Fabiana Claure Reviews

Navigating the intricate realm of the music industry has never been more accessible, thanks to the emergence of online business mentorship programs. In this dynamic landscape, Fabiana Claure emerges as a guiding force, uniquely positioned to steer aspiring musicians towards success.

As a seasoned artist with a profound understanding of contemporary music and a commitment to education, Claure offers more than just mentorship; she provides a transformative experience.

Through her online program Musician’s Profit Umbrella, she not only shares the secrets of musical excellence but also imparts the strategic awareness necessary to navigate the business aspects of the industry.

More details about Fabiana Claure and her mentoring program in my review down below.

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Who is Fabiana Claure?

Early Life and Education

Fabiana Claure was born in Evanston, Illinois but now resides in Denton, Texas. She’s been musically inclined since childhood and her fondest memory involved playing the piano. Fabiana doesn’t know where her talent came from since there are no musicians on either side of her family.

Fabiana Claure

One of the tragic things that can happen to a family is when your parents get divorced, and that’s what happened to Fabiana’s parents. Playing the piano was one of her escape mechanisms, a way to release her emotional stress and then find comfort and peace afterwards.

She dedicated all of her time mastering her craft, which is playing the piano, and in the art of music as a whole. With her dedication, Fabiana got three full scholarships. One for her undergrad course Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance, another for her Master’s Degree and the last is for her Doctorate Degree on Musical Arts, Piano Performance with cognates in Music Business and Entertainment Industries.

Music Business and Mentorship

Superior Academy of Music

With the knowledge she gained in her Doctorate in Music, Fabiana and her now husband William established Superior Academy of Music (SAM). The academy provides a comprehensive music program for young talents to equip them with the knowledge that will serve as their edge before entering college. The program has been running for more than a decade, and is still nurturing talents up until now.

She’s also the one who pioneered the Music Business and Entrepreneurship Program in the University of North Texas and has been its Managing Director for 5 years. Through those years, Fabiana’s been part of many conferences, establishing different connections throughout the country.

She believes that everything starts by having the entrepreneurial mindset. How you view things in life, looking for new possibilities and knowing how long you would be doing this kind of business. And that’s the birth of her mentorship program, The Musician’s Profit Umbrella.

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What is The Musician’s Profit Umbrella?

Fabiana Claure introduces her mentorship program, The Musician’s Profit Umbrella as a 12-month business mentorship program for musician-entrepreneurs or creatives ready to scale their online businesses with simplicity. 

Musician's Profit Umbrella

Phase 1: Internalize

Establishing a positive and constructive mindset is crucial for success in any business undertaking. A proper mindset not only helps you navigate the highs and lows of entrepreneurship but also fosters innovation, adaptability, and long-term success.

Phase 2: Investigate

You’ll be guided accordingly into understanding how you can position yourself uniquely within the field, ensuring that prospective clients that will see the services that you offer will be recognized as the sought-after solution to their problems. 

People who will opt in will gain insights into researching the needs of potential clients, aligning their skills with real world industry problems and establishing profound connections with your ideal clients.

Phase 3: Integrate

Being able to integrate your personal, professional and artistic identity into one business framework gives great impact on your business as a whole. 

This is where you’ll establish what parts of your knowledge can be packed into a high-ticket course that will give you the most income potential  but at the same time, give your clients quality services that’s equivalent to what they’ve paid for.

Phase 4: Implement

Showcase what you’ve got where digital marketing comes to place. You’ll proactively create the needed visibility to get people around you to notice your business proposition. 

Hence you’ll be able to gain customer feedback from clients that bought your services and you’ll be able to recreate everything based on their concerns. 

Phase 5: Improve

During those 12 months, it’s impossible to not have experienced challenges along the way. But with those obstacles, you can learn why it happened and how you’ll be able to avoid it the next time. 

Once you have repeated this process over and over again, you’ll be able to navigate what system works and what doesn’t. And you’ll be able to carry on with your endeavor with clarity and direction to financial freedom. 

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The Program Is For People Who?

  • seeks clarity in order to optimize their business growth and career possibilities within the music industry.
  • Get enthused about the prospect of developing a comprehensive brand to aid in growing their online music business.
  • Desperately want to get out of the rat race.
  • Wants to work flexibly enough to have more time with their loved ones.
  • Investigates what non-artistic abilities they may have that  might help them stand out in the industry.
  • Hopes to form deep connections with other like-minded musicians and creatives by being a part of an established group.
  • Appreciates experiencing a feeling of empowerment in directing their own career path.
  • Desires to enhance both financial income and artistic knowledge.

The main requirement for her course is that you should already have an existing online music business. She will then help you with different aspects of running your business successfully.

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What Will You Get?

Musician's Profit Umbrella Features

High Touch Support

For the full 12-month period, Fabiana and her team will provide you with direct and individualized support.

Training Vault

A training vault where all teaching materials are stored in one place. You can access it anytime and anywhere you want. It includes online and scalable business models, marketing tools and strategies, mindset concepts, templates and many more.

Group Calls and Implementation

You are invited to 3 live video group accountability calls every month with Fabiana herself. Along with monthly implementation sessions, she’ll also give you personalized feedback on how your online music business is doing. 

Strategic Planning Retreats

Every quarter, they hold retreats where they invite guest speakers to equip you with different knowledge and insights from different aspects of the music industry. In that way, you can broaden your perspective and help you decide on what’s next for your business.

Private Community

Fabiana has established a private online group where you can interact with like-minded individuals in the same industry as you. This is also where you can connect with Fabiana and her team if you have any queries, any time of any day. 

Networking Group

It’s like a large built-in support system where you’ll be able to build relationships, start collaborations, get an accountability partner, in the form of pod meetings. 

Peer-Led Bonus Sessions

More live video chats with exclusive guest experts to extend your horizons and gain insight into the constantly shifting music industry landscape.

The program is said to be a “five-figure” investment for people who want to opt in. No specific numbers but that’s all there is to it concerning the cost of Musician’s Profit Umbrella Business Mentorship Program. 

It also doesn’t matter if you can’t pay in full, they’re affiliated with a third party company that offers financing if ever you’re one of the qualified clients to join.

Is the Program Worth It?

Fabiana’s love of her craft makes her an exceptional mentor in the world of music business. Her experiences and achievements can back up all of her claims and with her extensive program, Musician’s Profit Umbrella, you’ll have access to a lot of materials that can help you build your online music business successfully.

The downside of it all is that the opt-in fee costs too much, even if they can offer financing for people who can’t afford to pay in full. She doesn’t also state any refund policy for her program that’s why it is only for the selected few who are locked-in in giving their full attention in this endeavor.

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Fabiana Claure has a very fruitful experience in the music industry. Her achievements and the things that she has done have already spoken for herself. Musician’s Profit Umbrella is packed with a lot of materials that can help you build your own empire in the music industry. 

Just knowing that her course is a “five-digit” investment will make you think on how you will be able to approach things. You should be firm to your decision, making a full-time commitment in this venture so that you can maximize the services that you have paid for. Making half-assed decisions will just make you lose money in the process.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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