Freedom Breakthrough Review

Freedom Breakthrough Review

Jonathan Montoya is known to be an expert in affiliate marketing and shares tips on YouTube, TikTok, and in online courses to help people do well and make money online. According to him, the importance with affiliate marketing is to build your brand, make helpful content, and use smart marketing strategies to make more money.

Montoya’s goal is to give useful advice to both beginners and experienced marketers with his course, Freedom Breakthrough.

This is a detailed review where you can get to know more about the course, its overview, pricing arrangement, as well as advantage and disadvantages.

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Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Freedom Breakthrough Review

When Jonathan was young, he liked the idea of starting his own business. But upon entering college, he focused on studying engineering instead.

Later on, he got a job in that field, but he didn’t feel happy with it. So, while still working as an engineer, he tried different ways to make extra money, that’s where he started selling things online. And like any other beginner, some of those did not work out for him.

In 2019, he found out about affiliate marketing, where you promote other people’s products and earn money from it. He decided to give that a try and the plot twist he had been waiting for, happened. Eventually, he quit his engineering job in 2020 to focus on it full time. His big idea was to use multiple products together to make more money.

It is reported that he earns around $100,000 per month from several sources, including affiliate commissions, course sales, and YouTube. He has been recognized as a ClickFunnels 2 Comma Award recipient, indicating that he has generated $1 million in sales through ClickFunnels alone.

What is Freedom Breakthrough?

Freedom Breakthrough Review

Freedom Breakthrough is a program to help people leave their usual 9-to-5 jobs and start their own online businesses. In this course, Jonathan shares his own experiences and tips to guide aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with helpful tools, strategies, and coaching along the way.

This course is based on the exact system that Jonathan use to overcome financial difficulties and have a six-figure income in just nine months. It focuses on teaching participants how to promote other people’s products and services through an affiliate marketing website and effective sales funnels. It also covers essential topics such as niche selection, website and funnel building, acquiring both free and paid traffic, and generating passive income through successful affiliate promotions.

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Course Overview

Module 1: Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

The affiliate stacking ecosystem is a technique developed by Jonathan himself, that enables affiliate marketers to promote numerous products simultaneously.

The first module provides detailed instruction on its operation covering the mechanics of the affiliate stacking ecosystem, offers a comprehensive examples, advises on selecting highly profitable niches, guides in choosing the primary core offer, and outlines methods for discovering additional supporting offers that are important for the affiliate stacking ecosystem.

Module 2: Perfect Affiliate Funnel

In Module 2, Jonathan focuses on creating effective sales funnels. Participants receive templates for their sales funnels, suitable for their ClickFunnels pages. Jonathan also discusses streamlining the process with automation and outlines the essential components of a successful sales funnel.

He explains the concept of a lead magnet, how to create one, and suggests software for building pages. Additionally, he demonstrates creating a bridge page and provides pre-made sales funnels and lead magnets. The module includes guidance on signing up for ClickFunnels Live and teaches how to efficiently create high-converting sales funnels, resulting in a significant number of sign-ups, with over half agreeing to join.

Module 3: The Online ATM Machine

This part teaches staying connected with page visitors who haven’t bought yet. It covers the basics of email marketing and signing up for GetResponse. You’ll learn to link ClickFunnels with GetResponse, set up a pro email address, discover a profitable email sequence, and write emails. Automation and reaching everyone on your list are also explained, along with tips to avoid spam and boost open rates.

Module 4: Free Traffic – YouTube

Module 4 teaches you how to use YouTube to get more people to watch your videos without spending money on ads. Jonathan will give you tools and tips to make videos even if you don’t want to be on camera. You will also learn how to pick the best words for your videos so they do well on YouTube.

In addition, the module guides you through making your own YouTube channel, understanding how YouTube works, and ways to grow your channel step by step. It also shows how to get your videos to show up higher in searches, and make some tasks happen automatically.

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Module 5: TikTok Free Traffic

TikTok is a famous social media platform nowadays. Module 5 focus on how to get more people interested in what you’re doing. It shows you how to make short, catchy videos that can help bring more visitors to your page. It walks you through getting the TikTok app, setting up your profile, and connecting it to your other social media accounts.

You’ll also learn ideas for what kind of videos to make, how often to post them, and some tricks for making your videos stand out including ways to make lots of videos quickly, tips for live videos, and using special features like stitches, duets, and comment replays to get people engaged.

Module 6: Free Traffic With Facebook Groups

Module 6 teaches using Facebook to boost interest in your activities without paid ads. It explains getting people from Facebook groups to your profile, posting effectively, and growing your own group and followers. It covers starting and growing a group, using offers to speed up growth, optimizing Facebook, managing time efficiently, and getting assistance with social media posts.

Module 7: Daniel Chou’s High Ticket Sales

Daniel Chou is an expert affiliate marketer known for selling expensive products. In Module 7, he will be sharing his successful methods and special tricks with students. You’ll learn about his “bait and switch” technique, which helps him sell costly items. With clear lessons and real-life examples, you’ll get insider tips on how to sell high-end products.

Module 8: Joshua Ong’s Facebook Profile Funnel

Module 8 is lead by Joshua Ong who will show participants how he earns six figures monthly from his Facebook profile without spending money. Students learn to use their Facebook profiles to get lots of leads for free. They learn about the mindset needed for success on Facebook, setting up a strong personal brand, managing friend lists, creating a daily routine, and making lots of content.

It also covers engagement on Facebook, posting strategies, using Facebook stories, getting leads from Facebook groups, reaching out to people, following up, and closing big sales using Facebook Messenger.

Module 9: Creating Affiliate Website Asset

Module 9 is back to Jonathan, who will be teaching the importance of websites and blogs for marketing, especially in affiliate marketing. Students learn how to create and optimize a website from scratch for affiliate marketing.

They learn about website basics, choosing a domain name, setting up and securing a domain, managing the backend of a website, improving performance, selecting and installing a WordPress theme, making blog posts and categories, adding legal pages and menus, creating an About page, using widgets, and adding email forms and popups.

Module 10: Google SEO 101 – Nathan Lucas

In this module, Nathan Lucas will be the primary instructor. He will guide you on optimizing Google SEO to effectively promote affiliate products, making numerous organic leads through well-ranked blogs on Google.

The module highlights the importance of blogging, backed by relevant stats, and understanding how Google searches work, whether people want to buy things or learn something. Students will learn how to find the best keywords, get ideas from competitors, and create interesting blog posts.

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Module 11: Paid Traffic With Google

The module talks about Google Ads, which is important for getting noticed online. It teaches how to use Google Ads Pixel and do keyword research. Participants also learn to run ads on Google and YouTube, and how to target specific audiences. The module ends with tips on analyzing data, growing campaigns, and copying successful ads.

Module 12: Launch Jacking

Module 12 is about “launch jacking,” a strategy to find new affiliate products before they’re released and make content about them. This helps reduce risks by building interest and awareness before promoting the offer. The module covers the basics of launch jacking, like how much you can earn and common questions. It also talks about getting articles for your website and advanced techniques like creating bonuses and using YouTube for launch jacking.


Freedom Breakthrough Review

This program can be purchased with one-payment of $1,997 or three payments of $797. The program also offers 14-day money back guarantee.


Although you can definitely make money with affiliate marketing, especially as a beginner, it may not entirely replace your 9-5 routine. In addition, despite the low risk in terms of monetary investment, it requires a lot of commitment, effort in learning and different strategies in order to actually see profit.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to invest, then this program is not for you.

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