Farida Bayoumi Review

Before getting all pretty and glam in all of her Instagram photos, Farida Bayoumi had her fair share of mistakes and struggles in the e-commerce business before having what she has now.

Amazon FBA offers a lot of significant opportunities, but it can be a bit challenging for beginners to start an e-commerce business without prior knowledge. It requires a combination of market research, business awareness, making the right calls, marketing skills and perseverance.

Farida promises you that you can have access and mastery to all of these once you enroll on her Amazon FBA training program. Is she the right mentor that you needed to start your e-commerce journey? Let’s find out.

This One’s Much Better

Farida is your local college graduate turned lifeless zombie in the corporate world. Aside from that, she’s been finding extra income streams to support her living expenses because the paycheck she’s getting from her 9-5 isn’t enough. 

What she tried out first is setting up her first Shopify store, where she sold sunglasses she bought from Alibaba and had it labeled with her own brand in China. And it didn’t work as well as she had expected. 

Added to that is the burn out she’s experiencing with her day job. “I quickly discovered the lifestyle wasn’t for me”, Farida said. “I felt like commuting an hour, followed by 8 hours sitting in front of a desk and another hour back home is such a waste of time”, she continued.

She decided to leave her corporate job because of being tired of living paycheck after paycheck. Farida started freelance work and shifted her online store to Amazon. She started at the wrong foot, making use of Amazon’s pay-per-click advertisements, Farida lost almost $500 in just a day.

Due to that mistake, she started exploring different marketing routes and sent out free products to influencers. That’s where Farida hit the gold. An influencer who has a big follower count posted her product in her own personal account. The sunglasses eventually sold out generating $3,000 in profit sales.

And that’s where Farida started shifting to making content in TikTok and YouTube as her “marketing” strat. She started her YouTube as a personal vlog channel at first. But then because of her success as an Amazon seller, she added a mix of sit down videos talking about business, suppliers, selling on Amazon, together with the personal vlog in each video. 

Farida is now a six-figure Amazon seller, an Amazon FBA coach to more than 1,700 students all around the world. She teaches people how to build and launch brands on Amazon with the help of her program, FBA Academy.

Even though she provides free YouTube content about Amazon FBA and being an online seller, a much more thorough and sophisticated A-Z step-by-step guide on starting, growing, and simplifying your Amazon business is offered by FBA Academy. 

You can choose between a one-time payment of $997 or a monthly subscription for $267/month. Aside from the advanced material, the course’s design offers a direct road to achievement and virtually eliminates opportunity for error.

This One’s Much Better

If you have an idea for a product to launch as your Amazon product, you can ask Farida for her opinion and do some calculations that she’s been using and doing to know whether your product has the advantage on the ever growing market or not. 

She created sheets where you can put all of the costs and everything and from there, you can calculate month by month to see if the said product is actually worth it and if you’ll be able to profit, when is the profit coming, and other stuff.

There’s no one-on-one coaching offered, only a private facebook group where you can ask anything you want regarding the Amazon FBA space. If you don’t make $3,000 profit in your first 12 months, they offer a double money back guarantee. That’s how confident Farida is with the program that she offers.

I don’t think Farida’s a scam at all. She’s genuinely trying to help people in the e-commerce space but with the little feedback that I’ve been seeing, and it’s 50-50 in TrustPilot to boot, I’m having doubts if her ways can really help you pull through and be successful in the e-commerce business.

This One’s Much Better