Elite Resource Team Review

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For a company that offers a training program for financial advisors, Elite Resource Team, claims to have cracked the code on collaborative partnerships between CPAs and financial advisors. While they boast a grandiose pitch of being a one-stop-shop for all your financial needs, a closer look might leave you wondering—do we really need their expensive opinion in an already crowded marketplace?

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The Founder

Elite Resource Team Review Founder Anton Anderson

Anton Anderson is the person behind Elite Resource Team. He started his career with Smith Barney in 2003 while pursuing his business studies. Graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, he achieved a position within the top 3% of his graduating class.

Deciding to take a step up in 2008, he co-established SPL Financial, which grew into a successful practice. He has developed a diverse career as an investor, advisor, published author, and CPA consultant. In 2014, he launched Elite Resource Team with partner Ken Smith in order to provide advisors with training and systems to develop profitable CPA relationships. As Managing Partner, Anton oversees all advisor recruiting and onboarding efforts and supports the CPA Alliance services.

The “Elite Guru”

Despite his claims of being more than just another advertising whiz, skepticism arises as he joins the ranks of countless “elite gurus” who seem to peddle variations of the same formula. Originality may not be their forte, but in a field driven by results, the age-old approach might be deemed reliable.

A $45 Million Sale and the Genius Claim

One of Anton’s selling points is his track record—a firm sold for over $45 million. His bold assertion that Elite Resource Team is the sole entity capable of turning you into a financial genius raises eyebrows. The claim, while grandiose, leaves room for exploration into the actual methodologies that supposedly set this program apart from the rest.

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What is Elite Resource Team?

First of all, if you don’t work as a financial adviser, then this program have no use for you.

Elite Resource Team is a company that promises financial advisors a unique value proposition so groundbreaking that even high net worth clients can’t resist begging to work with you. And if that doesn’t happen within 90 days of following their training, well, you don’t have to pay. Because, you know, confidence.

The program sets itself apart by promising a more efficient route to becoming a successful financial adviser.

The Begging-for-Your-Services Promise

The tantalizing prospect of having affluent clients relentlessly pursuing your financial expertise is the opening gambit of Elite Resource Team. According to their pitch, follow their teachings, and soon enough, high-net-worth individuals will be knocking down your door, desperate to secure your services.

The 90-Day Results Pledge

Elite Resource Team boldly asserts that if you adhere to their prescribed plan, you can expect tangible results within a mere 90 days. This swift turnaround time, if proven effective, could indeed be a game-changer in an industry where success often requires time and patience.

Their Skool Community

The Skool Community offered by Elite Resource Team is a virtual platform tailored for both Financial Advisors and Accountants. It serves as an educational hub and networking space, offering a range of features designed to enhance the learning experience and foster a supportive community environment.

Key Features of Skool Community:

  1. Formal Education and Learning Modules: Bite-sized modules and chapters provide a structured learning experience. The emphasis is on formal education to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills.
  2. Online Readiness Assessment: An online assessment ensures accountability and measures participants’ readiness, fostering a sense of progress.
  3. Monthly Group Learning Webinars: Regular webinars are conducted exclusively for Elite Members within the community. These sessions facilitate group learning, discussion, and the exchange of ideas among participants.
  4. VFO Expert Technical Webinars: Monthly Virtual Family Office (VFO) expert technical webinars broaden participants’ understanding of planning possibilities. These sessions likely delve into technical aspects of financial planning to enrich participants’ expertise.
  5. Regular Elite Events: Scheduled Elite events contribute to a dynamic learning environment. These events may include workshops, conferences, or gatherings designed to support ongoing education and networking.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Skool Community functions as a virtual space for networking among Financial Advisors and Accountants. In-person meetings, conferences, and events provide additional opportunities for members to connect.
Elite Resource Team Review

Their Blueprint

What does learning in their training like? What do they teach you?

Collaborative Strategy

  • Encourage collaboration between financial advisors and skilled accountants.
  • Form partnerships with accountants to establish a proactive planning team.
  • Enhance capabilities through a virtual family office approach.

Empower individuals to maximize their business potential and become more relevant advisors

  • They offer video learning modules for flexibility in learning.
  • Provide access to virtual coaches and consultants for personalized assistance.
  • Establish Skool Communities for engagement and knowledge-sharing.
  • Conduct in-person meetings, conferences, and events to facilitate networking.

Educational experience

  • Present formal education in bite-sized modules.
  • Conduct online readiness assessments for accountability.
  • Organize monthly group learning webinars and VFO expert technical webinars.
  • Host regular Elite events to nurture a dynamic learning environment.

Facilitate the simple and effective scaling of participants’ businesses

  • Provide a suite of tools designed for both growing existing clients and winning new clients.
  • Focus on proactive planning, virtual family office tools, marketing platforms, and social media tools.
  • Offer online diagnostic tools and dynamic template websites.

Networking Opportunities

  • network of their members who can share knowledge, experiences, and potentially form valuable partnerships.
Elite Resource Team Review

How much does it cost?

Nothing in their website gives any information about a fixed pricing for their training program however, some inquiries around reddit hints around $5,500 to $7,500 as well as an option of a payment plan as long as 6 months. Although the information from a few years ago cannot be checked for sure unless you call the company yourself.

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The Pros and Cons

  1. Collaborative Approach: The program encourages collaboration between financial advisors and skilled accountants, providing a fresh and innovative strategy to break away from traditional marketing methods.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Participation in Skool Communities, in-person meetings, conferences, and events provides networking opportunities with successful peers in the industry, potentially leading to valuable partnerships and support.
  3. Flexible Learning: The availability of video learning modules allows participants the flexibility to learn at their own pace, accommodating various learning styles and preferences.

Cons of Elite Resource Team’s Offered Training:

  1. High Initial Cost: The upfront cost of $7,500, even with potential discounts, may be considered high for some individuals, especially if they are uncertain about the program’s effectiveness.
  2. Limited Direct Control: Engaging in a collaborative model means relinquishing some direct control over the client relationship to a third party, which may not be suitable for everyone.
  3. Effectiveness of Collaborative Model: The success of the collaborative model relies on the effectiveness of partnerships between financial advisors and accountants, and its efficacy may vary based on individual circumstances.
  4. Perceived Overemphasis on Social Media: While leveraging social media is a part of their approach, some may view the emphasis on this aspect as a potential drawback, especially if it doesn’t align with their preferred marketing strategies.
  5. Limited Information on Results: As of now, there might be limited information on the concrete results achieved by participants, making it challenging to assess the program’s success in various scenarios.


While Elite Resource Team may initially present itself as an enticing opportunity for financial advisors seeking a transformative experience, it always never hurt to weigh your options.

These kind of claims, bold claims, promising a swift transformation into a financial genius and the guarantee of clients clamoring for services really only appear overly optimistic and unrealistic in nature if you think about it.

Are you really going to learn new skills or any brand-new revolutionary ideas? Nope, probably not. I think their best networking is their only “best” point. At the end of the day, they won’t hook you up with your own CPA. That’s your job to look for them yourself they only offer the “socialising” to have your pick. While that’s not too bad now but is it really worth your hard-earned $7,000?

Ultimately, it is your decision and our reviews may only provide thought provoking questions at best so that you don’t hopefully end up being scammed or diving into something impulsively. Maybe we’ll become one of those friends that can say “we told you so!” I think everyone needs that kind of friend, right?

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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