Fiction Profits Academy Review

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Karla Marie takes note of the usual business models that you may have heard of before, such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, and even selling your own course. Yes, they may work in helping you earn money, but it’s much tougher now than before due to the saturated market.

But she claims that she knows a much better and easier business model you can use. Yes, it still involves Amazon. But you’re not going to sell any physical items. And she’s willing to teach it to you.

So what’s that business model that she’s talking about? And is it really better and easier than the others mentioned here? Let’s find out in my Fiction Profits Academy review.

But before getting into the review…

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What Is The Fiction Profits Academy?

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Fiction Profits Academy is an online course that teaches you how you can build an online business by selling digital books. Essentially, you’re going to learn how you can write your own books, and sell them on Amazon.

Despite this, the course claims that you don’t need to be an experienced writer to benefit from this course. Fiction Profits Academy will help you publish and sell your book, even if you don’t have any book-writing experience.

Here, you will learn how you can find profitable niches to write about for your book, how to hire ghostwriters to write them (or you can write them yourself), and how to publish and sell them on the Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform. It also teaches you how you can build great cover art for your books, even if you don’t have any experience in design.

The Fiction Profits Academy course can be applied to any type of book that you want to create. Whether it be physical books, ebooks, or even audiobooks, the lessons here can be applied without much difficulty.

One of the main selling points that are constantly being highlighted by the pitch for Fiction Profits Academy, is that it allows you to build a passive income stream using this business model. And it’s somewhat true.

Because once you’ve published your book, you can earn money from it continuously without even lifting a finger.

However, since you’re going to sell on Amazon, you’re also going to go through the same troubles that plagued Amazon FBA. That is, the problem of saturation and intense competition.

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Self-Publishing: Pros And Cons

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For book authors, self-publishing your own written may hold some pros compared to approaching publishing companies to do it for you. However, it also holds plenty of cons.

For the pros, the most important one is increased profits. Since you’re not going to split up your earnings, and even royalties, to a publishing company when someone buys your book, all, if not most, of the money that your book has made through sales will be directed straight to you, the author. This is, of course, assuming you’re the sole author of the book.

Another pros of self-publishing your books can be applied to fiction books. As an author, you’ll have full creative control over the content of your work, without any pressure from a publishing company. Not only that, once the book becomes public, you will have sole ownership of all the material that’s inside the book.

Again, this is important for fiction writers, as they’ll be able to freely express themselves through their fictional works, without any outside pressure. Not only that, if your book becomes popular enough that it gets an adaptation, you will have sole ownership of all the rights and royalties.

Finally, by self-publishing your book, you can be assured that your work will get published. This is because you’re not being weighed down by the schedules of the publishing company, meaning the waiting time for your book to be published will be next to none.

The biggest downside, of course, is that your work is going to be much harder than with the traditional publishing process with a company. Because all the things that the publishing company will do for your work, you now have to do it yourself. Editing your work for spelling and grammar errors is one minor thing, but the most difficult part of this is the marketing and promotions materials for your work.

Fiction Profits Academy claims to solve this most of these cons in self-publishing your books. Not only will it teach you how to self-publish your books via Amazon Kindle, it also claims that it will teach you some of the proven methods that gave the course creators success in self-publishing.

However, you still have to deal with the relatively high costs that you’re going to incur in self-publishing.

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Who Is Karla Marie?

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Karla Marie is the creator of the Fiction Profits Academy. She claims to be a six-figure-earning digital entrepreneur, and also a mother.

As the creator of the Fiction Profits Academy, she claims to be earning six figures by self-publishing her ebooks on Amazon. She says that her specialty is writing romance stories.

But for me, this claim is quite difficult to prove. As so far, I haven’t seen any ebook on Amazon, bestseller or not, romance novel or not, that bears her name as an author.

What is known about her is that she is quite good at marketing. She knows all the various online marketing tools that are available out there and can use them to their fullest potential.

Maybe her claims of being a six-figure earner could be true. But, maybe she only got those profits by selling her courses, not by self-publishing her books.

Still, I don’t think she qualifies as a scammer of any sort.

Fiction Profits Academy: Inclusions

The Fiction Profits Academy online course contains 10 modules. It covers everything there is to learn about self-publishing your books on Amazon. It’s estimated that the course can be completed in as early as six weeks.

Here’s the list of the modules that are contained in the Fiction Profits Academy.

  • Module 1: The Million Dollar Mindset
  • Module 2: The Basics of Self-Publishing Books
  • Module 3: How To Build Your Books?
  • Module 4: The Perfect Cover for Your Books
  • Module 5: Blurbs and Formatting
  • Module 6: All Things KDP
  • Module 7: The Perfect Launch Strategy
  • Module 8: Facebook Advertisements Mastery Course
  • Module 9: Creating Raving Fans
  • Module 10: Scaling Your Business

In addition to the modules, you’ll also get some bonuses in the form of scripts and other templates that you can simply copy-paste when you need them. In addition, you’ll be given access to a grouping coaching call session scheduled at various times, and a 1-on-1 coaching session that happens weekly. You can also playback some of the earlier group coaching calls that have happened before, in case you missed them out.

How Much Does Fiction Profits Academy Cost?

Enrolling in Fiction Profits Academy will cost you $1,997, though it won’t be visible on any part of the website. Alternatively, you can pay in 4 separate monthly installments of $649 each. However, this will increase the course’s price to a total of $2,596.

Their refund policy can depend on various conditions. If you just change your mind within 24 hours and you don’t want to continue with the course, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

If you’re enrolled in the class for more than 24 hours and you think it’s not working for you, then it gets a big complicated. You first need to satisfy the following conditions first.

  • You must have watched at least the first 8 modules of Karla Marie’s course in full.
  • Have through at least the first 8 modules of the course in its entirety.
  • Attended the one-on-one coaching calls, either with Karla Marie herself or with her team.
  • Created one lead magnet and one book, either physical or digital, as per the standards of the program.
  • Launched your book or e-book in accordance with FPA’s standards.
  • Your efforts here in this program must be genuine (i.e. You are really willing to learn here.)

If you’ve done all this, and you still haven’t earned a total of $6,000 on book sales within a year, then they’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price.

Others’ Feedback About Fiction Profits Academy

Feedback about the Fiction Profits Academy online course is quite mixed.

On one side, customer reviews from TrustPilot are quite positive, with it gaining an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, indicating lots of good reviews. Just like this one.

Fiction Profits Academy Feedback 1

On the other hand, Reddit tells an entirely different story. Most of the people who joined this course felt like they were deceived. Just like this person.

Fiction Profits Academy Feedback 2

Thus, it’s clear that this program has its share of both good and bad feedback.


For me, I think the Fiction Profits Academy online course is good. But the problem is its deceptive marketing.

This course promises that you could make a consistent passive income stream by self-publishing and selling ebooks on Amazon, and you can do this without any experience and at a low startup cost.

But it’s quite clear here that it isn’t true. It’s going to take you so much time, effort, and even money to create a book and sell it. And should you even manage to sell it, it might take you a very long time for you to break even the costs, even if you did heavy marketing for your book.

Besides, there’s no evidence at all that Karla Marie here has succeeded in this business model, since, as a book author, her name isn’t listed anywhere. It could be possible that she’s earning six figures simply because she’s getting a lot of sales with this course.

Overall, not really worth your money, even if you’re a book author. Either you find something that can teach this business model for free, that’s still comprehensive, or just do a different business model altogether.

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