Flipping Medical Commodities University Review

Flipping Medical Commodities University Review

Diabetes is a chronic condition resulting from insufficient insulin production or ineffective insulin use.

There are two main types: Type 1, often linked to genetic factors and autoimmune responses, and Type 2, associated with genetic predisposition, insulin resistance, and lifestyle factors like poor diet and lack of physical activity. Gestational diabetes may occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, increasing the risk of Type 2 diabetes later.

Other potential causes include pancreatic conditions, certain medical conditions, and age, with the risk rising as individuals get older.

It is the leading cause of blindness worldwide and many early symptoms of diabetes are too mild to notice. Roughly 38.4 million people (11.6% of which are US citizens) have diabetes and half of all of those with diabetes are undiagnosed.

It is kind of unclear why Felix chose to resell diabetic supplies but with these facts, it is undeniable that they have a large number of audience and making it a business seems to be great idea.

He is not wrong. However, at what cost? Dive into this course to find out more.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Flipping Medical Commodities University in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Who is Felix Wisniewski?

Flipping Medical Commodities University Review

Felix Wisniewski, a notable figure in the realm of medical commodities, founded the Flipping Medical Commodities University (FMCU). Alongside his role as a YouTuber and Instagram influencer, Felix is also a property owner with several family rental units. His journey into reselling diabetic supplies commenced in 2015, and by the age of 21 in 2016, he had achieved a six-figure income.

Expressing the success of his business model, Felix reported an impressive profit of over $80,000 in the initial year. The Flipping Medical Commodities University, led by Felix, boasts a thriving Facebook group with a membership exceeding 3.8K individuals.

With a YouTube following of more than 52,500 subscribers under the handle @GiantLifestyle, Felix, provides insights on various topics. His contents are mostly about advice on finances, productivity, and tips in diverse fields including courier services, trucking, real estate, pallet flipping, and credit businesses.

Because of his entrepreneurial achievements, Felix not only managed to pay off his parents’ mortgage but also made strategic investments in real estate.

Flipping Medical Commodities University

Flipping Medical Commodities University Review

Created by Felix, Flipping Medical Commodities University is a course that focuses on reselling unused diabetic supplies within the US market.

In December 2021, Felix started selling the course, initially centered on reselling diabetic testing strips. However, in July 2023, he expanded the program, including online marketing strategies and encompassing the resale of insulin pens and meters.

The curriculum covers important lessons on ethical standards, marketing strategies, buyer and shipping lists, product acceptance, and negotiation tactics. Geared towards individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, this program is designed to provide valuable insights into the lucrative world of reselling medical commodities.

Additionally, the course includes lessons on pricing strategies to help you to generate a significant profit. It also covers advertising techniques to assist in attracting clients, both in offline and online environments. Furthermore, it educates students on identifying and avoiding certain products when engaging in the resale business.

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What is a medical commodity, though?

Flipping Medical Commodities University Review

“Medical commodity” is a broad term that generally refers to any tangible item or product used in the field of healthcare, medicine, or medical treatment. These commodities can range from medical supplies and equipment to pharmaceuticals and other healthcare-related products. Examples of medical commodities include bandages, surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, medications, vaccines, and more.


In the context of reselling in the case of Flipping Medical Commodities University, it specifically refers to the practice of buying and selling unused or surplus medical supplies, often focusing on diabetic supplies in that particular instance. This practice can involve sourcing these items ethically, understanding market dynamics, and applying entrepreneurial strategies to create a successful business model around medical commodities.

Course Content

In 2023, the Flipping Medical Commodities University’s course content comprises 57 lectures, organized into 8 sections. This comprehensive course covers a wide range of topics, providing students with valuable insights and skills for success in the medical commodities resale business. Here’s the breakdown of the sections and their respective topics:

  1. Introduction (2 lectures):
    • Short welcome video
    • Onboarding process
  2. Marketing Execution (19 lectures):
    • Creating signs, flyers, stickers, magnets, postcards, brochures, push cards, and business cards
    • Lessons on setting up a contact number, website branding, buy and sell apps, Craigslist ads, Facebook advertising, marketplace, business pages, and groups
  3. Mechanics (11 lectures):
    • Handling expiration dates
    • Managing Medicare/Medicaid boxes
    • Addressing common beginners’ mistakes
    • Utilizing price sheets
    • Organizing buyer meetups
    • Dealing with pharmacy labels
    • Understanding different box conditions
    • Recognizing merchandise brands
    • Establishing business framing
  4. Negotiations (7 lectures):
    • Box inspection
    • Lead calling
    • Bargaining tactics
  5. Selling and Shipping (6 lectures):
    • Invoices
    • Label removal
    • Box cleaning
    • Test strips mailing
  6. Automation (4 lectures):
    • Craigslist hiring
    • Utilizing bandit signs
    • Quickbooks
    • Tax considerations
  7. Social Media Templates (5 lectures):
    • Managing multiple pickups
    • Client tracking
    • Implementing a barcode system
    • Handling mail kids
    • Internet marketing strategies
  8. Tips for Success (3 lectures):
    • Consistent marketing
    • Navigating deals in different states
    • Scaling strategies


Flipping Medical Commodities University offers its course at a cost of $347 for a single one-time payment. You also have the option to divide it in two installments at $197. There is also a $99 optional onboarding fee.

In addition, if you chose who choose to purchase the course using Bitcoin and reach out to Felix at 732-890-0814 can enjoy a 25% discount. The course is also accessible on Udemy, with pricing variations based on the location.

It is also worth noting that students are required to pre-purchase products, invest in offline advertisements, and potentially incur travel expenses for local visits.

According to Felix, members can start off as little as $50. However, a more substantial capital of $500 is suggested for increased profitability. In 2022, the course founder emphasized the significance of offline marketing for beginners, specifically recommending the use of yard signs. In his YouTube channel description, he provides links to blank yard signs priced at a minimum of $34.25, excluding shipping costs. Additionally, he includes a link to SignStaple, a tool for bandit signs, which is priced at $129.95.

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Now, we are not just talking about reselling some “stuffs”. We are talking about Diabetes Supplies which are products that has something to do with one’s health. Sure enough, the legalities will be one of your concerns.

Let’s start of with YES – flipping is legal with a big IF – the products should is bought over the counter.

However, the sale of prescription supplies, particularly those covered by Medicaid or Medicare, is illegal and is considered an insurance fraud.

On the other hand, there is also the option to sell extra diabetes supplies. This is considered ethical especially if a person who have those extras no longer have use for them. If you are not aware, these things costs hundred to thousand dollars. Rather than throwing away, they can sell it for those who are uninsured or underinsured.

I guess what is unethical is selling stolen diabetic supplies or buying it from someone who uses it but is also in need of money.

Pros and Cons


  • The idea of reselling diabetic supplies is a unique approach in the reselling business as it is undeniable that there really is a potential income.
  • Low cost for starting it up. All you need to have is your capital. Having a website or social media account is helpful but not necessarily required.
  • If you have available time, strong work ethic, or sufficient manpower, this opportunity holds the potential to bring wealth. Additionally, luck plays a role, and residing in an area with a high concentration of sellers and buyers is advantageous.
  • Repeat buyers. With the established facts that many people have diabetes and that this is a chronic disease, the possibility of repeat buyers are high.


  • Purchasing the course looks like it needs a large capital as it involves extra purchase.
  • It is not considered a passive income.
  • In order to have a substantial profit, success requires dedicated time and effort. Numerous tasks must be completed, demanding both patience and persistence on your part.
  • While it holds the potential for profit, it is also important to ensure that only appropriate secondhand products are accepted. This involves confirming their legality and verifying that they are not sourced from insurance. Additionally, the products must be in good condition.
  • Your primary customer base consists mainly of low-income individuals. Consequently, you will find yourself interacting with diabetics selling their supplies to support their families, navigating through unsafe neighborhoods, and obtaining items from potentially questionable sources.


FMCU undoubtedly posses great potential when it comes to Re-Selling. However, there are few things that you would want to consider first before purchasing this product.

For starters, the cost may be low but there are these extras that you will need to purchase. This course is not the only one that is offering tips and strategies on how to make it big in this kind of business. The fact is that there are tons of courses across the internet that can help you with it and are free of charge. You just have to exert effort and patience in learning them by yourself.

Also, even with the legalities, selling medical commodities still plays on thin ice. One of FMCU’s student was actually reported to be doing well in this business but later on stopped because of ethical issues. There’s still a fine line between what is legal and what can be considered an insurance fraud. There’re just a lot of risks.

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