their website, this program is no longer available. 

Growth Cave Reviews
  • Knowledge Business Accelerator 

The Knowledge Business Accelerator is an online guide to turning your expertise into cash by creating your very own online courses. They promise to help you figure out if there’s a market for what you know, how to create a top-notch online program, and even set up a system to sell it automatically.

They’ll guide you on growing through YouTube ads and making your business run like a well-oiled machine with smart systems and automation. Plus, they throw in access to a private Facebook group where you can dive deeper into crafting effective messages and using YouTube ads, all while explaining why these strategies actually work.

So, it seems like Lucas has quite a few programs available, but when you hop onto the official website, it’s not very straightforward about what courses are included and what each module covers. To get the details, you’ll have to toss in your name and email address.


Surprisingly, the official website does not give any information on the pricing details, claiming it is all about free training. Yet, after digging around a bit, it seems that Productized Profits comes with a price tag of $1497, while the Knowledge Business Accelerator might set you back around $5000 or possibly more. It is important to keep in mind that to get the actual prices for these courses, you will have to be contacted by their sales team.

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Pros and Cons


  • The local lead generation and YouTube ads training are good. They take you through the details, explaining how the business works and providing a solid foundation, perfect for those just starting out. It is not just about theory; it is hands-on, ensuring that you not only get the concepts but also pick up the skills to kickstart your journey.
  • Lucas knows his stuff, and his success is proven. It is always good to be guided by someone with hands-on experience and a track record of hitting it big in the online business world.
  • Selling digital products is wonderful because you do not need to think about storing physical items, and there are no additional expenses when you decide to grow.  It will enable you to concentrate on creating and sharing your fantastic digital products.


  • Running this business can be a bit challenging because you have to figure out how to run ads on Facebook and YouTube, and that’s not an easy skill. It involves some technical know-how, and you have got to be quite good at it to make things click. On top of that, being good at selling is also crucial if you aim to succeed in this type of business which not everyone is.
  • The program heavily relies on paid ads and the Google part can be unpredictable, making the success a bit uncertain. There’s also concern that the course teaches old-fashioned marketing tricks, which might not work well since online marketing changes quickly.
  • It looks like the program is kind of missing stories from folks who have tried it out. According to reviews, there is this strange lack of success stories in the Facebook group linked to the program. What is interesting is that if you throw in some tough questions or share not-so-great reviews about the program or the person who made it, the moderators might give you the boot from the group. It feels a bit off because you’d hope for a place where people can be open about their experiences, but it seems like there might be some limitations on sharing certain things. Also, there are several bad reviews on Reddit. According to rox62 and other clients who have tried the course, they asked to get a refund but to no avail. 


Growth Cave shares helpful info, especially about YouTube ads, from someone who knows online stuff. But, some not-so-great things are being said. Creators do not give much personal attention, and people do not like lots of screenshots and bad sound quality, making learning not so fun. The way lessons are organized is not seen as professional, which might confuse learners.

Also, the business model they teach can be tough, especially for newbies. Starting might be tricky. Plus, the course costs a lot, which can be a big roadblock for folks starting their own business journey.

There’s a lot of negative talk about how they treat clients, and there aren’t many success stories. If you’re thinking about trying this, it is smart to really think about the downsides and potential problems before deciding.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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