Freelance Marketing Secrets Reviews

Today, we are going to talk about Freelance Marketing Secrets. Is it legit? Let’s find out in this Freelance Marketing Secrets review.

It has become easier nowadays to come across learning materials that can help you get your bearings in a particular niche. Many of the learning materials out there are sometimes offered for free, often requiring you to input your contact information. But most of the time, those resources cost money to get.

You would not have trouble finding resources regarding a niche like affiliate marketing. There has been very little of a change when it comes to the fundamentals of affiliate marketing since it was introduced in the early to mid-1990s. But most of what you can find nowadays have been adapted to the myriad of platforms that have since become available.

Freelance Marketing Secrets has been tied to many of the programs that Keala Kanae has launched in the past. Nobody would have thought that a measly guidebook can persist despite most of what it was tied to are no longer available.

But what exactly does the Freelance Marketing Secrets guidebook contain? And how does it connect to the programs that Keala Kanae has created and launched. Well, that is what we are going to get to by the end of this review.

So just sit tight and enjoy the ride.

But before getting into the review…

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Who Is The Creator of Freelance Marketing Secrets?

Freelance Marketing Secrets creator Keala Kanae

The Freelance Marketing Secrets guidebook comes from the mind of Fullstaq Marketer founder Keala Kanae.

Before he got into affiliate marketing, Keala has had a couple of different ventures. One of the first businesses that he had was doing nightclub promotions with a bunch of his friends. But, despite doing it for three years, it never lead into anything big.

Keala then went on to try his hand at multi-level marketing, or network marketing if you’re a bit more pedantic. But those didn’t really work out well for him either. For the most part, it did seem that Keala Kanae ran the gamut when it comes to whatever it is that he could do to earn money.

It wasn’t really until a decade after when Keala learned about affiliate marketing. At this point in his life, Keala was working at a random coffee shop, earning minimum wage. Most of the cards were really stacked against him at this point.

Like a lot of these people, Keala was mostly doing affiliate marketing as a side hustle. As he continued doing so, he was slowly growing this particular venture of his. It came to a point where Keala was earning enough money that he was able to quit his job at the coffee shop.

Keala put a lot of his focus on his affiliate marketing business within the next four years or so. His success interested a lot of people. So much so, that they started asking him if he could teach them what he knows about affiliate marketing. And shortly after, Keala released his first ever course.

The success of that particular course lead Keala into starting a full-fledged coaching business. There was money to be had in that particular venture. So why not try it, right?

The next few years after that, Keala went on to release a couple of other coourses under numerous different names. You may have been familiar with something called AWOL Academy at one point. Though, nowadays, most of what he offers falls under the Fullstaq Marketer brand.

But one thing that was somehow consistent throughout all of this, as I have mentioned at the start of this review, is his guidebook called Freelance Marketing Secrets.

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An Overview of Freelance Marketing Secrets

The cover of the Freelance Marketing Secrets ebook

Freelance Marketing Secrets is a digital guidebook that teaches you the basics of starting your freelance career in affiliate marketing.

There is not much to go about with regards to the content of this particular ebook. At the time of writing this review, it does seem that Freelance Marketing Secrets is no longer being offered through any of the Keala Kanae’s official channels. There are some affiliate funnel pages out there that seem to offer a way to download the free ebook. But they are no longer active.

I did manage to find a copy of it uploaded somewhere. And the contents of it leave much to be desired.

What’s Inside the Guide?

The ebook starts off with an acknowledgement that what you are going to find out in the next couple of pages is limited in scope. There are handful of different links embedded in the Freelance Marketing Secreets guidebook that will redirect you to the page for the program that the guidebook is tied to.

The next few paragraphs give you an insight on the beginnings of Keala Kanae’s journey into affiliate marketing. Keala mentions that during his time working at the coffee shop, he struggled to find a gift for his then-girlfriend for her birthday. And that he just gave her a purse that was originally from his mom’s friend that he was supposed to donate to Goodwill.

The next few paragraphs are mainly focused on showing off his success since getting into affiliate marketing. He also included a graph of his income for good measure.

The “Secrets” of Freelance Marketing Secrets

Once you have gotten past the introduction, you will then be thrust into the actual things you need learn about affiliate marketing.

The first step that the guidebook teaches you is on finding your audience. In order to succeed, you will need to have an audience to market to. In this particular section Keala Kanae introduces you to Google’s Keyword Planner tool.

The use of the keyword planner is often to show you how many people are searching for particular keywords at any given time. Keala emphasizes that the ones with a higher search volume every month is often where the money is. And those are what you should be targeting.

The second step in the guidebook is focused on selecting relevant products for you to promote. This step will introduce you to something called an affiliate network. It is basically a platform that connects affiliate marketers to those selling a product.

The way that you earn money is by working through any of the affiliate networks that are available on the internet. Many ecommerce platforms like Amazon or Shopify offer their own affiliate programs. Though, one of the other more widely known affiliate networks is the one from Clickbank.

Once that you have managed to find a product from the affiliate network, then it is time to promote it. Doing so will give you access to an affiliate link that is important for the step that follows this.

The third and final step in the guidebook is focused on the actual marketing part of the affiliate marketing process. Now that you have identified your audience and the product you want to promote, you then have to set up something called a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a marketing term that refers to a process where you as a consumer, is guided through a process that filters out those that are interested in a product and those that aren’t. Even though you target hundreds of people through an ad, not all of them are going to lead to a sale.

In this step in the guidebook, you will get an idea on how a setup for a sales funnel work. It often involves sending out an advertisement to your intended audience. That ad redirects to a squeeze page where you have to input your contact information to get past. Once you’ve put your contact information, it will likely direct you to the page for the product.

The squeeze page is an important part of the process because it collects the contact information of anyone regardless of whether or not they buy the product. It’s important in the same that you can still market to them without having to actively do so. That’s mainly because you are using autoresponders to send out marketing materials to their inbox.

How Does Freelance Marketing Secrets Connect to Keala Kanae’s Other Programs?

A website related to Freelance Marketing Secrets

As I have mentioned in a previous section, there are ton of different links embedded in the Freelance Marketing Secrets guidebook. Some of the links will redirect you to a relate free training workshop that Keala Kanae offers. Though, you will usually get access to that free training workshop just for trying to get a copy of the guidebook.

The free training workshop is just a quick taste for the paid training program that Keala Kanae offers. These training programs have gone through different names like, AWOL Academy. But none of them are active at this point in time.

Most of what Keala offers nowadays fall under the Fullstaq Marketer brand. Freelance Marketing Secrets was also something that was updated as a way to promote promote the programs for this brand. But that is no longer the case.

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Is Freelance Marketing Secrets Worth It?

Considering that the content of the Freelance Marketing Secrets guidebook is just pretty basic information, it easy to say that getting access to this guidebook isn’t worth it. There is a copy of the ebook that is out there on the internet. But there is very little that you will get out of it, to be honest.

The information that is included in the guidebook only gives you a basic understanding of the tools and processes that you might get into when starting your affiliate marketing journey. But most of what is it included can be found elsewhere online, often a lot more in-depth than what you’d get from the guidebook.

As I have said, this guidebook only serves as an advertisement for the paid programs that Keala Kanae has made. Even then, the Freelance Marketing Secrets guidebook has now been left to dust, since Keala has found other ways of teasing his programs.

Before leaving…

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