Family Bank Funding Reviews

Family Bank Funding know something previously reserved for the ultra wealthy— family bank. Their promise? If you join ’em, you’ll get access to it, and it doesn’t matter if your name is not Rothschild or Rockefeller.

What even is a family bank, and why would one want access to it? Like, Family Bank Funding’s Cameron Dunlap also called it private backdoor. Does it mean you’ll need to be sneaky sneaky in this? Get yo ass romped or what?

So many questions, and we got this one review to answer them all. Read until the end to see if we’d recommend joining Family Bank Funding.

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Family Bank Funding At A Glance

What Is Family Bank Funding?

Family Bank Funding is a training program created by Cameron Dunlap with the help of the people at Awesomely (then Awesome REI). It tackles topics about how to generate checks with real estate, particularly in wholesaling.

With the training, you’ll understand how to locate wholesaling opportunities (aka finding foreclosed and bank-owned homes), how to make the most out of them (get the homes at the lowest price possible), and how to close deals in a lightning quick manner.

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Who Is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron Dunlap is the main guy of Real Estate Wealth Network. The said network is part of Awesomely, a company whose business is making educational content and courses in the real estate and make money online niche.

Cameron is a real estate investor and entrepreneur since the year ’93. He mentioned that the business changed his life. Thanks to it, he has more time and freedom to care for his fam, and pursue hobbies such as racing cars and flying airplanes.

What Is Family Bank?

Family Bank Funding Private Family Bank

Traditionally, the concept of family bank was invented by Mayer Rothschild in the 1800s. As the “founding father of international finance,” Mayer is responsible for what Cameron call as the ultimate wealth hack.

With family bank, there are no fees, no interest, no cumbersome rules nor credit score requirement. It’s miles better than a regular bank, and is credited by Cameron as why the rich gets richer. Makes sense, since it takes money to make money.

It’s access to money to pay for education, start a business, make an investment, and the likes without the burden of extra cost and compounding that could easily go out of hand. It’s a privilege, something that makes one considered born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Cameron’s version of family bank is for transactional funding, a big help for wholesalers who might not have the cash on hand to finance deals, specifically for the earnest money deposit. You don’t need to be born rich here, you just have to purchase the program.

Overview On How Wholesaling Works

As a disclaimer, we would like to say that this is in no way a comprehensive guide on how wholesaling works. Covering all the nuances in the business is frankly way above our pay grade.

That being said, if you really wish to learn a lot about wholesaling, we recommend talking to a local real estate investor. Who knows, they might take you under their wing, and you’ll have the golden opportunity to shadow them, and witness how they operate up close.

The Business Model

Wholesaling requires getting a property, typically a distressed one, on a contract, and then selling it for profit. Roughly, it means doing the following:

1. Finding a property suited for wholesale and flipping (Cameron recommends those facing foreclosure).
2. Negotiating the contract terms (purchase price, amount of earnest money deposit, time frame to get a buyer before the deal is off, etc.) with the seller, making sure the deal covers the expenses and profit margin.
3. Securing the property with the said contract.
4. Finding a buyer who’s willing to buy the contract at a higher price you paid for.
5. Closing the deal with the buyer, ensuring they (and the seller) don’t back out, and collecting what remains after all the expenses as profit margin.

To find motivated sellers and willing buyers, a wholesaler would typically utilize listing websites and databases, direct mail, online ads, networking, bandit signs, and the likes.

The Earnest Money

Earnest money is the cash deposit wholesalers give to sellers to show their good faith and seriousness in closing the deal. It’s usually 1% to 5% of the purchase, and the reason one might need transactional funding.

It’s important for wholesalers to be wary of contract terms, especially the completion deadline. If the deal falls through and the seller doesn’t extend the deadline (they don’t have to, as there’s opportunity cost involved), you’ll lose the earnest money. Yup.

The Distressed Property

Family Bank Funding Distressed Property

A property is considered distressed when it’s either in poor condition, facing a tough financial situation (foreclosure and the likes), and/or the owner wants to sell it quickly for cash. Wholesalers choose to work with said properties since it gives them the opportunity to net a juicy profit margin relatively quick.

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Family Bank Funding: Features & Benefits

Access To Cameron’s Private Family Bank

As mentioned earlier, Cameron’s private family bank is the transactional funding available to those who bought the program.

Here are the important deets about the said funding: You’ll have access to up to $600k in funds throughout your first six months in the program, no extra fees on the first time you avail it. To qualify, the deal must be closed the very day you’ll tap into the funds, and both buyers and seller are on it.

Video Lectures

Family Bank Funding Video Lectures

Just like any educational program, Family Bank Funding features video lectures as their core training. Some of the topics discussed in this four-module training are listed below:

  • Three insider tips to find foreclosures before a bank grabs them
  • How to find motivated sellers
  • Places and platforms where you can look for buyers
  • How to make an irresistible offer
  • Recommendation for investor-friendly title companies

The Rest

As expected, Family Bank Funding includes things other than the video lectures. The usual ones, if we should say. See below:

  • Amplifier training sessions
  • Marketing copy
  • Proof of funds letter
  • Contracts, checklists, guides, and scripts

If you want more support— as in, direct communication with Cameron’s team and some weekly check-in — you have to purchase the Instant Accountability upsell. It’ll be available alongside Real Elite (software for tracking wholesaling opportunities, also known as Motivated Seller Data Feed) immediately once you purchase Family Bank Funding.

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Family Bank Funding: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

The Cost

Family Bank Funding cost a one-time payment of $97. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked, just shoot them an email to express your concern, and they’ll promptly return your money back. That’s the promise.

Meanwhile, a single payment of $127 is the price of Instant Accountability upsell, then an upfront payment of $299 and $99 a month for Real Elite.

The Pros

  • Affordable training: If you only need a course with more structure than free alternatives, then Family Bank Funding might be an option. Paying for it might also mean extra motivation to get through all the contents, since there’s this innate desire to get your money’s worth.
  • One-time payment to get access to all future updates: For many of us who are tired of everything subscription-based, paying only once for lifetime access is a welcome feature.
  • Cameron is a seasoned real estate investor: This dude claims to have been part of over fifty million worth of deals.

The Cons

Family Bank Funding Reviews
  • Unreliable funding offer: The funding offer is only available for six months, and they can always deny you from getting it due to the loose definition of the requirements.
  • Unverified testimonials: The way they present the testimonials— the still picture, the goofy looking check graphic, the lack of explanation on how these people earned it— makes it seems fake. Then, some testimonials even feature gurus who are probably just doing Cameron a favor for being part of the same clique.
  • Misleading marketing: Too many buzzwords and sale-sy content that doesn’t tell the reality of the business. Then, there’s the fake scarcity tactic, too.
  • Training is full of fluff, just like the sales pitch.
  • There’s too many of ’em upsells, and they cost a lot.
  • The tools and databases are outdated.
  • Cameron has a history of refusing to honor refunds.

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In conclusion, we don’t recommend Family Bank Funding. We’re definitely not a fan of sensationalized headlines, Cameron talking in circles, and them padding the pitch with random ass figures without showing proof of its authenticity.

This program might be cheap, but we kid you not, it’s just your ticket to get bombarded by pricier upsells. We’ve seen unfortunate ones who forked over $25k for an upsell. Waaay too pricey regardless of quality.

With that amount, you won’t even need their family bank to finance your deal. Supposedly, the private family bank is the main attraction, the reason you’d strongly consider this program. With the upsells they’re pushing, it shouldn’t be. It’s hella unreliable, anyways!

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