Flipped Lifestyle Reviews

Shane and Jocelyn Sams of Flipped Lifestyle recently celebrated their ten-year “quit-a-versary”. Yup, it’s been a decade since the couple quit their day jobs to become online entrepreneurs.

Seems like time flies quickly when you made the right decision. If they didn’t pull a switcheroo, they won’t be able to spend more time with their precious kids.

They probably won’t be able to create Flipped Lifestyle either. The couple figured out how to generate a recurring income online, and this is the program where they help you do the same.

Wanna know more about Flipped Lifestyle? If yes, kindly scroll to our review down below.

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What Is Flipped Lifestyle?

If Shane and Jocelyn flipped their lifestyle, so can you. With Flipped Lifestyle, they’ll exactly show you how.

In Flipped Lifestyle, they help people find their “god-given” talents and experience that they could package into membership programs.

The premise is simple: You have a hundred people pay you fifty bucks a month, you’ll have $60,000 a year. Make that two hundred people, then you’ll get $120,000 instead.

There are like, what, eight billion people in the world. Getting a hundred to buy you two Applebees’ 2 for $25 with steak every month shouldn’t be so hard, right?

The couple makes it look easy, that’s for sure. But don’t tell them about that steak, their Kentuckian ass will likely judge you from not barbecuing it yourself.

Shane And Jocelyn Sams Before Flipped Lifestyle

As mentioned above, Shane and Jocelyn Sams created Flipped Lifestyle. They live in a rural town in Kentucky with their two kids.

Before they become online entrepreneurs, they work at a school. In particular, Shane was a history teacher while Jocelyn was a librarian.

Life wasn’t fancy, but they can say that it was good enough. Yes, they were living paycheck-to-paycheck, but they’re still eating just fine, and with no worry that one day, they won’t have a roof over their heads.

Flipped Lifestyle Shane And Jocelyn Sams

They thought everything was fine until Shane discovered the awful treatment his son had experienced in the newly-managed daycare. Poor kid was locked up in the bathroom as a disciplinary measure.

That’s already bad, but what broke the camel’s back is him hearing his supervisor dismiss the situation as something he should be handling after work. It struck a nerve deep inside yet he remained calm on the outside, which is admirable ‘cause we’ll probably throw hands in that situation.

He just knew something had to change. He and his wife needs to have the life of freedom where they’re not pressured to set their family’s needs aside.

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The Inception Of Flipped Lifestyle

While Shane wanted to quit his job right away, the finances didn’t allow him. He needs to find a way to make this life of freedom a reality, and, oh boy, has he become obsessed.

After hearing Pat Flynn’s podcast, he was dead set on creating an online business that consistently generates passive income. But he soon found out that this isn’t necessarily easy nor cheap.

The struggle is real. He almost gave up, but thanks to the first eleven cents he earned, he didn’t. While it isn’t much, it’s enough proof that online business can work, just give it time.

With the help of Jocelyn, the online business grew, gave them the cushion to finally say bye-bye to their day jobs, and made them a mil after selling it in 2017. It’s the life of freedom realized.

Knowing how it’s hard to put all the pieces together to make everything work, the couple created Flipped Lifestyle. Membership program, podcast, live in-person events— they got it all here.

With Flipped Lifestyle, they help others how to start an online business without the mistakes and the need to learn everything by trial-and-error.

What Are The Offers Under Flipped Lifestyle?

Flipped Lifestyle Membership

With the program’s overall premise, this is unsurprisingly Flipped Lifestyle’s flagship offer. Here, you’ll get access to Flipped Lifestyle Blueprint, the community, live group calls, and the inner circle.

Flipped Lifestyle Blueprint is the main highlight of the membership, the core training that’ll outline how to create your own membership offer.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned online entrepreneur, the Blueprint will equip you knowledge and support to monetize your content.

The training is structured into phases as listed below:

  • Choose Your Membership Idea
  • Set Big Goals, Dream Bold Dreams
  • Find Your Perfect Members
  • Start Your Membership
  • Build Your Membership
  • Grow Your Membership
  • Build A Million Dollar Membership

Each phase is further subdivided into bite-sized, step-by-step videos. Info overload who? We don’t know him here.

Meanwhile, the community is where you can interact with other members, get your questions answered in the forums, and participate in events, calls with guest experts, and Q and As.

Flipped Lifestyle Coaching

For direct access to Shane, you’ll get on the inner circle, available with gold membership or better. The main highlight in the inner circle is the exclusive live coaching call with Shane every month.

Flipped Lifestyle Live Events

These are in-person conferences hosted by Flipped Lifestyle, and are designed to be year long events. While the conference itself only last for two to three days, there are online live training and icebreaker sessions every single month leading up to the main event.

Flipped Lifestyle Podcast

This is the “make money online” podcast hosted by Shane that tackles topics relevant to online entrepreneurs. This includes finding your perfect online presence amidst social media overload, navigating niche and oversaturation, using YouTube to expand your audience, and improving your storytelling to get more sales.

The podcast is available on several platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and Audible. In Apple Podcasts, it received an impressive 4.9-star average rating from 556 reviews.

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Is Flipped Lifestyle Worth It?

Cost of Flipped Lifestyle

Without discount, the cost of silver membership is $97 per month, while the cost of gold is $297 a month.

Flipped Lifestyle Cost

We’ve tried the coupon code “FRIDAY13” and it works even on days that are not Friday the 13th. The discount at checkout is 50% off for the entire subscription, making the actual cost of silver and gold memberships $48.50 and $148.50, respectively.

Despite mentioning platinum membership in their copy, its price is not listed anywhere on Flipped Lifestyle’s website. No info on the cost of live events either, as they’re not hosting any since 2019.

Pros Of Flipped Lifestyle

While this isn’t really new now, the core training is easily accessible through mobile phone. Not just through a mobile browser, but through a dedicated app courtesy of Kajabi.

While we’re not the type to study courses on-the-go, it’s a good thing for those who do. Sorry, we still need our daily fix of Twitter, er, X!

Flipped Lifestyle Reviews

In addition, we won’t gloss over the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Flipped Lifestyle podcast. Podcast listeners commended it for having practical and relevant info for online business while also having great, inspiring stories. W!

Finally, if you’re only after the core training, and you can absorb info like a sponge, then the subscription-based nature of the membership might prove to be cost-efficient. No need to shell over half a grand for the training if you can wrap it up in under ten months.

Cons Of Flipped Lifestyle

One minor downside with Flipped Lifestyle is that they don’t offer refunds for the membership. To avoid incurring unnecessary charges, you have to cancel before the next billing date, considering the exit interview that might delay the cancellation process for up to two days.

If you’ll ask us, the biggest concern here is on the business model. It doesn’t matter if you have the “god-given” skills you can share to the world, it takes waaay more than that to build a thriving online coaching business.

You and your talents needs to be marketable to have a chance to make this business sustainable. People might pay you once, twice, but not for long to realize that $60,000 income a year.

Simply put, there’s no course that can guarantee a client base, let alone a loyal one that won’t dip early. It takes dedication, relentless hard work, and a stroke of luck to achieve this, much like stars aligning perfectly.

Oh, and also, you gotta be charismatic too. If you expect people to pay you month after month, you simply can’t have a personality as boring as watching paint dry on a wall.

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It is important to understand that becoming a coach and building a thriving membership program is no easy feat. After all, expertise may take years to cultivate, and the same goes for refining your charisma.

Counting on your marketability isn’t the most reliable way to earn recurring income online. It’s not your fault, it’s just how the cookie crumbles as people nowadays cancel their subscription with no hesitation.

That being said, Flipped Lifestyle is an affordable way to learn how to start your own membership program. It’s a plus that Shane and Jocelyn are also praised for being humble, honest, and relatable.

Just take note that while they’re good mentors, achieving their level of success isn’t as simple as following their instructions.

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