Ecom Success Academy Review

Due to the wide range of opportunities provided by the digital world, there are numerous ways to earn money online. We have affiliate marketing, digital marketing, freelancing, stock trading, blogging and content creation, and so much more. 

But one thing stands out from the crowd, allowing people to really create a living out of the internet, requiring little entry barriers, and that’s building your own ecommerce business plus the addition of the dropshipping model.

Ecom Success Academy is an ecommerce course centered on those two things, owning an online store, which in this case is on Shopify, harnessing the dropshipping model and starting to build an ecommerce empire from scratch. Ready to learn more? Scroll down and continue reading my review below.

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The Man Behind ESA

Early Life

Adrian Morrison is the man behind Ecom Success Academy. Born, raised and still living in Madison, Mississippi. He  graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Pre-Law in University of Mississippi and was on his way pursuing his Master’s Degree in Law right after when a sudden incident happened.

Adrian Morrison

If you’re familiar with WorldCom, it was once one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States and his dad had a big investment with them, well not until the scandal happened in 2002 where the company suddenly filed for bankruptcy. Everything at their disposal, all gone in the span of overnight.

Cannot afford for both of his brother Anthony’s tuition, they both ventured into the world of online marketing. In the span of seven years, they both mastered affiliate marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, PPC campaigns and media buying. Adrian has built a couple multi million dollar marketing companies with advertisements on some of the most popular sites like Netflix.

Birth of ESA

With his ever-growing portfolio, Adrian became a known entrepreneur, online marketing expert and a motivational speaker, all contributed to the world of ecommerce. With the focus on Shopify and dropshipping, he has carved a niche for himself in the online business space. 

Launch Wise LLC

He is known for creating educational content and online courses such as Ecom Success Academy and many more offered in their company, Launch Wise, LLC, all designed to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the intricacies of building and expanding successful ecommerce businesses.

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Ecom Success Academy Overview

Ecom Success Academy

Ecom Success Academy is an online training program created by Adrian Morrison, aimed at guiding individuals through the process of building and scaling successful ecommerce businesses. The program covers various facets of the ecommerce space, providing insights and strategies for each stage of the journey.

From selecting profitable products and setting up a Shopify store to implementing effective Facebook advertising campaigns, the program aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the competitive world of online retail.

Just like any other ecommerce programs out there, Ecom Success Academy also emphasizes the importance of staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies in ecommerce, reflecting the dynamic nature of the online business realm. 

The only difference Ecom Success Academy has to offer over other Shopify stores and dropshipping courses available out there is that ESA is actually a sponsored program by the Shopify company itself. 

There are other Shopify and dropshipping courses that we’ve already written a review about before so you can also check them out to give you more options with regards to this subject matter. High-ticket dropshipping in my Brook Hiddinks Reviews, POD and dropshipping in my Ecom Family Academy Reviews and an ecommerce tool in my Adserea Reviews.

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What’s Inside Ecom Success Academy?

There are 7 modules in total as per writing this review and several more bonuses at the end of the course.

Module 1: Shopify

Shopify stands above others as it is a dedicated ecommerce platform, offering a straightforward approach for creating and managing your own online store. In this module, Adrian created a step-by-step training on how to set up a complete, running Shopify store. Included are trainings about:

  • Store design
  • Promotional techniques
  • Completely setting up store and landing pages
  • Other Shopify apps
  • Shopify quickstart
  • Making killer sales copy on created landing pages
  • Checkout UI so that it can easily be reviewed by the customer before paying
  • Setting up payment gateways

Module 2: Product Research and Sourcing

In this module, you will learn how to identify and choose products that have the potential to be profitable in the online market. It involves understanding market trends, consumer demand, and competitive analysis. Adrian will provide you with various product research tools, niche selection strategies and criteria for choosing products with a high likelihood of success. 

His goal is to help you make informed decisions about the products you’ll offer in your online store, laying a solid foundation for a successful ecommerce journey. Most commonly searched product suppliers are Alibaba and AliExpress.

Module 3: Facebook

Adrian guarantees you that you’ll be able to get the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use Facebook as a powerful marketing tool for your online business in this module. He provides insights on crafting compelling ad copy, eye-catching visuals and identifying the target audience to ensure ads reach the right people. Topics included are:

  • Keyword mining
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Look-alike targeting
  • Intersect targeting
  •  Page post ads
  • Ad copy
  • Split testing
  • Carousel ads
  • Proper timing when to scale your ads

Once you’ve perfected Facebook advertising, you’re guaranteed to drive more traffic, generate more leads and potentially increase sales for your online store as it offers precise targeting and a direct connection with potential customers.

Module 4: Email Marketing

It is designed to teach you how to leverage email as a powerful tool for customer engagement, relationship building and driving sales. Module includes training videos on:

  • Creating email list
  • Creating effective email campaigns
  • Implementation of automation for personalized communication with customers
  • Upsell offers

Adrian highly recommends mailChimp, an email marketing automation platform, one of the cheaper and easier email marketing software to use, especially for beginners. There are also email templates provided. 

Module 5: Building Your Team

Your goal here is to streamline and optimize various aspects of your ecommerce store once you’ve built a successful one by taking advantage of automation tools and outsourcing certain tasks. Most common thing to do is to hire a virtual assistant that can take on all the repetitive tasks for you, especially the customer service part.

You can also outsource all of the things mentioned on the modules above like website design and maintenance, product research, ad management and everything in between, for an additional cost of course. But once you’ve outsourced all of the tasks, you can start scaling or starting another streamline of income, so it’s a win-win situation.

Module 6: Project Management

Managing outsourced tasks can be a pain to deal with especially when you don’t know what to expect from them. Project management helps you with giving the proper timeline for each task to be finished so that your business will run smooth as butter. 

Adrian will introduce you to the software Asana, a web and mobile work management software designed to help teams organize, track and manage their work. 

Module 7: Long-term Exit Plan

This is a rare part compared to other ecommerce business programs out there, thinking of selling your successful ecommerce store as a whole. While others are thinking of operating an ecommerce store for the long run, having additional income for their lifestyle, in this module, you’ll learn how to sell your proprietary ecommerce store. 

Well, if you’ve been successful up to module 6, you can always recreate a store, build a brand with it and then sell it again. You’ve gained profit with selling products and another profit once you’ve sold the store. Meaning, you’ve utilized everything that you learned in this program.


Ecom Success Academy Course Bonuses

  • Profit Power Hour Video Archive – Profit power hour is a once a week live coaching Adrian hosts in his facebook page. 
  • Emailing with Anthony Morrison – with Adrian’s brother, Anthony, you are offered 26 videos on how to do email marketing, which he also learned through affiliate marketing.
  • Outsourcing Mastery – tips and strategies on who and where to hire for your outsourcing phase.
  • Sizzle Product Sniper Software – the Morrison brother’s proprietary software on finding trending products in AliExpress and Facebook searches.
  • Case Studies – He will provide you with examples from real-world situations and useful advice on how to put the strategies you’ve learned during the program into practice.  

In addition to all of these, they now also offer print-on-demand lessons in this program. Now, you’ll have another option to choose which path you would like to venture in the world of ecommerce.

The Price? Refund Policy?

Ecom Success Academy Cost

Ecom Success Academy offers 2 payment options. Whether you can fork out $2495 and pay it one-time and save $496, or you can also pay with 3 monthly installments of $997/month. 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the program being digital and all, they don’t offer any refunds for anyone who wanted out of the program.

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Adrian Morrison and Ecom Success Academy offer aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs a comprehensive and practical guide to navigating the complexities of online business. With modules covering essential aspects such as product selection, Facebook advertising, email marketing, and automation, the course provides a holistic approach to building and scaling successful e-commerce ventures.

His expertise and real-world insights, coupled with case studies showcasing practical applications, contribute to a valuable learning experience. But one takeaway in this program is how much it costs, minding you of other expenses like ad spent, software subscriptions, fulfilling services and others.

Before leaving..

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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