Freelance Writers Den Review

Freelance Writers Den Review

With the evolving digital age, many side hustle or even jobs offer work that can be done at home, which particularly meant anywhere. One that is particularly thriving is is the writing industry. There is a significant increase in jobs that utilize people’s writing ability. This includes, but not limited to, typing jobs, content writer, transcriptionists, proofreading… the list goes on.

Carol Tice created Freelance Writers Den that aims to help writers accomplish their goals and create an environment were they can get support, be able to have accountability partners, discuss useful trainings on writing, marketing techniques and many others that would be beneficial in making writing a substantial business.

This review will help you understand what Freelance Writers Den is all about, the overview of the courses they offer and most especially, if they are worth both your time and money.

But before getting into the review…

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Who is Carol Tice?

Freelance Writers Den Review

Carol came from Los Angeles but actually lived in Seattle Washington for 25 years. She had studied at the University of California and took a journalism course.

Carol Tice is known to be a journalist with extensive experience in business writing and reputation as an expert in ghostwriting. She even had contributed to famous publications such as The Writer’s Market, Entrepreneur, Forbes and LA Reader.

She had spent five years writing for the National Home Center News during the start of her career. After that, she became a staff writer for seven long years for the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Aside from being an excellent writer, she’s actual had experience as well as a legal secretary producer, writer and talent at the Pacifica Radio Station KPFK Los Angels 90.7 FM.

At the moment, Carol writes for Super Lawyers Magazine of Thomson Reuters and helping entrepreneur by writing books as a ghost writer, serving as a content strategist and running two websites which is “Make A Living Writing” and of course, “Freelance Writers Den”.

What is Freelance Writer Den?

Freelance Writers Den Review

Freelance Writers Den was created by Carol to help freelance writers make money with their talent and passion. In the form of modules, it is a self-study program with a 6-month course that Carol claims can help aspiring freelance writers build a high-paying job and or business.

According to their website, participants can also learn different methods and techniques to build inbound funnels in finding new clients and can learn in optimizing their website and LinkedIn profile content, marketing tactics and how you can write faster. By purchasing, you will also have optional coaching, be included in a private support forum and access to a job board.

Although, the Freelance Writer Den is actually designed for experienced writers and not really for new ones. Still, they are welcome to make a purchase.

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6 Month Module

1st Month: Start Here

During the first month, the program will be teaching you how to analyze your “at the moment” client base.

It means, you will be thoroughly looking into the people that makes up the customer list. This includes demographics, buying habits, preferences and how these customers communicate. Digging into such details will help you learn the target market’s needs and expectations in order to customize products, services and how your business will communicate.

2nd Month: Inbound Funnel

On the second month, the topic will be focusing on inbound funnel.

This means coming up with a plan to attract potential leads into becoming your clients. It will primarily center on designing a way that helps pull people in, giving them useful information, and lead them through steps to achieve a specific result. With a strong inbound funnel, marketing strategy works better in getting a continuous flow of good leads. The goal of this module is to have you have a website by the end of the month and a Linked In profile that will attract clients.

3rd Month: Finding Clients

Third month will teach you where and how to find clients.

Normally, it starts with market research in order to understand your target audience and competition within the niche of your choice. You will be using various marketing channels like social medias that will help you establish an online presence and credibility, through reviews and testimonials. On the other hand, there is also networking that can be done both online and offline, that incorporates marketing strategies and relationship improvement that will create a steady stream of potential clients.

4th Month: Your Marketing and Intentions

On this part, Carol argues that most writers know how to write but not all knows how to market their skills. This module was designed for that.

Its main goal is to close the gap that many writers have with their marketing skills. In here, you will be provided with the necessary tools and insights to enhance and effectively promote your abilities. It also includes valuable resources and guides to better understand what marketing is about and to maximize the usage of various channels and platforms that will showcase your work.

5th Month: Planning Your Success

This month’s program is actually called “Plan for Success” where you will be discovering different marketing strategies and will figure out which approach is best for you.

I, myself, like to identify this as the “Game On” period where you will be turning your marketing plan into practical steps to achieve your business goals. This program will help you create a detailed timeline and schedule to organize your work and allocate resources like budget and personnel, if any, that helps in effective execution. It will also teach you to monitor key indicators that will allow you for any adjustments needed and be flexible in order to adapt to market trends.

6th Month: Optimizing

In this program, Carol will now teach you how to streamline your marketing process.

You will be taught the essentials on making your marketing process be efficient by setting clear goals, focusing on specific audience and even using automation tools for tasks like email campaigns and social media posts. You will also learn how to organize information with centralized data management and collaborate across network channels keeping a consistent brand image. It also includes reviewing performance to find areas of improvement and redesign strategies according to it.

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Pricing and Refund

Participating in Carol’s program will require you a payment of $40 per month in a subscription basis. She also claimed that there’s no hidden charges or any additional fee and that you are free to end your membership anytime.

There is also a money back guarantee within 7 days which is quite short for me to really review the program’s module.

Pros and Cons


Aside from honing your writing skills further, the program also teaches you how to make money by blogging as well as marketing. Carol is also a well-known figure in this industry with her extensive experiences.

In addition, the program is designed to be a self-paced training, meaning, you manage it on your own. No schedule that needs to be followed. Once you also purchased it, you are granted a lifetime access to their materials and downloadable resources.


The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that this is definitely not for beginners. If you noticed on the first module, it’s already focusing on securing a client. You need to have an experience already as a writer before purchasing this program.

Additionally, there are reports that the materials are outdated. There’s also the hassle that you would be put on a waiting list before actually joining. One review on reddit said that it took them several months before being able to join.

I also found a review on reddit about someone who joined the program:

Freelance Writers Den Review

According to this review, it seems that the content of the course is not that actually what we can call a top-notch quality.


In reviewing Carol’s background, we can definitely tell that she knows what she’s preaching. She has the skill and knowledge to help people make money with their writing skills. However, the materials she has are actually readily available when you do online research. Even if it is a $40 investment, it is still $40 for some. Value depends on perspective. Not just because it’s little for you, doesn’t mean that it is also the same for others.

Bottomline is, with commitment and effort, you can definitely invest on yourself instead of risking on something that cannot actually guarantee results.

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