Fempreneur Agency Review

Fempreneur Agency Review Founder Shonae Jones

Earning money through eCommerce is often portrayed as a straightforward venture—build an attractive website, select trendy products, and implement a solid marketing strategy. However, the reality is far from the easygoing image painted, given the substantial competition in the field.

As the eCommerce niche gained popularity, numerous players rushed to capitalize on its potential. One such entity that claims to streamline the process is the Fempreneur Agency, asserting their ability to assist in creating eCommerce websites for immediate business launch. The question that arises, though, is whether this agency is genuinely reliable in helping entrepreneurs kickstart their businesses.

Before committing time and money to their services, read our review that will provide an objective analysis, and examine potential shortcomings, helping you determine whether the investment is worthwhile.

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The Founder

Fempreneur Agency Review Founder Shonae Jones

Shonae Jones, the 34-year-old founder of The Fempreneur Agency, started her journey from a legal assistant earning $30K a year to a successful dropshipper, claiming to have turned a $100 investment into $200K in less than a year, serves as an inspiring narrative for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Shonae’s initial foray into eCommerce began with designing themes for Blackberry phones, later transitioning to iPhone cases. However, the lack of resources and manpower led her to explore the potential of dropshipping, a business model allowing entrepreneurs to fulfill eCommerce orders without stocking products or maintaining physical inventory.

Motivated by her entrepreneurial spirit, Shonae strategically used her budget of $100 for marketing, implementing proven strategies from her previous ventures. The results were impressive, with her income steadily growing from 3K per month to 10K-15K per month within a few months. By the end of the year, she had made $200K, enabling her to leave her dissatisfying legal job.

Recognizing the demand for her expertise, Shonae founded The Fempreneur Agency, which they call themselves as “The Beyonce of Dropshipping” in their social media accounts, particularly in their IG where they have more followers than their FB page.

Fempreneur Agency Review

What is Fempreneur Agency?

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Fempreneur Agency specializes in creating prebuilt Shopify stores along with tailored marketing strategies for women entrepreneurs aiming for rapid e-commerce success. The websites are customizable, offering a range of products from luxury items to baby clothes, and come preloaded with, they claim are, 20 bestselling products sourced from USA-based suppliers.

Crafting Launch-Ready Stores

The Fempreneur Agency’s centers on the creation of Shopify Dropshipping Stores that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are meticulously optimized for sales. The promise of a launch-ready store taps into the desire of budding entrepreneurs to swiftly kickstart their online ventures.

Simplified Entrepreneurial Entry

Their commitment to making the entry into e-commerce smoother by alleviating the challenges of inventory management is a key selling point. This resonates with individuals who seek a hassle-free initiation into the online business landscape.

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Their Products

The Fempreneur Agency offers 2 products namely;

  1. Prebuilt Business (Shopify Dropship Store)
    The package includes: Brand New, Ready to launch Shopify store delivered with 20 Products that they claim are proven profitable and in demand; Professional Logo Design; Choose your own Store name; Add/Remove Products; Order Processing Automation; Done For You Resources to help you drive traffic and run your store; Lifetime Support for Theme and General Help among others
  2. The Ultimate CEO Bundles
    Includes: 1K A Day TikTok Marketing, Instagram Marketing 101, Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads, Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Shopify Dropshipping, Her Guide to Starting a 6 Figure Business, The Business Credit Blueprint, The Ultimate Vendor’s List (3000 vendors, Wholesale + Dropshipping), Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Branding

Overview of their Process

Getting started with The Fempreneur Agency’s prebuilt businesses is a straightforward, four-step process:

Step 1: Explore and Choose Prospective clients begin by exploring the available prebuilt businesses, selecting the one that aligns most closely with their interests. The assurance here is that only the most lucrative niches are presented, making any selection a wise one.

Step 2: Place Your Order After making a selection, clients submit an order and promptly receive an email notification. This email provides information on the projected completion date of their store, along with guidelines for interim actions they can take while eagerly anticipating ownership of their business.

Step 3: Store Ready Notification Once the store is ready, clients receive a completion notification via email. This notification includes a Shopify Staff Account Invite with a link to create a new account. Detailed instructions for account setup are provided. It’s important to note that collaborations pertain solely to Shopify stores not previously generated by the client or others.

Step 4: Ownership Transfer and Guidance Upon account establishment, the ownership transfer process begins to ensure full ownership. Simultaneously, clients receive an Ownership Package, which includes a Shopify Beginner’s Guide, launch tips, and a concise video tutorial covering essential areas like effective marketing strategies, traffic and sales enhancement, product integration, theme customization, and more.

Is availing their service worth it?

To determine whether availing their service is worth it, prospective clients should weigh the cost against the potential benefits, carefully considering their specific business goals and the comprehensive support offered by Fempreneur Agency.

The Cost

Fempreneur Agency Review Cost

Considering Fempreneur Agency’s services involves a thorough examination of both cost and post-purchase commitments. The prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store is priced at $239, offering an entry point into the e-commerce landscape. Additionally, the Ultimate CEO Bundle is available at $49.99, presenting an additional option for those seeking a more comprehensive package.

Upon purchase, Fempreneur Agency pledges to initiate the creation of your new store, with the aim of delivering the finalized product within 5 to 10 business days.

However, that this timeframe may vary during high-order periods. Furthermore, the agency stresses on the finality of all orders, emphasizing the importance of a considered decision.

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The agency’s commitment to a visually appealing and user-friendly website creates a positive first impression, potentially instilling confidence in prospective clients. One of the notable strengths of Fempreneur Agency is its professional and polished website design. In the competitive realm of e-commerce and digital marketing, a well-crafted online presence is often indicative of credibility. They be selectively curated to present a more positive image.


Opting for a pre-built store may restrict your ability to fully showcase the uniqueness of your brand. Unlike custom stores, where every element can be tailored to reflect your specific vision and identity, pre-built stores may offer convenience but lack the depth of personalization that many entrepreneurs seek. The trade-off between convenience and the ability to make your brand stand out might be a crucial consideration for those who highly value a distinct online presence.

Pre-built stores’s potential drawback is the limited scope for customization.

When talking about reviews, while the Fempreneur Agency proudly showcases glowing testimonials on its website, a potential drawback lies in the authenticity of these reviews. As consumers, read these testimonials with caution.

Dependence solely on testimonials displayed on the agency’s website may not provide a comprehensive and objective understanding of the actual experiences of users.

Now, let’s talk about the limited profit margin in dropshipping. They promis a streamlined approach to dropshipping, we still need to acknowledge the inherent limitations of the business model. Dropshipping, by nature, often leads to relatively small profit margins due to factors like high competition and pricing pressure.


The tools Fempreneur Agency provide for dropshipping hold the promise of generating income, but it’s crucial to recognize the inherent challenges. The reality is that dropshipping has its limitations, with a relatively small profit margin and significant risks associated, ranging from potential defects in merchandise to intense competition selling identical products.

Dropshipping is susceptible to market saturation. With many individuals entering the dropshipping space, finding untapped niches or avoiding oversaturated markets becomes increasingly difficult, potentially hindering the growth prospects for new businesses.

Given these challenges, it is wise to look into other business options that better match your goals and risk tolerance. Trying out different paths and checking business models that are more stable and scalable can make your entrepreneurial journey more robust and fulfilling.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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