Freedom Farmers Review

We have something new on our plate today folks. We’re taking a break from lead generation, e-commerce and real estate businesses and let’s dive into a whole new world of microgreen business.

Let’s start off with what microgreens are. So they are young vegetable greens that are just a bit older than sprouts. These tiny, nutrient-packed greens are used in salads, sandwiches and as garnishes, and they’ve gained popularity for their intense flavors and nutritional benefits. Even chefs often use these microgreens to add a pop of color and taste to their dishes. 

Probably by now, you’re a little more aware of what microgreen business can do. They can cater to different kinds of people and establishments. And we will dive a bit more deep in the microgreen business with my Freedom Farmers review down below.

But before getting into the review…

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Freedom Farmers Overview

Freedom Farmers Manifesto

They belong to Living Earth Farm, one of Canada’s biggest microgreen farms with an emphasis on organic microgreens. Their farm’s goal is to produce microgreens that are more flavorful, fuller, and nutrient-dense than those produced in a traditional manner.

Freedom farmers is an organization of stewards of the land who adhere to a set of principles grounded in sustainability and environmental responsibility. They’re all in one with respect to organic farming. This group of people rejects the use of synthetic chemicals, embracing instead a holistic approach that nurtures soil health, biodiversity, and the well-being of both plants and animals.

They aim to preserve the integrity of the food chain. Organic farming is not merely a method but a philosophy that seeks to create a resilient, interconnected ecosystem where the essence of agriculture aligns with the rhythms of the Earth, fostering healthful produce while minimizing environmental impact.

And with this thought, they believe that every family needs to start growing their own food. With their guidance, we can help save our planet, educate more people on the importance of organic farming, and entrepreneurs can have a healthy yet lucrative business for themselves. 

This is just a new type of business. If you’re still inclined with the e-commerce business, you can check out my Dan Dasilva Reviews, Wealth Assistants Review, or Seller Circle Review for future references.

The Man Behind Freedom Farmers

Jonah Krochmalnek was just a boy born in Ontario, Canada. With their little garden, he experienced at an early age the wonder and beauty of growing your own plants. He learned most of his skills from his dad.

But he was just a child back then. Not thinking of business and everything, he just knows how satisfying it is to eat the things that you grow yourself. Like anybody else, he set out the normal path, going into college, getting a degree, and being employed for a corporate job. 

Jonah was a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance. After being exposed to the corporate world, he realized that it is really not for him. Now that he can critically think of new ways to make money, doors opened to new possibilities. He began thinking of starting off a business, mainly in his dad’s craft, organic farming. For starters, he volunteered at Fresh City Farms to learn the ropes.

Living Earth Farm

With Jonah’s experience with Fresh City Farms and combining it with the degree he finished, he started Living Earth Farm, which then is a 150 sq. ft. spare room to now a much larger space, taking up 5,000 sq. ft. of facility, one of Canada’s premier organic microgreen growers.

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What do Freedom Farmers offer?

Freedom Farmer's Wide Range of Courses

Freedom Farmers offer a total of 21 different courses as stated in their website, but I can only see 16 of them at the time of writing this review (turning to the next page will just return a blank page). Some of them dwells in growing your own poultry, pigs farm, cow farm,  and many more, but one of the notable courses is the one that Jonah Krochmalnek offers, the “Start a Microgreens Business From Scratch”.

It contains 10 modules that will walk you through the full microgreen process, from growing your first tray to attracting consumers online with your own virtual farmers market, which is a done-for-you website. It includes unique access to automation tools and more.

Module 1: Welcome

The first module contains an introduction to the microgreen business, different tools and equipment that you will need before starting your venture and tips(or like a checklist) that you must go through to attain success.

Module 2: Business Plan Builder

A business plan builder serves as a structured framework to outline key elements of a business, providing a roadmap for success. This tool guides individuals through the process of defining their business concept, target market, competition, marketing strategy, and financial projections.

They mainly use Google and Instagram for their market research.  

Module 3: Set up Your Farm

Included in this module are the tips and tricks on properly setting up your farm. Some aspects are the type of soil for each seed to make it grow prosperous, how to properly set up your rack, proper lighting needed and they will also teach you how to prepare stocks in case of supply shortage.

Module 4: Growing 101

They will let you in with the easiest and most profitable crops to start with, tricks on the planting process like soaking, perfect temperature and humidity, and watering. Take note that these plants are delicate for the reason that it will only take 7-15 days before you can already harvest them, prepare to pack and sell. 

Module 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Modules 3 and 4 need practice, so in this module, you’ll only be repeating the planting and harvesting cycle until you perfected it to the point that it’s already instilled in your system. Once you’re comfortable with the amount you can yield, it’s to take part in the sales and marketing section.

Module 6: Set up Your Virtual Farmers Market

It’s a DFY website. All you need to do is learn how to use it. Other technicalities will be discussed like your choice of logo and website templates, setting up and publishing posts on your Facebook profile and page, and a little introduction about Facebook Ads and how to use them.

Module 7: Grow to Order

They have what they call the “FarmWare” which is a tool that catches all incoming orders of your product. Make a professional label also so that they can easily recognize that it’s your product. 

Module 8: Delivering Made Easy

The only DFY in this course is your website. Customer fulfillment will also be done by you. When you get an order, there are proper ways of packaging your microgreens so that it won’t soil faster than it really will.

Module 9: Optimize Your Farm

Congrats. You’ve done your first in everything. First plant, first harvest, first customer, and first delivery. It’s now time to optimize all of them. Where did you get stuck, and why is that? Identifying these aspects will help you save both time and money. The use of customer feedback will also help you identify these problems.

Module 10: Conclusion

If you have any questions regarding the course, Jonah still hosts monthly live Q&As that you can join. They will always like to hear more from you and your success. 

Cost of Starting a Microgreen Business

It comes at a discounted price of $997 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if ever you’re not satisfied with what you’re getting with the course. 

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What People Say About Freedom Farmers?

Most of the reviews in Trustpilot are positive. They got the knowledge equivalent to what they’ve paid for and the practices are easy to understand. Instructors can be easily approached if you don’t understand some things inside the program and you’ll also be able to interact with like-minded individuals. 

Freedom Farmers Positive Reviews

The only negative part that most people complain about is how they’re charged more than what is intended. There’s a glitch in the system during that time of transaction since they’re the only ones complaining about the subject matter, and it already got settled by Freedom Farmers.

Freedom Farmers Billing Complaints

Pros and Cons


  • Doesn’t need a big space for starters. They say that you can start with just 6 sq ft of land.
  • Advocates organic products.
  • The health benefits of microgreens make them very easy to sell thus,
  • Have a wide range of possible customers. People, malls, groceries, restaurants and more.
  • Will only take 7-15 days to grow and harvest.


  • The growth and yield of your microgreens may be negatively impacted by environmental risks.
  • You need to have a definite schedule to tend to your microgreens. Missing one of many can affect their overall growth and nutrient factor.
  • You’ll be met with competitors, some of which are companies that already have built connections with most establishments.
  • Not a passive source of income.
  • Even though they can be easily harvested, they also have a short shelf life.

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Microgreen businesses are not for those who are looking for a side hustle or a passive income stream since it requires delicate handling and time management to be on par with those established companies. 

Jonah Krochmalnek and Freedom Farmers has been doing this kind of business for more than a decade now which tells us that they’re really into their craft of producing organic products. The practices and knowledge that you can get through their courses are invaluable, it’s just that it requires a big sum of money to be coached and everything included in between. 

Before leaving…

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