Estate AI Review

With the ever evolving phase of our technology, it is closing to a point where we can be replaced by robots and such, and we really can’t deny it. It also has catched the eye of real estate because of its continued popularity in terms of investment choice through the years for its potential for both capital growth and rental income.

Real estate AI software has completely changed how brokers and agents conduct business. AI technology is an effective tool for real estate professionals since it can carry out difficult operations that were previously completed by people. Duties, including lead management and marketing campaigns, can be automated with this kind of software.

Additionally, the program uses artificial intelligence to recognize potential customers and recommend personalized services. This technology can also provide valuable analytics to inform agents’ decisions and optimize their operations with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

Estate AI believes that they have what it takes to help you earn seven figures with their cutting-edge technology and uniqueness from other companies in the same industry. 

This One’s Much Better

Jared Curry, a 20-year-old seven-figure business owner and CEO of Estate AI. He started a business when he was 16. Everyone around him is skeptical of how young he is, but he proved them wrong. 

He leads a team of 15 people, and with just that, they’re changing the world of digital marketing not because they’re special or smart, but because of their passion for what they do, and their value that the people always come first. 

Jared wants to demonstrate to the mass how he achieved all of what he has now. “It was never about having money or success, it has always been about having the freedom to live your life as you see fit”, he says.

If you’re ready to build a thriving real estate business even during the downturn of the economy, Estate AI will give you the helping hand to realize your dream. They’re not just a company, they’ll be your second family. 

As you work side by side with people in an environment that fosters creativity and self expression, you can anticipate being pushed and inspired every day. They’re all about the core values that they have established throughout the journey since Estate AI was founded.

As the core of their success, realtors understand well how important it is to put the customer first and providing a top-notch customer experience is what any company’s core value is. The motto, “A rising tide raises all ships” speaks to their commitment to help each and every client reach their real estate career goals.

They will train you to be the CEO of your role as you embark on your journey to financial freedom. Anyone who holds any position is encouraged to take ownership and accountability for their professional lives. 

Pushing you through the utmost of your potential is what they do best, because they believe that persistence beats resistance. Honing your craft requires commitment and focus, two best ingredients for success. And by moving forward in the face of challenges, your perseverance will result in larger benefits.

This One’s Much Better

They actually give a f*ck. Because of their core value that the customer comes first, this is not just a lip service on their part. They respect each and every aspect of your story, and by doing so, they will be able to offer you personalized services based on your needs and goals. 

And lastly, what everyone wants, radical honesty. They are transparent to everything that they do, not just by telling the truth, but also giving and respecting one’s opinion which can help build trust in the community to be able to have long-term relationships with each and everyone. Of course, you won’t grow if there’s no one giving you feedback on what you do, right?

Estate AI offers Weekly one-on-one coaching calls and group mastermind calls so that you can learn from other agents, and open forums. They also have a seven-figure agent course, which they claim to be one of the extensive real estate career training courses in existence.

They also offer some free resources and a free coaching call for them to know more about you and give you personalized service that can cater your needs. You just need to submit a form from their website.

This One’s Much Better