eSelling Machine Review

If someone said they’re able to generate over $20k passive income while being a busy mom of two at home, would you be intrigued? Bet you would, especially if they kept popping up on your YouTube ads.

That’s the exact claim Sophie Howard made in marketing her latest course offer in eSelling Machine. Apparently, you can create three income sources from just one book: E-book, paperback and audiobook.

Sounds too good to be true? Continue reading our no-holds-barred review for the scoop.

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Introduction To eSelling Machine

What is eSelling Machine?

eSelling Machine is a training program that teaches how to create digital assets you can sell on Amazon Kindle, Audible, and Create Space with the help of AI tools. It was first launched around July this year, and was created by internet gurus Mark Ling and Sophie Howard.

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What Is eSelling Machine Way Of Creating Digital Assets?

Out with the old, in with the new. This is the mantra of eSelling Machine. With them, you don’t need to solve this “big jigsaw puzzle” of marketing nor invest big on advertising and inventory.

In summary, here’s the eSelling Machine way of creating digital assets:

  • No website or web store needed
  • Little to no investment in advertising
  • Someone else, can be AI even, creates the product on your behalf
  • No need to worry about refunds nor complaints

According to them, that’s all it takes to be in business. That is, when you learn the business model from eSelling Machine.

The first bullet point is fine. Indeed, you don’t need your own website if you chose to sell your books on Amazon and the likes. Duh!

The rest? Nope-ity nope, we beg to disagree. Our team believes that it’s improbable to hit their promised income just by doing those three, and we’ll explain why so in the later sections.

For now, read on to know more about the creators of this program.

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Who Is Mark Ling?


eSelling Machine Mark Ling

Mark Ling is a digital marketer and co-founder of several courses such as Profit Singularity and Mini Income Streams. He claims to be an expert on both affiliate and email marketing.

In regard to eSelling Machine, you might’ve seen him first on the programs’s webinar replay. Most notably, he was there during the first five minutes to give a brief overview of the program and introduce Sophie.

Quite frankly, we don’t like his vibe. He’s talking as if we’re idiots who don’t know a single thing about technology and online business. He really is trying to impress everyone with basic info as if we’re born yesterday.

Like, it’s been a while since Amazon (and other sites) offers a way to sell digital products, yet this dude pretends it’s a red-hot opportunity you don’t want to miss. Reinvesting profits isn’t rocket science nor a brand-new concept either, and yet he’s trying to convince the audience otherwise. Eww.

Who Is Sophie Howard?

eSelling Machine Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard is the self-proclaimed Amazon selling queen and business coach who claims expertise on all thing e-commerce. Originally from the UK, she’s currently residing in New Zealand.

When it comes to offering courses, eSelling Machine is definitely not her first rodeo. Although, we can also say that eSelling Machine is just like her past courses on self-publishing books, just with a different name and an AI gimmick added.

We’ll take more about her later. Spoiler alert, it’s going to be reaaal ugly. For now, let’s talk about the features of eSelling Machine first.

Key Features Of eSelling Machine

Step-By-Step Training Course

Of course, a program wouldn’t be complete without the core video training. With eSelling Machine, you’ll get ten modules that’s beginner-friendly yet still full of ‘em juicy insiders’ knowledge.

According to their website, the training can enable anyone to publish books that they can eventually convert into digital assets. Let’s talk about the specifics, shall we?

Modules one and two are more about prepping you to get started. Gotta have the correct mindset early on, ‘cause if you get it right, results will follow. Their words, not ours.

Then, modules three, four, and five are about finding book ideas, your niche, and the keywords associated to those two. Of course, it’s important to assess what stuff is worth writing in terms of profitability.

For the writing process that turns ideas into bestsellers without needing to do it yourself, it’s on modules six and seven. Meanwhile, modules eight and nine are for hacks on how to maximize your sales potential via a successful book launch.

Finally, module ten talks about eSelling Machine’s Sales BOOM, their method that shows how to advertise your book at a low cost.

Group Coaching

With eSelling Machine, you’ll have access to weekly group coaching for twelve months. All of your inquiries will be eventually addressed here. (or so they say)

Other Features And Bonuses

eSelling Machine Features & Bonuses

Here’s the list of eSelling Machine features besides the core training and coaching:

  • Expert VIP Concierge team (customer support)
  • My Little Black Book Of Contacts (list of writers, cover artists, and other service providers)
  • E-Selling Machine Pro – AI Enhanced VIP Tools (ChatGPT spin-off made specifically for writing)

Meanwhile, here’s the list of the bonuses:

  • Three Touch Point check-ins (3x calls, likely for upsells)
  • Niche Finder software
  • Two Free Fast Start masterclass
  • Two “Multiplier” mini-courses
  • Access to Fast Launch Facebook group

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Insights On eSelling Machine

Cost Of The Program

eSelling Machine Cost

The cost of eSelling machine is a one-time payment of $2,497 or three monthly payments of $997 each. Reports online mentioned that there are immediate upsells such as Fast Track coaching that cost up to twelve grand. Twelve freakin’ grand, yup!

There’s a money-back guarantee valid for 180 days, but it requires going through the program and its entirety, AND listing at least one book on Amazon Kindle without a sale.

Do mind that many have noted that Sophie usually don’t honor the guarantees on her other programs. She have done it by adding a fine print in the terms or buying your book maliciously to void the guarantee.

Thoughts About The Program’s Way Of Creating Digital Assets

On Publishing Requiring Little To No Advertising

First off, you can’t say advertising is optional unless you want the books you’re selling to collect dust. (Let’s just pretend it can happen in a digital bookshelf, alright!) Advertising, or marketing in general, is usually what makes an author a best-selling one.

Of course, a beautiful prose and amazing plot idea helps, but if you want to have a commercial success like, let’s say, Sarah J Maas who recently received over 750,000 preorders on her latest book, you have to be great with marketing. Sarah did market herself well, and look at her now, she’s killing it!

In particular, she really worked her ass off on building an audience, and knowing what they like and serving exactly that (plus not minding those who absolutely loathe her work). She’s also cranking books every year to keep the engagement alive, and making sure everyone knows she got that many preorders.

Yep, even the news that announces the staggering number of preorders is a marketing tactic since they know it encourages more sales from people wanting to be part of the hype.

Oh, and also, she got that big numbers thanks to Taylor Swift-ifying her books and releasing multiple versions with different bonus chapters each. Seems like a tacky move, but that’s marketing for you. Avid fans won’t mind, anyway.

Generally speaking, earning a consistent passive income from self-publishing a book is tough, let alone earning enough just to break even.

On Letting Someone Else Write Your Book

We have no beef with ghostwriters. If they’re skilled and paid well, they can help build the most beautiful memoirs and flesh out someone’s riveting plot idea.

But we’re sad for those who are paid trash to churn trash. It’s a lose-lose situation for them and the consumers.

The AI just makes it worse. It’s a gray area if you use it strictly for assistance. Some won’t mind, but some still would. That’s how it goes when you’re using a tool that poses (valid) ethical concerns.

eSelling Machine Sales Pitch

But then, if Mark Ling claims (on the eSelling Machine pitch) that it can do up to 80% of the work, it isn’t just assistance, it’s actually doing the heavy lifting for you.

Now, what you have is trash AND stolen. Another L, but for the authors who didn’t give consent on feeding AIs their work that they poured their heart and soul into.

It’s  also an L for you, an aspiring publisher, because good luck selling a word vomit. It’s also a shame if you’re either paying piss poor wages to ghostwriters or enabling AI to plunder the creative efforts of numerous individuals.

The only ones “winning” are the shitty self-publishing gurus like Sophie Howard, who established their coaching business off lies and deception. They kept on exaggerating income claims, tricking people to believe self-publishing’s easy, and encouraging bad practices just to peddle their courses and laugh all the way to the bank.

On Not Needing To Worry About Refunds And Complaints

Regarding refunds, Amazon policy states that one can return a Kindle book within seven days of purchasing it. On Audible, the timeframe is one year, but you have to be an active Audible Premium Plus member.

Point is, they allow returns of digital products. If you’re selling hot trash like these shitty self-publishing gurus suggest, you actually have to worry about refunds and complaints that would affect your income, if there’s any at all.

What People Say About Sophie Howard

eSelling Machine Review

People have been calling out Sophie Howard on her BS for years, starting from her older courses such as Blue Sky Amazon course, Kindle Publishing Income, to this. She’s just good at hiding the criticisms by doing the following:

  • Hiding the reviews tab on her Facebook page where garnered an average of 2.5 stars (out of five stars) on thirty reviews
  • Using fake accounts to post glowing feedback on sites like Trustpilot (and maybe on Facebook as well to salvage the tanking average before she just hid everything)
  • Having her fleet of affiliates write biased reviews to flood the search results and bury the honest and critical complaints

Trust us when we say that these affiliates would come out of the woodwork to defend Sophie, even if it means lying through their teeth. The hefty commissions (up to $1,000 per sale!) sure is effective in making some individuals lose their moral compass.

Besides the one we already mentioned above, here are the usual complaints Sophie received online, listed in bullet points:

  • Offers a ridiculously overpriced course with even pricier upsells
  • Exaggerates income claims to rip off newbies who unfortunately don’t know better
  • Doesn’t provide access to the course until the refund policy’s validity period has lapsed (the usual for courses you can only get refunds within a week)
  • Only makes money from selling courses rather than publishing books herself (one comment pointed out that she only had fifty-three book sales under her name, Sophie’s lousy excuse is that she published her works under different names)
  • Commits fraudulent charges once they have your card on file
  • Sends spammy emails, and pushes the most annoying ads on YouTube

The number of complaints seems to be in the range of hundreds. Don’t just avoid her, RUN!

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From what we have gathered, we see no good reason to recommend Mark Ling and Sophie Howard’s eSelling Machine.

In itself, eSelling Machine is ridiculously overpriced and the business model it preaches isn’t as beginner-friendly as advertised— it won’t likely generate you a single dime for several reasons, but most especially if you don’t know how to market yourself.

With the track record Sophie has, we wouldn’t touch any course from her with a ten-foot pole. Of course, we advise everyone to do the same. Save yourself from potential problems and disappointment.

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