Flourish and Thrive Academy Review

Flourish and Thrive Academy was co-founded by Tracy Matthews and Robin Kramer. They established the academy to offer education, support, and resources to jewelry designers and makers looking to build successful businesses in the jewelry industry.

“The truth is,” Tracy says, “if you wanna have a business that stands out, attracts the right people, and actually gets those people to spend their hard-earned money? You have to have a system and a strategy that is efficient and effective.”

How effective really is their program called “Laying The Foundation”? Joining the academy does not guarantee automatic success, of course, and the outcome can vary from one member to another.  Let me help you decide if this program is a right choice for your needs and goal. Find out on this review.

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What is Flourish and Thrive Academy?

Flourish and Thrive Academy operates on a business model that combines membership fees, online courses, and community support to cater to individuals in the jewelry business. Members pay a subscription or membership fee, granting them access to a wealth of educational resources, a supportive community, and various forms of assistance.

The academy offers online courses covering different aspects of the jewelry business, and these courses are often included in the membership package. The sense of community is a key aspect highlighted in the membership, fostering a collaborative environment among jewelry designers and makers. Some membership levels may also provide extra resources, like templates and tools, within the membership package.

For those seeking more personalized guidance, higher-tier memberships might offer one-on-one coaching or mentorship opportunities, potentially at an additional cost. Flourish and Thrive Academy further enhances its offerings through events, webinars, and networking opportunities, with some included in the membership and others available as optional paid add-ons.

The combination of these revenue streams allows Flourish and Thrive Academy to sustain its operations, provide resources and support to its members, and continue to update its content and offerings to stay current with industry trends.

The Founders

Tracy Matthews

Tracy Matthews is jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and author of “The Desired Brand Effect,” commenced her journey by venturing into the world of retailing her own jewelry creations in the early 1990s. Her remarkable talent garnered recognition within the fashion industry, earning her features in numerous prominent fashion magazines. Tracy’s captivating designs have been adorned by illustrious celebrity clients such as Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, and Orlando Bloom. Throughout her illustrious career, her jewelry lines found homes in over 350 retail establishments globally, including esteemed outlets like Sundance Catalog and Twist.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Tracy has a penchant for karaoke and hails from a sizable family – she stands as the second eldest among eight siblings and embraces the role of aunt to 21 nieces and nephews. Having resided in New York City for 15 years, Tracy eventually relocated to Arizona, where she now shares her life with her partner, Jason, and his daughters.

Robin Kramer

Robin Kramer is skilled in sales and customer relationship management, with a solid foundation in both retail and wholesale sectors. Robin commenced her career at prominent companies such as William Sonoma, where she revolutionized the store associate recognition program and spearheaded customer service operations for all retail brands within the organization.

Her responsibilities included developing and implementing service standards across stores and call centers. Subsequently, she applied her expertise to introduce similar programs and innovative initiatives at another progressive retail brand, the Old Navy division of Gap, Inc. In 2001, she transitioned into the wholesale sector, working with smaller, specialized brands and providing consulting services to jewelry companies.

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Is Flourish and Thrive Academy Worth It?

Alright, let’s talk about whether Flourish and Thrive Academy is worth considering. They’ve got a few courses to pick from based on what you need. There’s a mini-course called “How to Start a Jewelry Business,” another one named “Laying The Foundation” aiming to help you hit that six-figure mark, and a more ambitious one called “Momentum Growth Accelerator” targeting multiple six or even seven-figure incomes.

The Cost

Now, let’s talk cost. “How to Start a Jewelry Business” is $197.

For “Laying The Foundation,” you’ve got two choices: you can either pay $199 every month for a year (that’s $2,388 in total), or you can go for a single payment of $1,995. The difference is $393.

In the first choice, the monthly plan, you will receive a comprehensive package of benefits. This includes perpetual access to the Laying The Foundation 12-week program, over 20 checklists, exercises, and clean sheets to guide your progress. The learning environment is facilitated through a private classroom setting, with Video Cliff Notes provided for enhanced understanding. All lessons are accessible online, allowing flexibility on both mobile and desktop devices. Additional perks encompass Done-For-You PR, Sales, and Marketing Scripts, along with a High-converting website Blueprint to optimize your site for revenue generation. Moreover, there are three bonuses: Systems to Scale 101 Templates, Organizer, and Training (valued at $495), Access to the Diamond Insiders Private Community for one year of free mentorship and support (valued at $595), and expertise in Mastering Social Media and Your Online Presence. This offering aims to equip participants with a comprehensive toolkit and community support for their jewelry business endeavors.

The second option, if you go for the $1,995 one-time payment, you will get everything in the first option plus a special bonus called “The Email That Sells On Auto-Pilot System.” It’s a fancy term for an automated email marketing system. Basically, it is a strategy to sell stuff through emails without always needing someone to do it manually. This allows businesses to scale their email marketing efforts while maintaining a high level of personalization and relevance to the recipient.

Now, for the “Momentum Growth Accelerator,” they didn’t spill the beans on the cost. You’ll need to apply directly to find out.

The Pros and Cons

Flourish and Thrive Academy offers numerous benefits for jewelry designers and makers looking to build successful businesses, but like any program, it also has some potential drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of Flourish and Thrive Academy:


  1. Tailored for Creatives: Designed for independent jewelry designers and makers, the academy understands the unique challenges and aspirations of creatives in the industry.
  2. Supportive Community: The academy fosters a supportive community where members can connect, share experiences, and receive feedback and support from like-minded individuals.
  3. Business Strategy: The program emphasizes business strategy, including pricing, financial planning, and inventory management. This helps members make informed decisions for long-term business success.
  4. Marketing and Branding Expertise: Flourish and Thrive Academy offers valuable insights into marketing and branding, crucial for reaching target audiences and creating a unique brand identity.
  5. Online Business Focus: In the post-pandemic landscape, the emphasis on bringing businesses online aligns with current trends and necessities.
  6. Online Learning Platform: The online platform makes it convenient for members to access resources and courses at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  7. Regular Updates: The academy updates its content to stay current with industry trends and ensures members have access to the latest strategies and techniques.

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  1. Competing Resources: There are many other resources available for jewelry designers and entrepreneurs, including free or more affordable courses and communities. Compare the value you’ll receive from Flourish and Thrive Academy against other available resources.
  2. Cost: Membership fees can be a significant investment for some individuals. While the value is often worth it, the cost may be a barrier for some aspiring jewelry designers.
  3. Self-Directed Learning: The online format may not be suitable for those who thrive in traditional classroom settings. Some individuals may prefer in-person classes and hands-on learning.
  4. Individual Business Outcomes Vary: Success in the jewelry industry, even with the support of Flourish and Thrive Academy, depends on various factors, including market conditions, competition, and individual dedication. Not everyone will achieve the same level of success.


In conclusion, Flourish and Thrive Academy has many advantages for those looking to succeed in the jewelry business, including a robust education, supportive community, and guidance in critical areas.

However, potential drawbacks include the cost and the fact that individual outcomes can vary. It’s essential to weigh these pros and cons against your personal goals and needs before deciding to join the academy.

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