Freedom by FBA Reviews

While most individuals are aware of how to purchase items on Amazon, they are often unaware of the selling process. There is a widespread misperception that every product sold on Amazon originates from a single, sizable Amazon factory. The majority of consumers are unaware that 75% of the goods that are sold on Amazon are actually offered for sale by regular people, or third party sellers.

Fulfillment By Amazon is a program inside Amazon where they handle all the inventory, shipping and the customer service. All you need to do is send them your product. And by the people behind Freedom by FBA, they’re willing to break down every single detail to make you a successful Amazon seller.

Let’s learn more about the founders and their course outline so that you can decide whether they’re a good fit in guiding you into your ecommerce journey.

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Freedom by FBA

Freedom by FBA

With just a little over 2 months, Freedom by FBA promises you that you’ll have the freedom to do anything you want, spend more time with your family, travel the world once your store is built and you start earning additional income through Amazon FBA. 


Sajid Desai and Ravi Singh co-founded Freedom by FBA. I can’t seem to find any other pictures of them together so here’s Sajid Desai. They allegedly partnered during the year 2008 and claimed to have earned $2 million/month by selling just a single product. Is that even possible? 

Sajid Desai

It’s their story, how can we ever know the truth? With that much success, they’re now selling different other products on different other ecommerce platforms and have reported earning a combined amount of over $100 million. 

If you’ve got hooked with the digits presented, you gotta see for yourself if you can replicate their success through joining their Freedom by FBA course.

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3 Major Steps to Getting Started With Amazon

Product Research

The most basic but the most important thing to do is to conduct a thorough product research because that one product that you’ll choose will be the one that will project the potential growth of your online business. Freedom by FBA believes that the key to selling on Amazon is by finding products that are purchased without much thought, and they call them the “Impulse Zone”. A simple product that is priced between $10-$40 that doesn’t require much thinking or shopping around to complete a purchase.

They have multiple tools that can provide you insights on products that are doing well on Amazon. 

Sourcing Suppliers

Start by exploring online directories like Alibaba or Global Sources to identify potential suppliers within your product niche. Additionally, visit supplier websites to evaluate professionalism and legitimacy. 

Verify crucial credentials such as business licenses, certifications, and product compliance to ensure that the suppliers meet industry standards as they may hinder your business in the long run. 

Finding suppliers for your chosen product is the most crucial part of starting an FBA business but once you’ve got past this, everything will just be smooth sailing.


Third step is shipping your products to Amazon. There are tons of shipping services around the globe that can offer to pick up your products from the supplier and deliver it straight to Amazon. 

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Freedom by FBA Course

Freedom by FBA Course Curriculum

Freedom by FBA program offers ten whole modules to get you started on your Amazon FBA business journey.

Module 1: Getting Started

Generally, if you’re a first time Amazon store owner, you’ll get to know in this module how to be a seller instead of a buyer on Amazon. Based on their experience, they’ll share with you reasons why some Amazon sellers fail.

It also includes training videos on how to set up your LLC, seller central, create an Alibaba account where you’ll search for products to sell, OFX, and many other things to be considered to start an Amazon FBA business.

Module 2: Product Research

Ravi and Sajid have listed down hot products, as well as Amazon’s banned list in order for you to save time looking for the product that you want to sell. Recorded videos on a compilation of products to avoid selling, how to differentiate your product offering, how to sell on a gated category, proper research with your budget in mind, and tools needed before you begin, Including a crash course on how to use Helium 10.

Helium 10 is an ecommerce suite of tools for entrepreneurs and businesses to manage and sell products, find keywords, identify trends, optimize listings, streamline advertising and campaigns, and more on Amazon.

Module 3: Sourcing

They’ll walk you through two platforms where most of the products were being sourced out – 1688 and Alibaba.  For those who don’t know 1688, it is China’s largest online wholesale platform and ecommerce company for domestic buyers. 

Training videos on how to get to know your suppliers, negotiating with them, how to work with multiple suppliers, how to pay them and many more are available in this module. They also have supplier inquiry and sourcing templates that you can use to make your business transactions smooth as butter. 

Module 4: Branding

They have a walkthrough on what GS1US and Barcodes used for. GS1US standards are the most widely-used in global supply chains. These standards play a crucial role in providing a universal and standardized method for identifying and communicating information about products , facilitating smooth and efficient operations across different sectors of the economy.

This is also the module where you’ll learn about creating your own brand and logo design, how to create a product insert using Canva, how photography of quality pictures of your product and packaging works, and everything in between.

Module 5: Building Your Listing

In this module you’ll learn how to list your product. Proper way of generating a title, product descriptions, features, printing of amazon barcode label, and a brief introduction to Cerebro – a powerful project management system featuring a unique toolset for collaboration on visual content.

Module 6: Shipping

They’ll let you in with a list of Freight Forwarder contacts and the perfect timelines on when to reorder, ship from suppliers to Amazon, an access to their own Inventory Management Spreadsheet and other FAQs related to shipping.

Module 7: Steps For a Successful Launch

The course encourages you to find yourself an ambassador/influencer to advertise your brand. They have prepared an influencer outreach template for you to use in order to find yourself one. They will also tell you the appropriate price point for your product during your store’s first month of running. 

Module 8: Pay Per Click Ads

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing strategy that allows beginners to drive targeted traffic to their websites by paying a fee each time their ad is clicked. Platforms like Google Ads and social media channels offer PPC advertising options.

They’re not just dealing on Amazon FBA as a whole. Modules 9 and 10 will teach you how to also sell your product with Etsy and Shopify. It also includes PPC campaigns, creating Facebook Page for your brand, running Facebook Ads, how to use Amazon FBA to fulfill Etsy orders and many more.

Freedom by FBA Free Consultation Call

The course also comes with personalized coaching and mentoring, and an online community where like-minded individuals can interact with one another to broaden their perspectives in the Amazon FBA space.

Amazon FBA vs Other Amazon Fulfillment Models (FBM and Dropshipping)

As stated above, Amazon FBA takes care of storage, packing, shipping and even the customer service. It also offers prime eligibility which can boost sales. The downside of FBA is that they get a cut from your profit margins because they’re absolutely your workers, providing warehouse and fulfillment duties. And it gives you less control over the fulfillment process.

FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) on the other hand, cuts your costs on fulfillment and FBA fees and lets you have more control on the fulfillment process. But as a consequence, you need to do more work, doing all the fulfillment stuff and you need to have your own warehouse/storage for the products that you sell.

Lastly, dropshipping only requires minimal upfront investment, and you don’t need to handle inventory and fulfillment duties directly. What your problem will be is that you don’t have control over the quality of the items, higher risk of stockouts and cancellations and some of these dropshipping sellers get banned/canceled due to Amazon’s policies.

Everything has its own merits if you pursue each business model with confidence and with the right system. It depends on your preference which is the best fit for you considering your capital, work ethics and everything in between.

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Is Amazon FBA Still Worth It?

Amazon FBA is still a solid online business, and a passive one at that, that helps you with recurring income every now and then. Can also build for a side hustle for those people who just want an additional source of income. Freedom by FBA will let you in with the basic knowledge on how to run your own ecommerce store but that’s all there is to it.

The only available resource is the sneak peak of the 10 modules that you will get through their program, a couple success stories in a video format and nothing more. The lack of information will make everyone skeptical into taking the offer themselves, in addition to lack of transparency with regards to the cost of their program and for not having a refund policy in place.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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