Foreclosure Academy Reviews

Foreclosure Academy Reviews

Foreclosure Academy, presented by Private Wealth Academy, claims to empower individuals with the knowledge and strategies to transform foreclosed properties into lucrative opportunities. The program capitalizes on the aftermath of foreclosures, promising to reveal how participants can profit from these distressed properties.

The overarching message is that individuals can tap into a multi-billion dollar industry, change their lives, and help others in need by participating in this program.

Before diving into the Foreclosure Academy though, understand that while the idea of making big profits is exciting, the foreclosure business is more complex than it may seem. Success in this industry requires more than just following a set of proven systems.

Individuals need to possess a deep understanding of foreclosure processes, legal intricacies, and potential issues associated with distressed properties. Think of it like navigating through a maze of legal rules and potential pitfalls.

If you’re considering joining the Foreclosure Academy, be ready to tackle these challenges head-on. It’s not just about learning a system; it’s about being prepared for the real-world complexities of the foreclosure business. Read on and take a look at what the program teaches, think about the challenges in the foreclosure business, and decide if Foreclosure Academy is a practical guide for you to succeed in this field.

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Who is Carlton Weiss?

Private Wealth Academy Reviews

Carlton Weiss is the founder of Foreclosure Academy and is also the visionary behind Private Wealth Academy. We’ve covered Private Wealth Academy in a separate review that you may find interesting where they touched up foreclosure profits as well.

Foreclosure Academy started in 2022 and was established with the mission of assisting individuals in securing the funds rightfully owed to them from foreclosure sales. The academy is dedicated to helping people assert their rights and safeguard their financial interests.

According to their About Us section, Carlton Weiss boasts a background as a private investigator specializing in penetrating private trusts during the 1980s. While there is limited online information about Carlton but it is suggested that he excelled in his role.

Reportedly, Carlton Weiss encountered a trust called The Private Express Trust, prompting extensive research and a reverse engineering process. Through this exploration, he claims to have uncovered the secrets employed by the world’s elite to safeguard their wealth and properties from legal challenges.

What is Foreclosure Academy?

Foreclosure Academy offers an opportunity to turn foreclosed properties into a lucrative venture. The program, as one video advertised in their Facebook page, claims to teach individuals how to capitalize on surplus funds generated when foreclosed properties are sold at auctions for amounts exceeding what is owed to banks or the government.

The pitch explains that, annually, over one million properties face foreclosure due to owners’ inability to pay taxes or mortgages. After a property is auctioned, surplus funds remain, representing the excess over what is owed. The speaker in the video suggests that this surplus money belongs to the homeowners but is often held by the government and banks.

The speaker claims to have discovered a loophole within the system, allowing individuals to recover these surplus funds on behalf of homeowners and earn a substantial commission of up to forty to fifty percent. The Foreclosure Academy is presented as a solution to teach people the ins and outs of this potentially profitable business.

The course promises to guide participants on how to directly contact individuals facing foreclosure, negotiate agreements to recover surplus funds, navigate the legal processes, and ultimately deliver the remaining money to the rightful owners. The program emphasizes helping people in need while creating a lucrative income stream for participants.

The pitch suggests that this business model doesn’t require prior experience and can be pursued with just a phone, laptop, and internet connection. Success stories from a diverse range of professionals are highlighted, showcasing individuals from various backgrounds who have supposedly found success in the foreclosure overage industry.

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How it works

Foreclosure Academy operates through a straightforward process designed to help individuals benefit from foreclosed properties. Here’s a breakdown of how Foreclosure Academy works:

  1. Database Search: it starts by utilizing an online database to identify individuals who have lost their homes due to foreclosure. This involves gathering information on properties that have been auctioned or sold as a result of foreclosure proceedings.
  2. Government Office Communication: Once potential properties are identified, they reach out to the relevant government office. The purpose is to ascertain the amount of money that remains in the name of the previous property owner. This step involves understanding the surplus funds generated from the sale of the foreclosed property.
  3. Contract Signing: After determining the available surplus funds, they initiate communication with the new property owner. They enter into a contractual agreement, outlining the terms of the fund transfer. This agreement likely includes the terms of the finder’s fee that they are entitled to receive for their services.
  4. Money Transfer: Upon reaching an agreement, they facilitate the transfer of the remaining funds to the new property owner. This step involves the actual financial transaction to ensure that the rightful owner receives the surplus funds generated from the foreclosure sale.
  5. Finder’s Fee: they are then compensated for their services through a finder’s fee, typically set at 40% of the surplus funds. This fee is deducted from the total amount recovered, and the remaining funds are transferred to the new property owner. The finder’s fee is the compensation for their efforts in identifying, contacting, and facilitating the recovery of surplus funds.
Foreclosure Academy Reviews

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Is it worth it?

Delving into the decision of whether Foreclosure Academy is a worthwhile investment involves considering various aspects. Let’s break down the costs, benefits, and potential drawbacks to help you make an informed choice.


Foreclosure Academy is priced at $497 for a one-time payment. Alternatively, individuals have the option to choose a payment plan, where payments are structured as three installments of $197 each, with a 15-day interval between each payment. This will include video training, lead generation strategies, call scripts, legal paperwork, insights into unclaimed property laws, outsourcing guidance, scaling tips, and a professional website for those who act promptly.

Refund Policy:

Carlton Weiss provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for individuals who may not find the Foreclosure Academy suitable for their needs. This policy allows participants to request a refund within 30 days of their initial purchase if they are not satisfied with the program.


Assistance in Money Reclamation: The program guides participants on helping individuals reclaim their money, providing a sense of purpose beyond personal profit.

No Initial Investment Required: Foreclosure Academy claims that no initial investment is necessary, potentially reducing financial barriers for individuals interested in the program.


Legal Complexities: The foreclosure process involves legal intricacies, posing a challenge that participants must navigate with care and understanding.

For that reason, the next point is;

Not for Complete Beginners: Foreclosure Academy may not be suitable for those entirely new to the real estate or foreclosure industry, as it assumes a certain level of prior knowledge or experience.

Not a “Get-Rich-Quick” Scheme: Foreclosure Academy is not a quick money scheme, requiring a realistic understanding of the time and effort needed for success.

By weighing these following factors, you can better assess whether Foreclosure Academy aligns with your goals and expectations.

Foreclosure Academy Reviews


While the program is effective, financial success may not be immediate. It also involves legal complexities contrary to their claims that anyone can do it. Whether Foreclosure Academy is the best option to kickstart a career in this industry depends on an individual’s existing skill set, risk tolerance, and commitment to acquiring the necessary knowledge.

The potential worthiness of Foreclosure Academy is tied to one’s willingness to invest time and effort, as the process may not yield immediate results. If you are patient and committed to learning the ins and outs of the foreclosure overage industry, the program’s high-profit potential and the opportunity to assist others in reclaiming their funds could make it a worthwhile endeavor.

However, for those seeking a quick path to financial success or lacking the patience for a gradual learning curve, the delayed results and time investment might be drawbacks. Participants should be prepared for a time investment before witnessing tangible results. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and patience is required to see returns.

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