Elite Resource Team Review

Elite Resource Team Review

The Elite Growth Academy is not your typical run of the mill program focusing solely on advisory or accounting skills. It is an exhilarating journey that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional learning. More than just honing your professional expertise, it is an opportunity to transform into a more resilient, capable leader, and a sharp entrepreneur.

This program is not just about getting better at your advisor or accountant gig; they dive into boss-level leadership stuff. The program is like a stash of cool tricks and ideas that is packed with all sorts of tools and strategies that are important for growing both personally and professionally.

Moreover, it is also about picking up skills, becoming a boss leader who can handle all the tough stuff, motivate teams, and drive their career or business to crazy success. The Elite Growth Academy is a game changing trip that sets you up to be a way more awesome and powerful pro version of yourself.

If this program is something that peeks your interest, read further to learn more.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Elite Resource Team in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Anton J Anderson

Elite Resource Team Review

Anton kicked things off with the Elite Resource Team in 2014 together with Ken Smith. Together, they totally changed how financial advisors do their thing. They were all about teaming up with CPAs in a cool way that got everyone talking. Their impact? Huge! They made waves in 37 states, leaving a mark on more than 1200 advisors. It was Anton’s drive to shake things up in financial advice that fueled it all.

Anton is always pushing for improvement. He has got his hands in different pots – entrepreneur, consultant, and thought leader. He is all about progress, new ideas, and making sure folks achieve some seriously awesome results. His goal is to help business owners and high-flyers break through barriers. 

Loaded with experience and smarts, he is the one leading the charge. He is there to pump up people in businesses, motivating them to hit success levels that blow their goals out of the water. His dedication is unstoppable. He is always pushing them to go way beyond what they thought was possible.

Ken Smith

Elite Resource Team Review

Ken is the co-founder of Elite Resource Team (ERT), and he is all about helping financial advisors to boost their performance. He is a pro at showing them the ropes to increase their income by teaching them how to team up with the right CPAs and connect with well-off clients who need financial advice.

On top of that, as the co-founder and CEO of Elite Assurance Team, he is the one in charge of a group that is all about using life insurance and annuities for smart planning. His main goal? To give advisors and agents a strong hand by smoothly blending in the ERT sales approach. He’s got their backs by suggesting the best insurance products, creating smart plans, giving support behind the scenes, and making sure they get good commissions.

Overall, his big aim is to help advisors and agents provide top-notch insurance solutions, making sure clients get an awesome experience.

Elite Resource Team

Elite Resource Team Review

The Elite Resource Team empowers Financial Advisors to stand out by teaming up with CPAs in an innovative way. This collaboration enhances financial planning by tailoring strategies to meet client needs precisely, delivering greater value and efficiency. It shifts the focus from outdated methods to substantial planning improvements, fostering a strong partnership between Advisors and CPAs and revolutionizing financial planning beyond transactions.

By teaming up, advisors step up their game in financial planning, making it way better for clients. What is cool about this system is that it gives Financial Advisors the tools they need not just to find CPAs but to actually build killer relationships with them. It is like a total makeover for how Financial Advisors team up with CPAs, making it way easier to work together and to fine tune plans to match what the clients really need by all-encompassing, client-first approach. This teamwork delivers more value to clients and kicks out old, lousy marketing methods. It makes both CPAs and Advisors work smarter and faster. 

In a nutshell, the Elite Resource Team’s style builds a strong bond between Advisors and CPAs, making planning really awesome by working together smoothly and creating a powerhouse partnership that revolutionizes the whole financial planning game.

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How It Works

  • Partner up with an accountant. You may connect with their Elite Skool Communities which cater to Financial Advisors and Accountants, providing a vibrant space to learn, and share insights among like-minded members—where fun and collaboration fuels learning.
  • Create a forward-thinking planning squad. They claim to provide comprehensive guidance and support while walking you through their Proactive Client “Pull” Process. This step by step approach is designed to empower you to proactively engage with clients, emphasizing a comprehensive and holistic strategy.
  • Boost your expertise with a virtual family office. They will offer a personalized online virtual family office that fits your needs and supports your local proactive planning team. They will help you create it – and enhance it with their Elite Member Support Team.


Elite Resource Team Review

Unfortunately, the website did not provide any details about the price tag for this specific service or product, leaving everyone curious. However, after doing some deep digging and scouting the internet, it seems this thing might fall in the range of $6000 to $7000. Keep in mind, this estimate is based on what I could find out there, and the actual cost might differ depending on what is included or any extra features bundled with it.

If you want the full run down, you will need to arrange a call with the Elite Resource Team. But heads up, it is not your average call. During this presentation, they might wow you with their pitch and leave you pretty amazed. So, get ready for an interactive session that will probably grab your attention… and you probably would want hold on tight.

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Pros and Cons


The Elite Resource Team is all about shaking up the world of financial advisors, looking to totally revamp how things work in this arena. They can totally get those high-net-worth clients excited to compete for your attention, making them hunt you down like they’re searching for some super rare treasure.

Elite Resource Team claims as your ticket to leveling up not only your skills as an advisor or accountant but also boosting your leadership mojo and business ownership savvy. Once you dive into all the wisdom and tools this event offers, you will be all set to craft a seriously awesome business that not only grows fast but also keeps on thriving. That is not all, though. You will transform into a business rockstar, making awesome professional connections and setting up a top-notch 21st century practice.


The website frustratingly withheld the pricing details for this service or product.

When a company chooses to keep its prices under wraps, it can completely alienate potential customers, leaving them baffled or disappointed. The lack of transparency regarding costs creates a sense of unease, making it challenging for individuals to assess whether the product is reasonably priced or worth their investment.

Moreover, a company’s reluctance to be transparent about prices can repel interested buyers, pushing them towards competitors who are more forthcoming about their pricing structures. Ultimately, this tactic of hiding prices might lead to lost opportunities and decreased sales since people might hold back from purchasing without clarity on the costs involved.


First of, spending between $6000 to $7000 might raise eyebrows for some, leaving them pondering if it is an actual reasonable investment. This range can trigger concerns about affordability and prompt the question: “Does the value match the cost?”

The Elite Resource Team’s strategies aren’t exactly revolutionary or cutting-edge, but they could potentially offer a somewhat reasonable opportunity to achieve financial success.

However, if you jump into networking with CPAs without adequate guidance, it might just become an aimless social gathering instead of a fruitful business endeavor. Securing the right support is incredibly important as it lays the foundation for success and ensures you have the necessary guidance and resources to navigate challenges effectively. If not, you’ll be swimming in a sea of self-proclaimed experts, finding it tough to stand out or really make a difference.

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This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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