eComm Clubhouse Reviews

Ecomm Clubhouse Reviews

Who wouldn’t dream of earning so much that you can both provide for your family and live the lifestyle that you want? In my opinion, this is the dream work-life balance that most people, especially those who are stuck in the 9-5 routine, want to have.

Sarah Chrisp has been asked the question “how” as she is currently living that kind of life—being able to go to places, have time for her loved ones, and still earn money that can support this lifestyle. She claims to reveal the secret to financial freedom, giving emphasis that business is a process and not a quick way to make money and that there are three things that you have to do; creating great products, showing it to the right people and giving them a good reason to buy it.

As simple as it sounds, learning these tings takes hard work and sacrifices with differences in everyone’s learning curve. With that in mind, Sarah had created The eComm Clubhouse that is designed for beginners that can help people start their business.

In this review, we would be discussing an overview of Sarah’s program, it’s pricing and more importantly, if it’s the kind of program that’s worth your time and fits you best.

But before getting into the review…

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Who is Sarah Chrisp?

Ecomm Clubhouse Reviews

Sarah Chrisp is from New Zealand that has achieved success as an entrepreneur in the fields of e-commerce and passive income.

At the age of 15, Sarah had worked at a supermarket where she questioned the idea of spending the life doing a job that one hated. This became an eye-opener to her, not wanting to accept that this is the only path that is available for her. She eventually quit her job at around 16 years old and started building an online store, prioritizing time over money. This passion grew as she could finally do things that she actually wanted.

She had built a YouTube Channel, Sarah Chrisp’s Wholesale Ted, that made her big online that dedicates into giving actionable advice on how to build a profitable business that can change one’s life.

At the present time, Sarah makes money over the internet by drop shipping and print on demands, affiliate commissions by recommending products and services, profits from advertisements  on her YouTube channel and sales from her very own online course, The eComm Clubhouse.

What is The eComm Clubhouse?

Ecomm Clubhouse Reviews

The eComm Clubhouse is Sarah’s company that offers a training program aiming to help people make sustainable business online and make profit.

In this course, Sara shares her knowledge about Shopify and Etsy and how you can turn it into a store that can make income. She also reveals the applications she is using to automate online sales that can guide you on integrating them into your stores, maximizing your profit and making it a self-sustainable store.

It also includes a 2-hour IA art training that provides insights on how you could successfully design Print On Demand products, mainly covering the use of Canva.

The course also discusses how to get free traffic and customers (even if you are on a budget) and tutorials like a step by step guide on securing a free Google traffic.

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What You Can Learn…

  • Choosing a Niche

In choosing a niche for your store, Sarah introduces a 3 Phase System that she claims can help you. It uses your data and personal preference in selecting the niche and your target audience focusing on making your business enjoyable for you.

    • Phase 1: Research at least 20 niche ideas
    • Phase 2: Narrow it down to 5 ideas
    • Phase 3: Use your gathered data to pick the niche that suits you best

This part also includes a brief introduction about what could be your business gameplan and, of course, choosing a catchy niche-related name for your store.

  • Research and Select Your Products to Sell

According to Sarah, with print on demand, you can avoid the hassle of risking thousands of dollars in purchasing products in advance and sell your products passively.

This part will teach you how to do the following:

    • Conduct research and observe successful Print On Demand designs
    • Generate Print On Demand designs without any cost
    • Get personalized designs made by professional designers
    • Get access on ready-made designs for legal resale
    • Create captivating artwork for selling purposes with the help of AI, Midjourney
    • Generate prompts on Midjourney that results in the creating an outstanding artwork
    • Create the desired AI image by using the reference prompts
    • Transform artwork created with Midjourney into high-resolution images suitable for printing and selling
    • Download no-cost images and photos to convert into products for selling
    • Determine product prices to maximize profit
    • Use free DALL-E AI Art to create Print On Demand products
    • Selecting the right supplier

It also includes a limited-time video as a bonus feature where it shows methods and strategies on how to get a million dollar print on demand products.

  • Creating Your Store by Yourself

On step 3, you will be taught how to set up an attractive online store at a low-cost even without experience in programming designs.

The course provides you an introduction and how to successfully sell on both Etsy and Shopify. For starters, it will help you create a Printify account and products specifically designed for Etsy. The content also includes maximizing Etsy listings for free search engine traffic and addressing temporary bans.

After that, you will be transitioning to Shopify where the course gives a step by step instructions on how to create one, select your theme and tools that are necessary for installation, like Chrome extension. It also covers adding products with Printify and Printful, updating product pages, employing sales techniques in product copy, and various aspects of branding including creating a logo, customizing themes, and more.

  • Promoting larger purchases through upselling

This part will teach you scientifically proven psychological tactics and marketing strategies to get customers to “buy more and buy again”, increasing their average order value.

You will learn how to use Smar7 to upsell larger orders, apply discounted pricing for increasing average order value, add trust icons, mix it with the Spin-A-Wheel application triggering the Law of Reciprocation, and use after-sale coupons to encourage action due to scarcity.

  • Get Traffic and Buyers

In this step, you will discover different traffic strategies and even how to get traffic for free. The topic includes the following:

    • Low-budget Etsy ad approach to creating mobile product videos for platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Reels
    • Video editing, optimize product pages, category pages, and different sections of your website, such as the homepage and About Us page
    • Gaining free SEO traffic from Google by finding low-competition keywords
    • Optimizing blog posts and building backlinks with Instagram pages
    • creating a Facebook Business Account and Fan page to install the Facebook Pixel

In addition, the course also explains a cost-effective method for creating lifestyle videos and images for print on demand product ads and provides guidance on editing and expanding its campaign.

  • Run and Manage Your Online Store

By this time, it seems Sarah is expecting that you already have your customers. So basically, the next step is how you can get their purchase to them?

This section will tell you the ropes of order management to make sure customers get their items as smoothly as possible. The exciting part that comes with this is that once your products started selling, it can now turn into a semi-passive income  using the app you have previously installed (back at step 3). The course also covers on how to fulfill orders using DSers and Printify, offering insights into the daily store management and growth plan.

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Pricing and Refund

You can join The eComm Clubhouse and get access to their training materials for $67 a month. Although, additional fees might apply due to local taxes. It is also a subscription-based service which you can cancel anytime. They also offer a 7-day refund policy. Although, please visit their official website on Refund Policy and read thoroughly how you can avail one.

Ecomm Clubhouse Reviews


Pros and Cons

Pros: The program offers a fair price for its content. Some reported that included on the training materials are PDF that has the step by step process through the material.

Cons: It seems that the program loosely focus on creating the store itself and Facebook Ads and doesn’t really have an in-depth training about product and supplier research which are two of the most critical factors in terms of drop shipping. There are also reviews stated that their recommended apps are actually expensive for beginners.


Sarah’s The eComm Clubhouse does offer a potential career with drop shipping. Although it is a viable business, there are just so much competition nowadays with this business model, from being a source of passive income into a business where you have to come up with creative ideas or content almost each day. You have to have something to show off against your competitors, especially those who are also selling your chosen niche.

Although the program is great, you might have to reconsider the business model Sarah uses at this point.

Before leaving..

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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