Elite CEOs Review

Elite CEOs Review

E-commerce online training is great for people improving their online business skills. It lets you learn at your own pace from anywhere globally and cost-effective as it eliminates travel expenses. Also, the training includes diverse materials and stays updated. You can learn on your schedule, interact with others, and access expert instructors anytime. Last but not the least, it offers skill assessments, certifications, and networking opportunities globally, making it a popular choice for convenient and diverse learning in the online business world.

At Elite CEOs, they understand that individuals possess a passion that can translate into a million-dollar business. The organization assists coaches in effectively shaping, capturing, and delivering their passion to the market.

The belief at Elite CEOs is that everyone harbors a million-dollar offer within them, ready to be presented to their audience. They offer a comprehensive platform, tools, and a supportive community specifically designed for online coaches aiming for six and seven-figure success, empowering them to excel in their respective markets.

With that in mind, were they really able to fulfill their goal?

Let’s learn about them further in this review.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Elite CEOs in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before getting into the review…

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Tanner Chidester

Elite CEOs Review

Tanner Chidester, the CEO and Founder of Elite CEOs, is dedicated to empowering business leaders to embark on their journey of establishing online companies. Despite starting with limited resources, Tanner successfully built an empire from the ground up by independently mastering the essential elements crucial for business success. His achievements have garnered recognition, with features in Forbes and Business Insider, as well as appearances on CBS and CNBC.

You can learn about him more on a separate review that I have made. In the mean time, let’s focus on his program.

Elite CEOs

Elite CEOs Review

Elite CEOs is a program that helps improve and grow your online business systematically . It focuses on using Tanner’s proven strategies to scale and boost your enterprise. Participants will follow carefully curated steps to gain valuable insights and practical advice, taking their online business to new levels. This program aims to provide a structured path to success for sustainable and significant business expansion.

This program also goes beyond the basics including lessons on how to use ClickFunnels and Facebook ads for driving traffic and earning commissions. The curriculum equips individuals with the skills to strategically take advantage of these digital tools. Participants learn to create effective sales funnels with ClickFunnels and compelling ad campaigns on Facebook. The program emphasizes not just getting traffic but developing a strategy to turn visitors into loyal customers, ensuring a sustainable revenue stream.

How does it work?

Elite CEOs coaching program follows an online business model known as affiliate marketing. This business model mostly focus on the following:

  • Setting up funnels

Setting up funnels is about creating a structured pathway to guide potential customers toward a specific goal, like making a purchase or sharing contact information. It starts with defining the funnel’s purpose, understanding the target audience, and identifying key touchpoints in their journey.

Crafting engaging content, using suitable platforms and tools, and regularly testing and optimizing are essential steps. This strategic process is important in modern marketing, acting as a guide to lead prospects through a well-defined journey, resulting in successful conversions and achieving business goals.

  • Creating content for your funnels

Creating content for your funnels is a thoughtful process involving engaging materials that guide potential customers through different stages. Understand your audience’s needs, preferences, and challenges to make resonant content. Tailor your content for each funnel stage, from introducing your brand to providing detailed solutions and persuasive content.

You can also use diverse formats to suit preferences, maintain consistency in messaging and visuals for trust, and regularly analyze metrics for refining your strategy. This process demands a deep understanding of your audience and a commitment to delivering valuable, consistent content.

  • Finding and promoting high-ticket offers

Finding and promoting high-ticket offers involves identifying and showcasing premium products or services with a high price. It starts with market research to discover opportunities and understand the demand in a specific niche. Once potential high-ticket offers are found, the next steps include creating a compelling marketing strategy, using channels like social media and email, and building a strong online presence.

Building trust through clear information and collaborations with influencers is very important. Effective sales funnels help guide customers from awareness to investment in premium offerings. This approach helps businesses attract and convert customers interested in high-value products or services.

  • Running Facebook ads

Running Facebook ads is a thorough process that includes creating, managing, and refining ads on the platform to achieve specific marketing goals. It starts by setting clear objectives, like boosting brand awareness or driving product sales. Crafting engaging ads involves creating visually appealing content that aligns with goals.

Also, set a budget and bid strategy determines how much is spent. Regularly analyzing metrics and testing different ad variations help optimize strategies. Facebook’s platform provides features like retargeting and dynamic ads. This approach lets advertisers use Facebook’s reach and targeting to connect with their audience and achieve effective marketing outcomes.

  • Automating your whole operation

In summary, automating your entire operation involves the strategic integration of technology and systems to simplify and expedite various tasks across different facets of a business. It not only enhances efficiency and reduces errors but also empowers employees to focus on tasks that require creativity and critical thinking, ultimately contributing to the overall growth and success of the organization.

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Their website doesn’t really indicate how much investment would be needed however, according to research and other reviews, they charge $37. If you’re thinking that this looks like a sweet deal, hold your horses.

Apparently, $37 is just the initial payment for an introduction. And joining the said program with additional costs when you’re already in it, actually ranges from $10,000 to $18,000. On the other hand, there is a refund that you can request within 14 days with less than 25% completion of the purchased program.

Pros and Cons


Elite CEO claims to have an 80% success rate with their high-ticket clients that earns 5 figures and above per month. However, despite using various tools and personalized coaching, achieving 100% success for all clients becomes challenging with a high volume. The approach recognizes that not everyone may fully commit, and even with extensive support, some may not put in the required effort.  On the other hand, the program has a high client satisfaction level, with a 60% client retention rate, highlighting the effectiveness and value of the relatively expensive program.

In addition, you will be able to have a 1 on 1 coaching from Tanner himself as well as access to their private Facebook Community where you can also seek assistance from either the coaches or your co-students as well whenever you encounter any issues or concerns.

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary for establishing your own agency, attracting clients, and delivering high-quality results for their satisfaction.


My initial cons would be the pricing which is way to expensive. It does offer refund however, $10,000 is still no joke especially for other people. Also, Elite CEO would also be assessing you whether or not you are fit to be a part of their program financially. This makes me think that even if I have the potential and the perseverance of learning and be successful like them, if I don’t have the kind of money they need me to have, they would not be betting on me.

Also, we cannot deny that they do have positive ratings basing it on the testimonies and feedbacks found on their website. With too much of those though, makes me think how many of them are might be biased. I made some research as well and apparently, there are also negative reviews about them.

Elite CEOs Review

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Elite CEOs Review

In Conclusion

Elite CEOs may seem legitimate however for me, they charge too much. I understand that they are imparting knowledge to people that cannot be undone. But they also have to understand that most newbies in the online business world are actually turning to this option in order to gain financial freedom. Most of them are living from paycheck to paycheck and has barely enough to start their venture.

If you’re one of those people, this program is definitely not for you. But no worries! With the growing of the e-commerce industry, there are other programs that are might actually better that charges less and lower risk opportunities.

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