Freedom With Writing Review

Freedom with Writing Reviews

Whether you’re an emerging writer seeking your big break or an experienced wordsmith aiming to expand your horizons, “Freedom with Writing” could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. From lucrative writing gigs to expert guidance on honing one’s craft, Freedom with Writing provides a haven for authors and freelance writers seeking financial independence through their passion.

In today’s fast-paced world, where the written word continues to wield its extraordinary power, the pursuit of a writing career can seem simultaneously enticing and overwhelming. Aspiring authors and freelance writers yearn for opportunities that align with their passion for the written art.

I know how easily you can waste time just trying to navigate through the web and with this review article I will try to give you the narrowed-down important pieces of information you need so you can just access them in one long scroll.

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What is Freedom with Writing?

Founded in 2010, Freedom with Writing is a newsletter and platform that provides information, resources, and opportunities for writers, particularly in the realm of freelance writing and making money as a writer. The platform was founded by Jacob Jans. He created it to help writers find paid writing opportunities and connect with publications that are looking for freelance writers.

How it Works

Jacob Jans and his team carefully compile a selection of writing jobs, contests, and various opportunities related to writing. They distribute these through their newsletter to subscribers. All you have to do is provide your email address on their website, and in return, they will send you a weekly list of paid writing opportunities. This platform is crafted to assist writers in their quest for paid writing gigs and freelance opportunities.

A Platform for Writers

Freedom with Writing is more than just a website; it’s a haven for writers seeking to explore the world of freelance writing and earn a living from their passion. The platform offers a wealth of resources, including curated job listings, writing tips, and inspirational stories from successful writers who have navigated their paths to financial freedom through their words.

The platform’s job listings are perhaps its most valuable asset. Jans and his team tirelessly scour the web to find legitimate writing gigs, contests, and publication opportunities for writers. This saves writers the time and effort required to sift through countless listings, giving them more time to focus on what they do best: writing.

Who is Jacob Jans?

In the vast realm of the written word, there exists an individual whose dedication to the craft has reshaped the landscape for writers, both aspiring and seasoned. Jacob Jans, the founder of Freedom with Writing, stands as a guiding light for those who endeavor to transform their love for writing into a fulfilling and liberating career. This article will delve into the life and achievements of this visionary entrepreneur and advocate for writers worldwide.

Educational Background

Jans embarked on a formal education journey that honed his writing skills and provided him with a strong foundation. He earned a degree in Creative Writing at Western Washington University and also went to Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, which enabled him to explore the nuances of language, literature, and the creative process. His educational background is public information that can be found in his Facebook account.

The Journey of Freedom with Writing

In our digital era, the internet has transformed the landscape of how information is accessed and shared. Recognizing the immense potential of this influential medium, Jan Jacob envisioned a platform that could bring writers from around the globe together and empower them to achieve both their creative and financial aspirations.

The seeds of Freedom with Writing were sown during Jans’ college years when he witnessed the challenges faced by aspiring writers in navigating the complex landscape of opportunities and earning a livelihood through their craft. He saw a treasure trove of untapped talent due to a lack of exposure and awareness about available prospects. Driven by a steadfast commitment to uplift writers, Jans laid the foundation for Freedom with Writing.

“Freedom with Writing” took its first steps as an email newsletter, a space where Jan Jacob shared valuable resources, job opportunities, and insightful writing tips with a growing community of subscribers. The platform swiftly gained popularity, drawing writers from diverse backgrounds, ranging from aspiring novelists to seasoned journalists.

Jan Jacob’s dedication to nurturing a supportive writers’ community shone through his provision of personalized advice and thoughtfully curated job listings. This hands-on approach endeared him to his readers, who began to see him not only as a source of information but also as a mentor and guide on their unique writing journeys.

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Empowering Writers to Succeed

Jan Jacob’s philosophy is simple yet profound: “Write freely, and live freely.” His vision for “Freedom with Writing” is to help writers achieve financial independence by harnessing the power of the written word. To this end, the platform offers writers access to a wealth of resources, including:

  1. Writing Opportunities: “Freedom with Writing” scours the internet for the most lucrative writing gigs and job opportunities, helping writers find well-paying work that aligns with their skills and interests.
  2. Writing Tips: Jan Jacob provides writers with invaluable tips and strategies to improve their craft, whether they’re penning articles, novels, or marketing copy.
  3. Community and Support: The platform fosters a sense of community, enabling writers to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and receive encouragement along their writing journey.
  4. Financial Freedom: The ultimate goal of “Freedom with Writing” is to empower writers to earn a sustainable income from their craft, granting them the freedom to pursue their passions and achieve financial security.

Is it legit?

It is legit and a hundred percent free. It might sound very suspicious but, no, there is no catch. Like most content creators, they make money with advertising and that’s really it.

One of the worst that can happen to you is finding a writing opportunity to be less than how it’s advertised. It’s always a possibility with platforms that is advertising third parties. It does not make the platform a scam but sometimes it happens, an illegitimate opportunity unfortunately able to slip through from time to time.

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How can you earn a living?

Let’s explore some primary avenues through which you can generate income using this platform:

First are the writing opportunities. The platform consistently compiles a roster of lucrative writing prospects, encompassing freelance writing engagements, contests, and grants. Writers have the chance to apply for these opportunities and receive compensation for their contributions.

Next are submission calls. “Freedom with Writing” keeps writers in the loop about submission calls from literary magazines and journals. This means writers can submit their work for potential publication and, upon acceptance, receive compensation for their pieces.

There are also writing courses and resources. The platform provides a range of courses, webinars, and resources geared towards enhancing writing skills and effectively marketing oneself as a writer. Investing in education through these offerings can pave the way for writers to secure higher-paying writing opportunities.

Then the job listings on the platform, you’ll find a regular feature of freelance writing job listings that directly connect writers with clients seeking their services. This serves as a consistent avenue for freelancers to generate income.

Contests and Grants in “Freedom with Writing” keeps writers updated on various writing contests and grants that present significant cash prizes or funding for writing projects.

By making the most of the opportunities, resources, and guidance available on “Freedom with Writing,” writers can not only refine their craft but also establish a dependable income from their writing endeavors. The platform acts as a valuable link between writers and lucrative markets, simplifying the process for individuals to monetize their writing skills.

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What are the Pros and Cons?


  1. Writing Opportunities: The platform provides information about various writing opportunities, including contests, calls for submissions, and freelance writing gigs. This can be a valuable resource for writers looking to find paid writing work.
  2. Free Newsletter: The newsletter is typically free to subscribe to, providing writers with a regular source of information and inspiration without a cost.
  3. Resources: “Freedom with Writing” may offer writing tips, advice, and resources to help writers improve their craft and advance their careers.
  4. Community: It can connect writers with a community of like-minded individuals, allowing for networking and support.


  1. Limited Personalization: The opportunities and resources provided may not always be highly personalized to individual writers’ needs and interests. It’s a broad platform, so writers may need to sift through content to find what’s relevant to them.
  2. Competition: Since many writers may use these resources, the competition for opportunities can be high. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll secure a particular writing job or win a contest.
  3. Inundation: If you subscribe to the newsletter, you might receive a lot of emails with various opportunities, which can sometimes feel overwhelming or clutter your inbox.
  4. Quality Varies: The quality of the writing opportunities and advice may vary, and some may not be well-vetted. It’s important to do your own research before committing to any opportunity.


In summary, “Freedom with Writing” can be a helpful resource for writers, but it’s essential to approach it with realistic expectations and be discerning about the opportunities it presents. It’s just one of many resources available to writers, and the effectiveness of the platform depends on your specific goals and needs as a writer.

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