Fundwise Agents Review

Every business needs funding. Most if not all aspiring and present business owners out there have already applied for funding one way or the other. Heck, even the prominent Grant Cardone uses funding for his businesses. That’s a way to show how confident you are that the business you’ve started will last long-term, gaining profits as the days go by.

And what comes to mind first when you hear the word funding is getting it through banks. What banks require when you sign up for credit cards and loans is that you’ll need to pay annual percentage rates, calculated on how much you’d want to borrow and additional fees in the process, which can be a little pain in the pockets when we’re talking about big sums of cash.

Corey Price made a company that specializes in financial aspects that can help you connect through different third-party lenders so that you can start your venture into business. And you can also connect them through Corey’s program. Want to know how they work? Continue reading for my review below.

This One’s Much Better

Fundwise Capital has been introduced by Corey Price since 2016, which is a financial based company that operated in Utah. Corey has a background in marketing and has generated thousands of leads through various online channels like Google Ads, Facebook, SEO and networking, or so he claims.

Corey created Fundwise Capital for entrepreneurs who are tired of seeking loans that only benefit the lenders. They’ll be your partner and your middleman in finding the best options suited for you and your business connecting you to third-party lenders, with no collateral. 

They provide unsecured lines of credit, unsecured term loans for startups, small business owners, real estate investors and entrepreneurs. They only seek little requirements to be able to avail their service: having a credit score of above 680 yourself, or having someone, a family member or a business partner having the same credit score.

For the unsecured lines of credit, you can get up to two fifty grand for your business. An interest rate of 0% for the first 9-15 months and additional 1-2% for the succeeding months after. $500 for additional fees and a 9% of loaned money for the approval fee. Just as said earlier, there’s no collateral. 

Same goes for unsecured loans, may it be short or long term loans, you can get up to $250k. What differs them from banks is that Fundwise Capital will work with you and with the third-party lenders to find you the best funding options suited for you. This way, you might get up to 2 years of 0% interest when paying for your loan which is a big help, especially for those who’s planning to start.

And they also offer those traditional ways if you’re more comfortable with it. 

If you’re not here for the funding but instead want to be part of their partnership program, those knowledge said above are the things that you wanted to familiarize yourself with. To become an affiliate member, or what they call a Fundwise Agent, you need to be able to know what are the ins and outs of the company.

This One’s Much Better

You don’t want to be offering things that might be a scam or too shady and later on become your conscience.

Brokers, affiliate marketers, business trainers, call centers, and any other serious entrepreneur can make six figures through their amazing referral partner program by sending clients who are looking for funding. How does this affiliate program work?

As a Fundwise Partner (or agent), you are given an affiliate link that will be directed to a landing page, partnered with a CRM to help you track your leads. The CRM is customized to be a simple dashboard to make it easier for you to track referrals and the commissions that will possibly come your way.

It is a two-tier commission program. You can also earn commissions by finding someone who is willing to be a Fundwise Agent also. And you get commissions from their commissions. Sounding more and more like an MLM, no? You can also call it that way, but it is sure that they’re not running a pyramid scheme. It’s just a bonus if you found joiners. If not, then make use of the commissions you get from lead turned customers using your affiliate link.

The cost to become one? It’s a membership type to become an agent which costs $30/month. So if you think that you’re not earning what you’re paying monthly, you can just leave and no one will chase you.

This One’s Much Better