Freedom Business Mentoring Review

Whether you are new to the business side of things or have been doing it for a while and making money out of it, there will inevitably be days when you must confront a tremendous wall of challenges along the way. They say that a smooth sailing business will never see growth, it will always be constant, and that’s okay. If it’s just a side hustle just to add something from your day job income, there’s nothing wrong about it.

But for some that want to do business full-time, those challenges along the way are the things that will make their foundation stronger. It also means that there is potential growth to what they have in mind. You can consider those stops as milestones once you overcome them. 

Sometimes, what you need is a business coach, a “know-all” person in the business side of things that can help and guide you in overcoming those challenges that you might face in the future. And Freedom Business Mentoring will train you to be that “know-all” business coach that will help entrepreneurs reach greater heights with their businesses. 

Things that you might want to know or looking for can be found in my Freedom Business Mentoring review so continue reading down below.

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What is Freedom Business Mentoring?

Freedom Business Mentoring, as the name suggests, is a coach and mentoring company. Even if you don’t have any background or experience or are already a seasoned coach in your chosen niche, they will teach you how to enhance your skills and have the proper mindset to be able to create more high-ticket services for your clients.

Their aim is to let these online coaches run their businesses with freedom, not tied in front of a desk, and can do it everywhere they are while still being able to help different kinds of people all around the globe.

The Man Behind FBM

Max Tornow

Max Tornow established Freedom Business Mentoring. If you are wondering if the name does ring a bell, maybe you also know him by the name RSD Max? Yes, he’s the exact same guy from Real Social Dynamics. 

A Little Backstory

And for those who don’t know Max, his full name is Maximilian Tornow, who is from a small village in the Austrian alps. I know that what you first thought when you heard of the Austrian alps is “Yodelayheehoo”, but no, he’s not into that.

He actually introduced himself as an introverted person in the past. And he despises the fact that because he’s living in a small village in the alps, all there’s left to do during summer is get a summer job. It feels like it’s the norm there. So in his early life, he’s always telling himself that he doesn’t want to feel trapped, he wants to be free, going everywhere, and enjoying the things that he loves.

That’s also the reason why he despises being in a 9-5 job. He always wonders if that’s what growing up means, giving up on life and just being there inside the office for almost half of the day, and going home to sleep just to wake up early the next day. And doing the same routine over and over again.

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Into The Business World

YT Channel

Being an introvert won’t cut it in the business world, so Max worked himself up. He started to become more social, getting in touch with mentors who helped him get out of his shell, slowly but steadily.

He also used what his mentors did to him to his friend. Just one look in his friend’s big smile, Max realized that he could do this forever, being a coach/mentor. It was something that made him want to turn it into a profession.

Max became a personal development and dating coach. For starters, he’s been coaching people for free for a company. And when his skills were beginning to get recognized, Max was eventually offered a full-time paid job as a coach. 

The catalyst that brought him to creating Freedom Business Mentoring is his strong desire of being free, making good money, while still helping people get real results. And his mentors back then suggested that he can build an online coaching business, which can cater to these three things. 

Max achieved freedom, since it’s an “online” business, he can do it whenever and wherever he is. While offering services to people that need him, and helping and guiding those people get real results in exchange for, of course, money.

He also has a huge following in YouTube nearing 86k followers where he posts videos concerning about establishing a business.

Full-Stack Coaching Method

Full-Stack Coaching method is the program offered by Freedom Business Mentoring. It is a 12-week training program that educates you on how to implement this method to establish a successful coaching, consulting or service business. 

It has 12 modules where you tackle each module every single week.

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Module 1: Fundamentals

This is where everything will start. From picking a niche, signing up to different social media platforms where you will get leads from and creating your website where you’ll generate traffic.

Module 2: Massive Self-Confidence

From the title itself, the second week will be all about mindset. They will set your mind to be the coach that everyone wants and needs. They have training videos that can boost your self-confidence, because the mindset that you have will determine whether you’ll be successful or not in your chosen niche.

Module 3: Choosing your Audience

The Team

Once you’ve picked your niche during the first week, Max, together with his team, will help you find your target market. You don’t want to be advertising your services just anywhere else because it will cost a lot of money, that’s why narrowing down your specific audience will help you not only by cutting the cost, but it will make it easier for you to get visitors faster which can eventually become your customer.

Module 4: Learn About Your Audience

After narrowing down your target audience, it’s time to do your market research. You’ll identify your objectives, learn what most people want in terms of your service, also learn about the competitors around you and know what you can do more than what they have.

Due diligence in conducting market research lets your business stay relevant and allows you to adapt promptly in the ever-changing market conditions.

Module 5: Find Pain Points

Pain points are what we call the challenges, issues or problems that a business or the customer in your target market faces. Work with your customers. Listening to customer feedback can sometimes help in these kinds of scenarios. And you should be able to address each of them properly so that your business keeps high customer retention and it improves overall operational efficiency.

Module 6: Create and Validate Offer

Doing your market research and finding pain points leads to this module. You already know what they want and what may happen in the future, that’s why you’ll think of the best offer that will address their problems or the things they want and make their lives easier, because that’s why coaches exist in the first place.

Module 7: Learn the Coaching Tools

They will introduce you to various online coaching tools that you can leverage for you to find success in the online coaching business. It teaches you how to properly use sales funnels, strategies on how to convert visitors to actual customers and such. 

Module 8: Accomplish Breakthrough

This part is some sort of documentation. If you reached this module, anyone would assume that everything’s going well with the niche and the target market that you picked. It’s about time to think about what’s next for you. They have what they call the breakthrough coaching process to prepare you for whatever challenge you might face in the future.

Module 9:  Arrange Strategy Sessions

This is where you connect with your clients. Setting up strategy sessions lets them be aware of your expertise. 

Module 10: Sales

And with each success, you’re guaranteed a customer that will stay until the end. Max will teach you strategies on how to close a deal with clients. 

Week 11 and 12: Upsells

They make use of these two remaining weeks to upsell their other 2 high-ticket programs that cost 8Gs and 24Gs, respectively.

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What is the Cost and Refund Policy

The Full-Stack Coaching method costs $3,000 and he doesn’t offer any refund policy.


There’s a lot to consider when someone wants to enter the online coaching business niche. Freedom Business Mentoring does cover a lot of grounds in creating and running an online coaching business but while looking at these modules, I do believe that most of this can be searched online for free, if not, for a more less, down to earth price. 

It’s more on the expensive side, plus they don’t offer any refund policy, so you better ready yourself physically, mentally and financially if you ever decide to join Max and his team.

Before You Leave …

If you’re looking for a real business which can help you make money online, checkout my #1 recommendation. 

This is the BEST business to start right now and it has helped me make $30,931 last month alone.

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